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  1. Dallas - thanks for the feedback. Yes, how much to rim the light is one question. I like experimenting with different angles, effects, etc. but need to expand my little home studio apparatus to handle such experiments. Soon. Here's another with SAND... comment?
  2. For fun.. Comments? Armando suggested shooting on a sand dune instead of the blanket.
  3. Nope, I think they said that there hasn't been any cattle in the downtown area in 100 years.
  4. Thanks Dallas.. everyone says that, but I actually only saw a little mess down where I was. Still, the logistics! Check out this wider view shot from at he LA Times:
  5. Not too often you see a cattle drive through a coastal city like San Diego. Part of their 150th year anniversary of their Gaslamp district. Comments?
  6. Yes, glad you were at the right place at right time. She'd make a good model. She could play a super heroine at a Comic Convention
  7. Beautiful animals, and the image portrays the warmth of the moment. Now I want one or two for pets.
  8. Not a bad subject. The artists did well with the lighting in addition to the form. Photography, could you have gotten back farther? I think there needs to be more negative space around the subject. The exposure is perfect. G
  9. Thanks all BTW. Simple subjects with geometric shapes always seem to work. I like the color better myself here.
  10. Shot at Seaworld in San Diego (the 'Pets Rule' show). What do you think of the background? Gb
  11. Thanks Dallas. Your wish is my command. I think it's an improvement. Striking geometry and lines seem to suit b&w.
  12. Comments welcome.
  13. Premium seating, no doubt. The shot makes a statement. But from a pure photojournalism angle, I would actually prefer a different person there because she looks pretty close to white. G
  14. Yes, a very VERY nice set of captures. Well shot, excellent clarity, and if you did any, smooth post processing. What type of lens did you have, the images are really amazingly sharp! G
  15. The second from the bottom's my favorite. I like the extended view of the background. We also have many such rock formations in the greater San Diego area, but I never get tired of seeing them! G