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  1. I'm sure it isn't like a vacation all of the time (or maybe it is?), but your mobile lifestyle sure sounds appealing. Thank you for putting together the photos and text into a really fun post to read/view. I'd consider your RV to be very modern and advanced today, even. Thanks again!
  2. Love #1. Mysterious and not literal. Excellent vision!
  3. That's just damned excellent, Fons. Really great!
  4. astaab

    A Beautiful Noise

    I could not agree more with your sentiment on "noise". Bring it on! The word "character" seems to embody the effect you achieved. Grain in photos makes them more approachable and intimate to me. I also agree about the E-M1. I wouldn't care if Olympus ended the OM-D line with the E-M1; it's that satisfying to me. It has everything I want in a camera system. What an amazing tool the E-M1 is.
  5. astaab

    The Dom

    Mike, I prefer your image of this amazing place more than others I've seen with more light. Yours casts it in a somber tone, and I think that's good.
  6. Dallas, I feel for you and your challenge making things profitable. Years ago, I shot weddings and while the money was good, I was miserable. I'm reminded of that when you describe product photography. I know you have to eat, but it would be nice to retain your sanity. Off the top of my head, two things jump out at me: You love photography, are excellent at the craft, and live in a very, very beautiful area. I know you lead safaris, but what other tourism-related opportunities exist in/around Durban? It seems to be a disconnect that you live in a gorgeous area (my opinion) and are so skilled as an artist, yet are struggling to find your market. I'm sure you've thought of stock photography, right? What about getting on with a local tourism board or the priciest local hotel as an employee photographer? You are a very smart person. I know how hard it is to merge online databases, retain usernames/histories/accounts, etc. and you did it with real skill. I was impressed you pulled that off so easily. Not a lot of people could do that. What about a career shift into managing large-scale membership sites for corporations? It's not photography, but it's better than numbing your brain by product shooting. And then you're free to photograph with yourself as the only client. That's what I did. I started loving photography again when I got away from the brides and grooms and taught myself computer programming. Oh, and one more thing...you're a super caring and wonderful person. I'm an atheist so I won't invoke prayers but I've seen in my 54 years how being honest and noble has a way of paying off. It has for me, many times over. Please keep us updated. Andy
  7. Ignoring my instinct to stay away from this discussion, and being very new here, I must say there are a lot of good points expressed. The heading of this site does say "Photography beyond paradigms" and "A global community of passionate photographers." I think those words were very carefully chosen. The words standing out to me are "photography" and "community." From my short experience here, things are very, very civil and the discussions are fueled by our love of photography. As for "community," I think it's idealistic to think any global collection of people would behave respectfully 100% of the time. I'd love it if that happened, but it isn't realistic. Therefore, someone (Dallas) must lead, and leadership is tough. Decisions unpopular to some have to be made. It's a thankless job, especially when the leader is funding the venture with his time and money. I may be off base, but my personal feeling is that this virtual community is like any other country/city/region with it's own vibe and personality. The goal isn't to please everyone. If this community suits you, then stay. Otherwise, anyone is free to "leave" and visit another community. In my perhaps flawed opinion, even the lifetime members are mostly guests and aren't really owed anything. Look at the United Nations and the G8 or G20. There are many disagreements, frustrations, and arguments but in the end rules are in place or you go. Unfortunately, human nature requires that.
  8. astaab

    A last look of Arizona

    That's a great photo! I didn't know what it was until I read your message. The spines just look so cool. Thanks.
  9. I subscribe to the Photographer Package as well, and love it. It's a bargain, and they're not forcing anyone to buy it. There are alternatives. But I think it's perfect for me.
  10. When I commuted in Atlanta, many days I'd see a car with similar garbage painted all over the body panels. It was disturbing.
  11. astaab


    That's an excellent portrait! Very, very meaningful. Extremely well done.
  12. I like this image a lot. I really do. It's really hard to say what appeals to me other than the image in its entirety. Very cool.
  13. I wonder if he ate the whole carrot?
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