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  1. Not sure what category to put this one in. Comments welcome. This shot might be a good candidate for a composite, for the sky seems to need 'something' (?) gb
  2. GB111

    Don't make me mad

    Thanks fellows. I need more feedback this year so expect to see more posts from me in 2020. Dallas, Luc, I bought the Tamron F017 90mm f2.8 macro about 6 months ago and am still learning what its characteristics are. Note that I also have an older manual focus Tamron 90mm f2.8, but was finding it unusable during model shoots with the models moving around so much. I've found that the new version has different bokeh, and am still determining where it works and doesn't ... here, I think it created a sort of strange, unearthly look in the model's eyes (can anyone say, The Terminator?). It will take a lot more experimentation to know where to use it and where not. crowecg, I think I see what you mean. This was shot while there was still sunlight. I just played around with it to try to create the effect you describe, not sure I got anywhere w/ it, but here it is. Here's another full portrait of the model BTW. A bit of a warm up shot.
  3. GB111

    Don't make me mad

    Comments? gb
  4. GB111

    Fire ideas?

    It is actually called the Fire Garden and is a spread that has a bunch of different areas to shoot. We also bring fire effects, etc. See their site at https://www.thefiregarden.com/photoshoots I shot there several years ago and it was great (this is a redux).
  5. GB111

    Fire ideas?

    Have a group fire themed model shoot to attend tomorrow. Any ideas for how to incorporate fire with models? I have candles, matches, lighters, models dancing in front of fire (facing it). Maybe models holding weapons (swords, axes) facing the fire. Any additional ideas? Gb
  6. GB111


    Thanks fellows. It's definitely a like-hate type of shot. I like the mystery aspect, it seems like it was shot in a dust storm on Mars. Dallas, yeah, the geometry could use a few variations. The main pillar is about at the golden radio pt, so maybe not all is lost. Gb
  7. GB111


    This one might have something, or it might not. It is windmills in Ocotillo, CA. taken almost directly into the sun using the Tamron 150-600mm. Your comments are appreciated. Gb
  8. I have a D800 with 24-70 f2.8 and I can attest that that combo is a beast! Nothing I can't handle, but I can see some people either having a problem lugging it around or just not wanting to. Matter of fact, I tend to use my 24-120mm f4.0 more than the 24-70 and not just because of the longer focal length, but because it's just easier to handle. Gb
  9. GB111


    Interesting images. Thanks for posting. Maybe I will visit one day, especially if I make it to Spain (another location on my list). gb
  10. Wow these are incredible. Not sure how you got so close or how the animals were illuminated, but they seem aware of you but somewhat OK with it. As for the photos, the contrast is a little much for my tastes, but better than flat. Good captures. Gb
  11. When I use the lens correction tool in PS it seems to do a decent job, but image softening is definitely evident. It also doesn't look 100% 'right' to me. I've never owned a tilt lens, but would love to... the cost is holding me back. The Nikons are ~ $1000 a pop!
  12. I don't see any hatred, maybe just enthusiasm for a shinny new gadget. But regardless, I really doubt we will see a wave of great photos in the next X years that will be traced back to people going mirrorless. But who knows - I just checked the difference is weight between the Nikon Z7 and D810. The Z7 is 585g, the 810 980g (!) That is a very substantial difference. G
  13. Did the website format or permissions change..? I don't see a way to upload an image anymore, only link to a URL or to a previously uploaded image. Gb
  14. Thank you to all for your responses. Though I am still not 'sold', I think I will stop by the local camera store and hold a Z7 in my hand to feel the difference. Based on what I've heard and read, the advantages to mirrorless are 1) lighter due to lack of mirror mechanism. 2) less vibration due to mirror flapping up (the reason many cameras, esp older ones, have mirror lock-up capability) 3) WYSIWYG so far as exposure The disadvantages are 1) uses more power for the always on screen. But from what I've heard, battery life has not been an issue. 2) can't compose w/o turning on the camera 3) not seeing the actual scene but what the camera sees. This actually can be considered an advantage though, since it really doesn't matter what is really there but what will be on sensor! I took a quick look online and didn't immediately see why the lenses need to change. I'm sure I can find it if I spend more time, but for now will assume that technical quality differences between the lenses is a wash. Atpaula, Alan, thanks and great point on the enjoyable factor. But Atpaula, realize too that you're comparing the Z to a D5, which is the biggest beast Nikon makes. That thing is a brick, and unless I'm planning on climbing the Himalayas I don't see a reason to own one. That would definitely suck the fun out of normal photography! I own a D800 and it's not too bad, but with the 24-70mm f2.8 I agree that that combo just isn't fun to do photography with. I usually use my 24-120mm for the added zoom and, as you'd guess, significantly less weight. Not to mention that I prefer to keep a low profile when shooting, and the bigger the camera-lens combo, the more attention I attract. Alan, your exp with that RB67 sounds horrible! I also own a Mamiya 645e and yep you miss a lot of shots with its bulkiness. I have taken outstanding images with it, but they are far and few between. I still use it, infrequently,.. Nikon lenses don't even come close to the quality of the Mamiya's IMHO. I do use a tripod quite a bit, but even then a SLR is more flexible. Good luck with the Russian cameras. Dallas, I still don't see why it would make the images better, but ... I haven't used a mirrorless yet so can't appreciate it. Note that IBIS has been around for awhile. It makes total sense to have one image stabilization mechanism instead of duplicating it on each lenses. However, I read years ago that it was a disappointment, for whatever reason... Maybe they've solved the tech issue(s) now. If they have, good riddance to OIS! I also read a review in photo mag where the prof photo said having a tilt screen was immensely helpful in that he didn't have to lay on the ground any more... He could just lower it down (on a stick?) and see the screen while standing up. That alone may make your shots better because sometimes you just don't feel like laying in the mud for a shot Thanks again all. GB
  15. Nice, if not simply because southern Cali really hasn't seen rain in 5 months. Pix are good. I would try cropping in on the subjects, just to see what you have. A note that green forests seem to come alive in such overcast, rainy conditions, so might be worth a walk in the woods.
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