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  1. GB111


    Armando - By the way, I checked: it was already selected as sRGB. Just to make sure, I saved another and compared to a previous version, and there was no difference. Ahh.
  2. GB111


    Here is the (almost) full frame image. G
  3. GB111


    Thanks Dallas. Still figuring it out.
  4. GB111


    Armando, I 'save' vs export. The Save function says ICC Adobe RGB. The Export has a sRGB, if that is different. I just exported a 1500 px version and post it here, if it makes any difference (will see!). Thanks on the detail. The model had some good moves alright! GB
  5. GB111

    The End of Winter

    I like those pix.. cool shots! Definitely aim for those again next year. I def know what you mean about being lazy ... that's been affecting my photography the last year or two. I need to do new stuff! GB
  6. GB111


    At WonderCon (convention) in Anaheim, California. Subject, density, composition? (it is a crop) Edit - amazing how the post looks so different in color than the image shown in Photoshop 😕
  7. GB111

    The End of Winter

    Hi WaltonKMS - I like the middle shot of the doggies the best. It sort of tells a lot to the viewer. I also like the breath coming out of their mouths on the bottom one, would have loved to see a close up of that if you have the rez to crop. the pix of the kids are OK too.
  8. GB111

    Back to the beginning

    This works. I think I would like it even better w/o the burnt edges, and maybe if the left side was a bit darker (seems brightness is encroaching). G
  9. GB111

    up close

    Decent shot. I like the placement overall. Gb
  10. GB111

    Salton Sea

    I think that is a pier that was once just above sea level. Yeah it is a little dark, probably more so than it was when there (but it was late).
  11. GB111

    Salton Sea

    Bombay Beach at the Salton Sea, in California, USA. This area is a photographer's playground. This lake is drying up fast. They have several ideas on how to address it, but they haven't seemed to act on any of them. Comments? Graduated ND filter effect in post. GB
  12. GB111

    Boat Launch at Night

    Thank you, Akira and Luc. Poking around at night with your camera and tripod, looking for a scene to photograph.. it sometimes feels like walking through a very boring woods. You really have to try hard to see something. I've shot this area many times but feel there's still images there that I'm missing. Gb
  13. GB111

    Boat Launch at Night

    Not many people around. Although it has soothing colors, I'm not sure how to make such a scene more exciting? g
  14. GB111

    Mara River Lunch

    Excellent capture. Not so nice for the zebra, but croc's need to eat too. I am not sure how you were able to get this shot, a lot of patience, skill and luck I presume. Sorry to hear about the ranger. It's a dangerous job for sure, as crocodiles are sneaky, moving silently and striking fast. I'm glad we don't have them to worry about in California.
  15. GB111


    Luc - you have two very nice shots here, the top and the bottom ones. Maybe the middle one also. The thing is, the nice shots are pictures within your pictures. These thee pictures all call for serious crops. I would crop in around the mushroom on the first but leave a little more space at the top than the bottom. With the 2nd image, I like how that leaf in the dead center area lays on the log, so I would do some cropping there. Not that the isolated light doesn't look neat in itself, but I'm not sure there's enough here to lift the image overall. Finally, on the 3rd I would crop in around, you guessed it, the mushrooms and interesting geometry of the log behind it. I am curious whether you saw the same thing but decided that you liked them with the wider surroundings. Granted a wider picture tells a story... GB

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