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  1. GB111

    Köln, today.

    Really nice shots. I've visited Cologne back in the 80s and this does stir up some distant memories. I think the Black and White works very good here. My favorites are the top one and the bottom two - great background, with only one dominating person. These could be portfolio shots. Greg
  2. GB111

    Bubble Man

    Interesting subject, but the pic has a lot of distractions., e.g. cars, fences, tree, etc. A straight on shot from his front from a low angle would have worked a bit better. Why did you interview him, part of a job?
  3. GB111

    Show Me Your Workspace

    Guys, after seeing yours I would be way toooooo embarrassed to show my junkyard wrkspace. 😕
  4. GB111

    Statue in the Junkyard

    Hmm... it would have a very narrow market, that's for sure. Very tight crop BTW. Makes an impact.
  5. GB111

    2 Workshops in Death Valley, February 2019

    Definitely worthy shots. I hope everyone in the class is as successful. ps - I wonder if Scotty's Castle is still closed. It is in itself a great place to visit.
  6. GB111

    Silver eye in flight

    Wow, looks like a painting Scenario. It works for me, I think you could print it on canvas and fool someone into into thinking you painted it. That noise in the background looks different. gb
  7. GB111

    Osprey having a snack

    Nice capture, but too static overall. If he was in motion, ahhh... the best shots are the hardest to get.
  8. GB111

    Fantail annoyed with me

    Scenario - dang, you have a heck of a subject there! I really like the colors on the top image. You might want to play with it a bit to increase the contrast ('pop'). I am not sure what SS you used, but would think you could bump it up one or two speeds. I actually like the wings motion but think his eye must be sharp. Regarding the black and white - nope. Not here. City shots, human portraits, etc., yes, but I think you by desaturating here you eliminate one of the best things about birds, esp with a nice background. gb
  9. GB111

    The Racetrack on fire

    Not bad. I've been there once a long time ago, need to go again once the heat dies down. Interesting choice of shutter speed. What's funny is how the rocks look so big, but when I was there, I only saw little pebbles. How large would you estimate this rock to be?
  10. GB111

    Jet Ski

    Fellows, they were already PP'd. Due to not checking my camera before shooting, I shot them -1 stop but corrected in post. Maybe not enough? Here's one of them w/ bumped up exp. Better? If you have time, download one from this page and process it then repost to show me what you mean. Thanks! G
  11. GB111

    Jet Ski

    Taken in San Diego last weekend. I think they're good but not great. However, I'm not sure what would elevate them to 'great'... Your thoughts?
  12. GB111

    Arctic Winter Landscapes (6 images)

    Good shots. I do wish there was something in the foreground with many of them, e.g., a boat, a rock, etc. The last image with the moon rising is very stunning. Very good capture; do you have tech details on that one? G
  13. GB111

    A magic Tuscan sunrise

    Classic. I would print it on metal and see what you have! GB
  14. GB111

    Cat Lovers

    Nice shots, but I wonder if they'd be even more effective cropped in? Esp with the top image. Gb
  15. GB111


    Wow, very interesting fellows. I find that original sky extremely dull, but given that the other sky is about 180 degrees off in the drama category, maybe it's whether the image should be about peace, or action? Dallas, I will expt a bit more w/ the colors. A b&w conversation might also be worth a look. I've shot this place a number of times btw.

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