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  1. I like what you see. I think I would like it better if the steps weren't in the image, though. The blue is very soothing, and the red works pretty well with it. G
  2. Looks like a nice place to photograph. I am unsure if the people add or distract here. I would consider trying some different angles, too - maybe closer and aiming up with a super wide angle lens (if you have such lens). btw, where are you, as you say that Spring is on the way? G
  3. The first is good, but the second is really creative! I think I would prefer a little more space between the objects (dog and stand) and the sides, but still very good. You can use this one on a biz card if you're brave .. G
  4. Believe this was Rawlins Wyoming (May 2016). Interesting little town with a nostalgic, ghost town feeling. Certainly has that small western town vibe. I liked the original shot, but felt it was too plain: a few min later I had this (posting the original shot also, for reference). I'm currently in the process of creating my own little image library, categorized by subject. Things like fire, churches, animals, and as seen in this composite, clouds. This is my first use of it. Gb
  5. Up close and personal. I like the detail on this one but would like to use it in a creative composite, ideas? GB
  6. Nice story Chris. I was stationed in Germany for two years in the 80s. Although I can't remember Mannheim precisely, I visited almost every major German city. There are places like this in the US also, very straightforward and such. Some cities are artful, others not. I guess diversity makes you see how different things can be, and in my opinion, diverse settings help w/ creativity (with me, anyway).
  7. Armando - All seems to be in order ... I locked open the mirror and the sensor looked brand new. The pictures look sharp, although I haven't put them through serious inspection (yet).
  8. Next to the San Diego airport.
  9. The shot w/ the woman definitely works for me. Great framing, and I like how the clouds seem to be alive along w/ her. My only criticism would be that it appears to be processed, and maybe a bit too heavily. Who knows! Sometimes shooting in the full sun can do that. G
  10. Hmm. This shot has a nice calm demeanor about it, intermixed with a bit of dynamics due to the wave(s). I like the simplicity of it, the nice blue color, ... I wonder if cropping off a little of the sky would make it a different pic. Worth a look, G
  11. Good background material for a composite. Try it! G
  12. Just to let everyone know, I did get the sensor AA filter completely replaced by Life Pixel. Total cost (including shipping) was about $520... Hopefully the camera lasts me awhile (5+ years). Thanks for all the responses. Nothing takes the place of these from experienced photographers who know the intricacies of the art and the technology. -G
  13. Mike, this is an interesting day in the life shot. Nothing dramatic, just two people chilling on a boat having a little fun. The only thing I wish is that it was shot wider, so you could see more context. It's also a little tilted, but I don't think that hurts since it is a boat! G
  14. Very nicely captured. They looks like underwater mushrooms, or maybe artichokes.
  15. Looks futuristic! I like that, seems it could be on a Mars colony. I think what makes the shot though is the woman walking in the near center area. My only wish was if she was a little larger in the frame,... Still good. G