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  1. It seems as if even Nikon can not hold back the tide..... "To say Nikon has been conservative with mirrorless cameras would be an understatement. While most of its rivals have embraced mirrorless (even a cautious company like Canon takes them seriously), Nikon's efforts have been timid at best -- the 1 series is closer to point-and-shoots in spirit than a DSLR replacement. Thankfully, it's mending its ways. In an interviewwith Xitek, company R&D manager Tetsuro Goto says that any new Nikon mirrorless camera "must" be full-frame. Given that the firm's president has already said that a mirrorless camera is in the works, it's clear that this upcoming model will come with a giant sensor. As for the reason why? Goto claims that competitors like Fujifilm, Olympus and Sony don't really cater to pro photographers with their mirrorless cams, and Nikon could fulfill that role. "There is no professional using their products," he says. We'd disagree strongly with that statement (the Sony A9 is very clearly aimed at pros), but it's true that most mirrorless cameras are aimed at enthusiasts and others who don't depend on photography as their main source of income. Goto unsurprisingly isn't revealing specifics. However, Nikon has patentedtwo full-frame lenses (a close-up 36mm f/1.2 and an ultra-bright 52mm f/0.9), so that will at least give you an idea of what to expect -- Nikon wants high-quality glass for portraits and other shots that pros like to take. This definitely won't be cheap, but it may scratch the itch for serious photographers who don't want to lug around a giant DSLR just to take print-worthy shots." --- Nikon interview:
  2. Anyone watch Nat Geo's Snake City show? It is evidently shot in and around Durban ZA/SA. Simon's partner Siouxsie is hyper allergic to Mozambican Spitting Corbra vemom. That can make for some interesting captures.
  3. Non-destructive edits from Pixelamtor Pro. This could give Affinity Photo a run for the money. We all win when there is competition for our money!
  4. It would be tough, but the wife and I could manage to suffer through a week or two there.....if someone else was paying.
  5. Earlier this month I got an iPad Pro with 512GB of storage space. Intent is to avoid purchasing another MacBook or carrying the current one into the field. So the eclipse shots I made yesterday, I read the JPG and ORF files from the SD card into the iPad's camera roll. That was quick as it is a USB 3 transport on iPad Pro models. On iPad I culled images and could have edited them in Photos (not) or Affinity Photo. When I got home I hooked up the iPad to the MacBook and used Image Capture to copy the files from the iPad to the designated MacBook folder. Again that was relatively quick over USB 3 transport. So if you want to simply and cull in the field, an iPad is a real alternative. If you want to edit in the field you likely have to use Photos (not), Affinity Photo, Lr Mobile. I will use Affinity Photo when I am in the field and have to produce a completed image such as at a photo contest. Given a choice I would rather edit at home on a large screen and have access to many different post processing options. I also checked out the Sandisk iXpand flash drive. You run a correspond app on the IOS device and then you can move files between the flash drive and iPad. So after I do a field edit, I can use the iXpand to turn in the image for a contest. So for my workflow, an iPad plus an iXpand flash drive should let me avoid carrying a laptop. I will later check out the WD My Passport Wireless Pro which backs up SD cards to a hard drive. That is one way to have your images on a hard drive, on the iPad, and in a Dropbox or Adobe server if there wifi available with decent bandwidth.
  6. Macphun will release an update for Luminar tomorrow that support the use case of drone photography. They will release Aurora 2018 on Sept 28. You can preorder it on the 12th. They will release Luminar for Windows in November; beta is out now. With High Sierra hopefully released next month, could be many changes in post processing tools. Serif release Affinity Photo for iPad 1.6.4. They have been beta testing a desktop update for both MacOS and Windows. I image the MacOS version will be out after High Sierra is released.
  7. BTW, Macphun will release new versions of both Luminar and Aurora this fall for both MacOS and Windows. This change in plans has caused them to delay their DAM design. That should be out around Q218. So between Serif's Affinity, Macphun's Luminar and Aurora, and On1's Photo RAW.........we have many alternatives to Adobe CC. Having choices is a good thing.
  8. Supposed to be faster, with lens corrections, new UI.....etc.
  9. Consider he is in Romania.
  11. In Affinity Photo there is a Develop Persona, think of it as a Develop Module. It does more or less the same as Lr Develop Module. Running it on a Mac you get the choice of using MacOS raw converters or the Serif made raw converters. Not aware of other apps giving such choices. What is missing is a Library Persona that does import, file renaming, file moving, logical collections...etc. Serif has said they are making a DAM. I would guess it would be more like Bridge and support all their apps (Photo, Designer, and Publisher), instead of only being aimed at photo files. With Photo Mechanic I can do most of what is needed....except logical collections. Collections is the misssing gap for now.
  12. After using Lr and then CC for years, I pulled the plug this week. I now run Affinity Photo on Mac and iPad. I use Photo Mechanic on Mac for import. I have the Macphuns as desktop plugins.
  13. Nikon is officially making a new “serious” mirrorless system As you probably know the Nikon 1 mirrorless system didn’t have that huge success as expected by Nikon. But it seems like Nikon learned the lesson and we will now get a completely new mirrorless system camera with Full Frame sensor. Nikon told at Dpreview: “While details are confidential, we can say that we are currently developing new mirrorless products that build upon Nikon’s strengths, and offer the performance prospective customers expect, including the ultimate optics performance, image-processing technologies, strength and durability, and operation.” I am pretty certain this will be a Full Frame system which means it’s not necessarly a direct competitor of the MFT system.
  14. Macphun has released the first public beta of Luminar for Windows.
  15. Never had a Lexar card to fail. For my E-M1 II bodies I made sure to get the rev B of the 2000x SDXC cards.