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  1. Reviving an old topic here but I have two issues with using Oly Capture. I just started using it for headshots and found two issues which are annoying. the most annoying is that myset presets aren't available when tethered which is very frustrating. I had created a myset just for tethering with all the settings I would be using. As soon as i tether the camera, mysets are not available via the main dial anymore. Also, the OVF feature is gone. I shoot with studio strobes and I look through the viewfinder when shooting people so while live boost works "OK", it gives me a very orange cast view since I have the WB set to flash. Using the OVF setting, the EVF would show me an "auto wb" view while the photos showing up on the screen for the subject and I to look at are still balanced correctly. Other than that I still like the tethering options.. just needs a few tweaks.
  2. One penalty that could occur is fast moving subjects may be appear a bit distorted by the progressive nature of the senor readout. This image (not mine - just googled) is a good example.
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