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  1. This was the scardiest cat I've ever met in my life, but if you stayed back it wasn't too bad of a model?
  2. AHhhh... OK, then let's leave it where it is then -- a danged good shot! Street / Urban / Editorial photography is so much about timing it isn't funny. I can't tell you how many shots I've 'seen' and in the space of two seconds, well before I could get my camera up and aimed, they were gone (never to be seen again). And based on what you've said, maybe the best shot is taking the unposed one. That is, some shots you want people to pose and smile and others the surprised, deep in thought, whatever look makes it. Sorry about your camera BTW. You can make due, but I don't think I'd stick with this puppy too much longer.... think of all the work and missed images. Replace it and move on.
  3. Internet? What Internet? Very nice tonals here. It is a great portrait, although I personally would like it even more if it were slightly wider, but that's only guessing.
  4. Very interesting interaction - and non-interaction - between the people here. This image is a thumbs up on that alone. Nice lighting, blurring of the background. The angle is OK, although like I once heard, everything seems to be shot from the 5-6 foot high position. It is nice to see that changed up every now and then, but you did have the fence in the way here.
  5. The color and DOF, not to mention the shape, really work here. The water droplets make even more spectacular. Very nice job and a portfolio shot IMHO. I prefer the first one's color, but do think that there's another one or two variations out there that could be better. Keep experimenting.
  6. The grain is interesting to look at. It's been awhile since I've seen any. I also used to own an FA! (got it in 84, it was the first camera with matrix metering). The black shapes look like flying bats. G
  7. Pretty little creature. It is a little soft but it still works! The round thing it's standing on adds to the shot.
  8. Luc that is an awesome capture. Great timing, even better patience! Yeah, I agree that sometimes you just need to sit and wait, watch for the right scene. I will try this in the future (I've been a little too impatient lately). G
  9. Interesting stuff. A tad clique, but still good. He's talking from an artist's perspective, which is good of course. But I think one has to define was "success" and "failure" actually means before they can gauge their progress. Artists often have a big time desire to create incredible works of art, ones that will last forever. Business people may want to create their own company and have it grow to some size. Others may want to have a big family and see their kids off. But there's still a lot of people who aren't really 100% sure what it would take to 'succeed' or 'fail.' It isn't always that straightforward. Plus, a lot of photographers hate their old best work even though they loved it at the time, so what does that tell someone?
  10. Thanks for commenting, Luc. I see what you mean here, it could be a completely different image and scene. I am unsure what could be behind it, maybe a woman aiming a camera, a dog, or ? The object could easily be cut out and pasted into another scene. I guess this one gets filed under my "source material" folder for a potential composite.................
  11. Comments welcome. GB
  12. Wow, some nice action here. Great low angle on the first ones The backgrounds are interesting, although one could also call them distracting. A few tricks like slightly desaturating them might change the feeling of the images, just for an expt... G
  13. Dallas - Interesting observations . I know it's often a standoff with building owners and renters. I've seen the same thing happen at absolutely prime locations here in the USA ... one being Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, where store space sat vacant for years and years before someone moved in. But I've also seen a lot of popular restaurants go out of business in San Diego, assumingly due to high rents. Congrats on the new faster server. I haven't played with it enough yet to make intelligent comment, besides the fact that the old one was definitely sloooooow. I thought maybe it was located in S Africa and that there was just a lot of wire...
  14. From this article: San Diego is charging this place an arm and a leg to rent this space... the city will get 5% of the gross sales, but with a minimum set to $1.1 M per year (more than double what rent they were charging the former place). Doing the math, that is $3013 in rent per day. For them to hit exactly the amt before the > $1.1M kicks in, they need to pull in about $60,273 in sales per day. Assuming each customer spends about $40, this means that they have to serve about 1500 people per day. They pretty much have to get them in, get them out, non-stop, endlessly, just to hit that mark. If they don't, then the percentage they're paying the city for the space increases. I really can't see how restaurants, and other stores for that matter, can be successful in these high-rent areas!
  15. Smartphone cameras will definitely affect DSLR sales. The manufacturers aren't in danger w/ professionals and serious armatures, but the mainstream folks who just want a picture (and there are a lot of them) are already quite happy with smartphones, and will be more and more so in the future. Not sure where this will all land, but seems to me that there won't be enough customers for all the manufacturers. It may come down to just Nikon, Canon, and Sony in the not too distant future.