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  1. Hmm. Mixed bag here I think. The colors are definitely vibrant, but the obstructions and various 'noise' in the shots seems to take away. The 2nd shot seems ever so tilted, but not sure.. Anyway, when you see a sunset like this you don't always have time to find the best shooting spot, so good work in capturing the moment. gb
  2. Some powerful captures here! I like your choice of black and white, which allows me to focus on the sharp contrast and geometry... I also live near the beach and after seeing these I think I'll try some B&Ws myself. gb
  3. Dallas - it's easier to get in/get a ticket than you'd think..
  4. Some 'at work' shots at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) (early January)....
  5. GB111

    Ghost Plane

    Thanks fellows.. This effect was pretty easy to do. Note that the background shot of Vegas at night isn't mine: I got it from Unsplash (of which I also contribute to).
  6. GB111

    Ghost Plane

    for fun. -gb
  7. GB111

    Holiday bugeler

    Old town, Alexandria, Virginia. Comments welcome (- how's the composition?) -Gb
  8. Nice captures. I like his intelligence that shows through. The first one could be a meme, btw. G
  9. GB111


    yes, that's wild. you move into their backyard, they play in your sandbox. fair is fair ha HNY GB
  10. GB111

    Train, Train...

    Thanks Dallas... showing this to folks, it's funny how many people need 4-5 sec to realize what they're looking at. I guess it is pretty uncommon
  11. GB111

    Just an image

    Dallas - yeah.. though it's not really abandoned, just run down. The Salton Sea. It supposedly was a resort area waaaaay back. Sort of apocalyptic now.
  12. GB111

    Just an image

    Out at the Salton Sea in eastern California.
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