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  1. I can think of many words to describe Scott Kelby. Cute is not one of them.
  2. Topaz Labs has made some excellent plugins for years. The plugins can be setup as direct plugins in Lr or Ps. Topaz also has made two previous generations of front ends for the plugs Fusion Express and photoFXlabs. Topaz is now designing their 3rd generation integration front end product called Topaz Studio. The 30 day trial is free. The product is in Beta and is half price if you want to purchase it. Once you purchase a Topaz Labs product, all future upgrades have been free. The price for the Beta release is half at $69.
  3. This week I dropped On1's Photo RAW. They revised their roadmap and dropped features I wanted so that I could move to Photo RAW and drop Adobe CC. So I keep Adobe CC and drop On1. Since the Nik Collection company was taken over by Google, not much has happened with it. It is now free. The serious talent formed the Macphun company and have released The Creative Kit (set of plugins), Aurora for HDR, and now Luminar is a one stop shopping version of The Creative Kit plugins. So the Macphun apps are my only plugins right now. BTW, KelbyOne the bastion of teaching Adobe programs, has just signed an agreement with Macphun. So it will be interesting to see if KelybyOne starts doing Macphun training. I am lost looking at what Topaz is doing with Fusion and photoFXlab, the individual plugins, and now Studio (like their version of Luminar). I will wait for the dust to settle at Topaz Labs.
  4. On1 revised their Photo RAW roadmap and plugged the plug on their migration tool trying to port Lr edits into Photo RAW edits. So if anyone wants to move from Lr to Photo RAW, they face the same problem as Aperture users wanting to move to Lr, CiP, or other DAM/editor. So that means the wife and I are staying with CC for the foreseeable future. As part of that decision I was looking at Topaz Lab plugins. I was going to do a trial of the Topaz Lab plugin collection. It seems as if half the app become direct Lightroom. The other half have to have a Fusion app as a front end towards Lr. What is up with two very different implementations? Also Topaz has a public beta of Studio where it looks they have watered down the capabilities of many of the standalone plugins into a single package. Any and all comments on experience with Topaz plugins is appreciated.
  5. For both Nikon and Canon, moving to mirrorless systems is when, not if. If Sony had the arsenal of glass that is easily available to Canikon shooters......Sony could move tot the top of the heap. Even my lowly E-M1 II does 16FPS with electronic shutter.
  6. KelbyOne will evidently start supporting MacPhun products. Scott already has presents for Luminar. Oh the times they are a changing....
  7. Obviously Scott Kelby has built an empire on Lr and Ps. His videos and books are on the 7 point system for using Lr, not ACR. For my camera, DxO Optics does a far better job of raw conversion than anything from Adobe.
  8. Bug fixes and new camera support. No new features. Makes me wonder if there will be an Lr 2017 release.
  9. In the latest MacOS release Apple says they now support E-M1 II. But they give no details. It seems as Photos can now open a standard ORF file. It does not seem to be able to handle the large high res ORF. And it does not even recognize the ORI file. Glad I am not holding my breath for Apple to get their stuff together. Thank goodness for DxO Optics!
  10. One of the MacOS features is Night Shift. Got to Settings and them Displays. There you can find the Night Shift tab to turn it on or off. I can see a photographer or other graphic artist trying to finalize an important image as the carefully calibrated color managed monitor slows moves into a yellow tint to help you get read for bed. In the morning you go back to the image to get ready to send it our or print it....and wonder why it has a sky blue cast to it.
  12. Not sure I would be starting a Panasonic kit right now....
  13. I will stick to my $29 L plate.
  15. Adobe released Lr 2015.9 today plus corresponding update to ACR. The contents are bug fixes and new camera support. For E-M1 II Lr now seems to open the large high res ORF. But it seems to ignore the ORI file. IMHO that is a half ass solution. I will stick with DxO Optics as it opens both sizes of ORF plus ORI.