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  1. GB111

    Surfing in Munich

    Nice. I was stationed in Germany in the 80s and can't recall anything like this there The water was coooold, too, so I assume you shot these during the summer(?) Very decent captures.
  2. GB111

    Window Woman

    I love the concept. Her pose isn't great or anything, so this can be a test shot for a reshoot w/ a model doing something more interesting back there. G
  3. GB111


    Yes, this is a great photo for several reasons. Exposure, DOF, the moment. You can see the emotion in his eyes, which look human. Does not seem like a dangerous bull terrier. Can you adjust the DOF with the iPhone?
  4. GB111

    Spooky Trees

    Definitely spooky. The top one is my favorite. I think the blue adds to the shot. the bottom one is also very clear and makes me feel like I am there. Whatever camera-lens combo you are using, it works. The pix are very sharp! Gb
  5. GB111

    Wildlife Photography Feast

    She has a don't mess with me demeanor. I hope you can find her again GB
  6. GB111

    Autumn Colours

    This image makes an impression. I am not sure why that is, but it is open and lets you see far into the distance, hence telling a story. A coldish day in a somewhat barren land. The colors are muted, which I like. Seems wet/damp. Areas for improvement would be to use a deeper DOF and/or adjust hyperfocal distance to get all in focus, including the foreground that is blurring out (bottom of photo). I am also wondering what that whitish object is in the bottom center, it seems like a lawn sprinkler head (but can't be ) The tilt of the water doesn't bother me as it seems to add an element of mystery. GB
  7. GB111


    Thanks for the feedback on these fellows. She definitely has her own style, sort of a throwback/nostalgic one, but she later posed in a workout outfit and seemed like a completely different person, so certainly has many abilities. I prefer #1 because I like the attitude of the pose. #2 is pretty, but one of the criticisms of my work has been that the pix don't have enough energy/motion/movement, and #2 is a bit static. Not throwing anything away, but I just want to move in the direction of action. Gb
  8. GB111

    Model 2

    Thanks Luc. Dang, you are right ... now that you mention it, I did see something with those hair strands, but I didn't quite make the connection. Maybe she is religious, or a vampire hunter, or ? Anyway, I hope she gets a lot of roles/gigs in LA. G
  9. GB111


    So reminiscent of the old world. You can feel the history there. Good capture. Gb
  10. GB111

    POTW #2.7 Model 2

    Ed's notes: This is a great representation of a young model actively engaging the viewer with a deadly seductive pose! Great capture of a beautiful subject found here.

    © GB111

  11. GB111

    Model 2

    Thanks all. You must of course find a way to work w/ models at all levels. But I've certainly found that working with experienced ones that know how to present their best attributes is a breeze. Here's another two shots of her. -Gb
  12. GB111


    Alan - Nice scene. The one man bands are always interesting. It's amazing how much they do. As far as the image, it's pretty noisy which I assume you needed to do to get the shot. My issue w/ the overall scene is the large empty spot in the center/top right that just seems strangely vacant, like you left a space there to show something (people watching, etc), but they're AWOL. The brightness of it draws my eye to it, but for naught, as there's nothing there. I guess things don't always line up perfectly, though. Keep shootin' GB
  13. GB111

    Model 2

    Actress/model Claudia Sarnowska. Comments welcome. -Gb
  14. GB111


  15. GB111


    Downtown LA model shoot two weekends ago. Actress/model Britani Ballard. Comments welcome. - Gb

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