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  1. GB111


    Wow, very interesting fellows. I find that original sky extremely dull, but given that the other sky is about 180 degrees off in the drama category, maybe it's whether the image should be about peace, or action? Dallas, I will expt a bit more w/ the colors. A b&w conversation might also be worth a look. I've shot this place a number of times btw.
  2. GB111


    Thanks fellows. It is always a challenge to make composites look perfect, but as someone pointed out on Facebook, it can take on its own personality if it doesn't (she compared it to a Pink Floyd album cover 😛). Armando, it was about 110 F when I pulled out of Yuma at 12 noon. It was 90F at 5am in the dunes, not too bad. But once the sun broke the horizon, yikes! Walking in sand is also pretty exhausting. But it was a great day to shoot, for the heat keeps away visitors (especially those ATVs!), and it was breezy too, which clears away tracks. Now, I need to clean my equipment (I also got some dust on the sensor .... Very difficult not to when you're changing lenses on sand dunes). Here's the completely unedited image. Too me the sky just doesn't inspire, but let me know what you think. EDIT - this image does include cleanup, like removing sticks, etc.
  3. GB111


    Dallas the original sky really puts one to sleep. Here's another variation w/ fake sky. Not sure if it's better or worse, but it is different. I also expanded the amt of sky.
  4. GB111


    The Imperial Sand Dunes (aka Yuma Sand Dunes) in southeastern California. It was 90F at 5am and 112F by 12 noon. A note: this one's a two-image composite, where the sky has been replaced. Does it work? I'm also not sure about that large blank area on the bottom left, but I suppose it would be an ideal spot for text. Critique away.. Thanks.
  5. Great work Vieri. I wonder how it would look w/ a little more contrast, but it has that sleepy, dreamy look as is. GB
  6. GB111

    Got a ticket for my destination!

    OK, but everyone seems to be looking away from the camera, which I think hurts the shot's interest. Some eye contact or interaction between the people would be nice! Of course, the fact that several folks are looking at their phones says something too (I dont see that changing in society anytime soon, though 😑 ).
  7. GB111

    An incredible Tuscan sunrise

    Works well, imho. As pretty as the sky colors are, I find the bottom landscape makes the shot. The well manicured Tucson countryside doesn't have many imitators. Try a crop w/ the top 40% cut off. I like that area, but stopping the top at the dark cloud creates an interesting mood. Plus, I find the upper area of the image very soft compared to the countryside, which makes it seem like two separate images. Gb
  8. GB111


    Sailboats at anchor. A pretty typical scene here in San Diego California. The trick, which I've yet to learn, is to make the boat or marina image look as good as it seems in real life.
  9. GB111

    Rainbow at St. Mary's, AK

    Wow that's a heck of a rainbow. I think the curved horizon is OK here, but I would remove that black angled thingie from the top left.
  10. GB111

    Goodbye, Blue Sky

    I find the sky much more interesting than the trees, I'm actually irritated that they block the view (but maybe that's because Monday morning is fast approaching ). Very interesting shade of blue.
  11. GB111

    Succulent candy

    Thanks guys. The latest ones do pop better. Mike, now that I think about it I think the lack of sharpness may be due to me using a strobe, with umbrella, which puts out soft light. Duh me! I can prob move the umbrella higher /farther away to sharpen the light a bit (the closer the light the softer it appears). Your jelly bean idea is good, but the background needs work; maybe an Easter basket?
  12. GB111

    Succulent candy

    Mike, I do see what you mean, and I’m not sure of the cause. This is a very sharp lens. I have noticed however that it does not hold its focus (anymore) when aiming straight down I had to hold it in position for this one, and it’s possible it shifted a bit. I will expt. thanks, GB
  13. GB111

    Succulent candy

    OK fellows, I tried the LAB settings. It definitely affects saturation and vibrancy (and I need to read more on WHY). Here's the adjusted shot w/ a lens blur variation, which may be the best of all (but you tell me!). So when shooting subjects like this, I've found that you have to be picky about any imperfections. My first shots were terrible because of all the broken and 'dusty' m&ms, the latter partially due to several of them splitting up into tiny bits. I needed to 'dust' each one off using a lens horse hair brush. And even then, many had imperfections - the image required over an hour of (tedious) PS cleanup!
  14. GB111

    Succulent candy

    Guys, I've def struggled with the color on this one. Have probably produced 6-7 different variations, not sure which is best. I also think I toned it down a little too much here, as it does seem flat. Below is one of the earlier ones - more colorful, do you think it works better? Anthony, I've never worked in LAB before. Can you tell me about it?
  15. GB111

    Succulent candy

    Comments welcome! GB

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