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  1. Thanks all BTW. Simple subjects with geometric shapes always seem to work. I like the color better myself here.
  2. Shot at Seaworld in San Diego (the 'Pets Rule' show). What do you think of the background? Gb
  3. Thanks Dallas. Your wish is my command. I think it's an improvement. Striking geometry and lines seem to suit b&w.
  4. Comments welcome.
  5. Premium seating, no doubt. The shot makes a statement. But from a pure photojournalism angle, I would actually prefer a different person there because she looks pretty close to white. G
  6. Yes, a very VERY nice set of captures. Well shot, excellent clarity, and if you did any, smooth post processing. What type of lens did you have, the images are really amazingly sharp! G
  7. The second from the bottom's my favorite. I like the extended view of the background. We also have many such rock formations in the greater San Diego area, but I never get tired of seeing them! G
  8. Nice capture. I like the shot and DOF, although the expression on his face is really silly (but maybe that's the allure of the image). G
  9. Michael - I really like the top part of the flower, where it folds and has that deep violet color. How it's positioned against the jet black is also very striking. The rest of the image doesn't match up to the upper left. It's just the shape and foreshortening that makes it less appealing. Give that you shot this on an 810 which has plenty of resolution, try a crop n see what you get. I want to see what that snazzy lens can do! G
  10. Thanks, everyone. This little place is a novelty. I camped out in back of SUV right there and several cars pulled up to see it even in the dark. I guess people have read about it. I'm curious how the time exp shot will turn out. I think that will motivate me to shoot the rest of the roll (it's 645 film, a 15 shot roll, w/ only 2 shots taken). Attached is a pic of the inside. Somewhat basic!, but I forgot to bring Easter flowers myself
  11. A small little church on the outskirts of Yuma, Arizona. Also took a 1.5 hour exp on film, but need to shoot the rest of the roll.
  12. Thanks Dallas, I do see those artifacts up there now. I may be able to remove them. This is downtown Wash DC btw on a quiet Sunday morning (one of the advantages of cooler weather, less people walking around).
  13. Comments welcome. GB (ps - I've no idea what that phrase means)
  14. Very nice... how come I never get animals to act like this? (probably because I don't sit out there for days and days..)
  15. Thanks for the comments thus far. I agree that the red is a little loud and steals attention from the rest of the scene, but seems sad to lose the Key West text. Too bad there wasn't a white sign in there. That DXO correction software did wonders! It doesn't look much softer either, which is also great. But still don't know which way to go on this one ... It's a tweener. G