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    Montreal, Canada
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    For sure photography but also I am curious by definition
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Former professional photographer Daniel M is a passionate of the visual medium since his childhood when he was experimenting a basic Kodak Brownie camera model. His experiences range into many aspects and applications in photojournalism, studio, corporate, sports and illustration.  He worked both as in-house photographer and as a freelance for many years but today he just enjoy a semi-retirement.  Along his professional career Daniel have be always pleased to do classes, seminars or presentations about the practice and the art of photography. And he is still learning everyday from his wonderful passion.

"I think one of the most important quality required to succeed in life and in photography is to be persistent. You have to believe on your ability and invest on yourself. Don't wait to the signal from the others just do it and follow your intuition."


Toujours passionné de photographie depuis la fin de mon enfance, je me suis défini dans cet univers visuel de l’instantané saisi de l’image tout au long de ma vie personnelle et professionnelle.  Ainsi la photographie m’a nourri l’esprit et le corps car il faut bien gagner sa vie et autant le faire dans ce qu’on aime. Aujourd’hui le périple se poursuit avec autant de découvertes, d’émerveillements et d’apprentissages qu’au tout début car c’est l’essence de la vie d’évoluer en tout temps et toute choses.


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