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  1. Have it running on my MacBook without problem. I ported over all my 2017 presets. Some Windows users have problems. No shock there. Can't wait for the DAM in Q1 so I can ditch Photo Mechanic.
  2. These days you better be a smartphone or a very nice interchangeable lens system.....not much in between.
  4. Read the press release: Read the release notes: Downloads: Mac Win Course Downloads: Masking HDR Pano *These will get added to the Courses page today so you can stream as well. Download the user guide: Don’t forget to register for the Live Q&A with Dan Harlacher:
  5. Sony should buy Nikon....for the lenses.
  6. Check out the video
  7. I have my family's Kodiak Brownie that is older than I am. And we have the wife's Canon A-1 in closet.
  8. I don't run Flash. If a site is not HTML5, I don't see what the owner wants me to see.
  9. Not surprising as they now do products for both MacOS and Windows.
  11. As the wife and I now only shoot Oly m43, I have stopped visiting so much as I don't care to hear about DSLRs or hear how Adobe is still the best thing since sliced bread. And I am sure there are members here who do not want to hear more about m43 or non-Adobe tools. It can indeed be very difficult to be home for everything and everyone. Best of luck whatever you decide Dallas.
  12. Capture One Pro 10. It designed for Pros.
  13. Glad I swore off Adobe kool-aid months ago.
  14. "Please join us live October 3rd when we announce ON1 Photo RAW 2018 to the world and share all the new features and improvements."
  15. Apple released High Sierra 10.13 this morning as per their High Sierra page. Got the Luminar update 1.2.2 today that handles High Sierra.