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  1. danielm

    Nikon 1 V3 - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

    To be honest I think most of Nikon users have misunderstood from the start that the purpose of the Nikon 1 series which was not to replace in any ways their previous DSLR offers. We can now presume they were initiated a completely new line of product in responding of a contemporary trend for a more simpler, lighter and smaller complete system including optics and speedlight options. I have been a V1 user from the start and presently a V2 enthusiasm owner. I like The Nikon effort to expand their lens series with the addition of the 18.5mm and 32mm and now this safari special lens 70-300mm. What represent the Nikon V3? It is simply the fusion of two ideas: the V1 plus the V2 meaning one single body with two user options. It is so obvious that at this date no photo analyst seem to find that simple clue. More than that versatile design the Nikon V3 should be a good improvement in two areas: IQ picture specially at low ISO and better ergonomic functionality. You must see Nikon 1 series as a work in progress and at a long term that will address new contingents of photographers.
  2. danielm

    Ready for breakfast

    Thank you Andrea for your kind comments. (Yes a bit of picture cropping should enhanced my subject (Minette)).
  3. danielm


    Superb composition.
  4. danielm


    Very, very nice!
  5. danielm

    Ready for breakfast

    The morning light is one of the most interesting...
  6. danielm

    Fotozones.com vs Nikongear.com - a huge difference!

    "Take pictures, take pictures my friend...regardless of the material used to do so!" Everybody is very possessive for their special formula and tools. This is human and the big camera marketers (rather than manufacturers...) are very good in opposing each others using web sites, forums or blogs to do so. Dont forget that at the end it is matter of big money. I like a product that can be provocative in many ways. It push me to be more creative. And dont speak to me about professional photography that is strongly oriented to produce very sophisticated stereotypes. Use Olympus OM-D system is very refreshing but I leave you all the big bazookas you may want to expend for. I did the same path you did Dallas (Nikon D-700 to M4/3 format) and I enjoy it everyday. Sorry for the others.
  7. danielm

    Fotozones.com vs Nikongear.com - a huge difference!

    It may indicate a transfert of interest from Nikon for mirrorless systems (Apart the fact we love photography in both two forums).
  8. danielm

    The End Of The Free Lunch

    With the exception of commissioned photographers by various employers (as it was in the newspapers or for the corporate field) I cannot recall photographic avenues that can guaranty you a full time job good for your all lifelong professional time. Even these jobs have disappeared since the last thirty years. It become very difficult to compete with the big banks of pictures from the agencies or with all the freelance sources that simply give their work for very low rates. Many art directors are convinced that they can do everything in post processing the original picture and the photographic skills is now mesured by photoshop technical ability. And not forgetting the fact that many of those "pictures" specialists are using many stereotypes to illustrate their message. The same phenomena is observed in the commercial cinematographic domain. Can we make a living to do photography may be translate today by can we live around the photographic phenomena. Your safari outings are good examples of that. Photography as an expression of visual art stays like into painting or sculpture. We have to explore the new ways to illustrate your works as for the web medias. And dont forget that photography is before everything a passion that we like to share with others passionates.
  9. danielm


    Love your composition especially the earth falling down each side of the picture. A "planet" shot for a circular view. Thank you for sharing.
  10. danielm

    Sky Fragments

    Thanks Dallas for your kind comment. In fact I intend to be a bit more provocative about this subject presentation. A bit more photo expression-sensation than only generally accepted composition and post treatment of pictures. dm
  11. danielm

    Sky Fragments

    Only pictures, no explanations And my personal fragment signature
  12. danielm

    Olympus OM-D E-M5

    Some Add-on Accessories for the E-M5 Because the Olympus OM-D E-M5 is a system camera adding accessories may be an interesting path to follow if you want to try to improve the camera. Power options are limited to three avenues. Using the mandatory battery inside the camera, add the HLD-6 grip with the extra battery or put the optional AC unit (AC-3AC) in liaison with the HLD-6. This last option is good only for fixed installation of the camera and more specialized uses like repro or studio sessions. I recommend you to buy at least two extra batteries since the EM-5 is very demanding with power requirement. This is particularly true with the FL-LM2 flash that is operating with the camera power. Furthermore if you add the HLD-6 grip you need to have the third battery to replace the one into the grip that will be the first one to exhaust with the original setting of the camera (which is logic ;-)). The HLD-6 grip combo is very praise option among many EM-5 users because you can add the handle alone to the camera without the power unit. So popular that the new OM-D EM-1 has been simply merged this grip permanently to the body of the camera. My only complain is the more difficult access to the battery compartment of the camera. On a hurry I recommend you to simply put the bottom power unit to get the camera operational very fast. If you are doing many vertical shooting like portrait sessions the HLD-6 combo is a very handy and confortable option. The vertical shutter release button and the adjustments front and rear dials are better located compare to the camera itself. For corporate, studio and fashion situations this accessory is a must in my humble opinion of an ex in-house photographer. The FL-LM2 flash unit is part of the in-box kit. This tiny unit can be use extendedly as a good fill-in flash outside or inside along with good levels of lightning. As a main light in low light situation, the unit is not powerful enough to produce satisfactory ambient results. Yes you can play with flash exposure compensation if there is good amount of ambient light but it is only an emergency option. Finally don’t forget that the FL-LM2 is consuming the battery power of your camera (For fill-in portrait situations the HLD-6/FL-LM2 combo option is best). I simply recommend you to buy an external unit like the FL-600R with the advantage of external power and with all the optional functionalities.
  13. danielm

    Review of OM-D EM-1

    I am use to read and to really enjoy the Robin's blog for a few years. He was and still is very oriented in photo taking with his shutter therapy sessions. His essays were always very humanly oriented. He has invested himself without any preconception or hidden agenda. It happens that his fabulous popularity (specially in Asia) has brought the attention of the Olympus firm and they have hire very cleverly him. Even knowing that I still respect his work even if he is using exclusively Olympus products.
  14. danielm

    It could be worse

    Take a good rest and have a speedy recovery and enjoy the view...
  15. danielm

    Olympus OM-D E-M5

    The picture taker: Olympus OM-D E-M5 The Olympus OM-D E-M5 is very convivial picture taker. Many users have already told us about the basis facts regarding this model. The E-M5 is in fact a small camera as we use to associate 35mm SLR some forty-fifty years ago. And this compact package to many photographers an easy way to bring the camera with them, take pictures very discretely and avoid to develop uncreative fatigue in transporting a complete system. Design over the OM-D E-M5 is innovative in the sense that is a sort of prolongation of the very modern way of crafting camera since the 35mm film original Pen and OM series. What I like most in using the OM-D E-M5 is mainly the fact that is a everyday follower without restriction. Even adverse conditions are no excuse to leave the camera at home. More than that I should mention the excellence of the Olympus M. Zuiko lenses. Not so many systems are so complementary with such good quality in optics, construction and maximum aperture available. Yes in that sense you can compare it with the traditional Leica offer. My own experience Since last December 2012, I have the chance to buy a new Olympus OM-D E-M5 along with some interesting lenses such as the Oly 75mmF1.8. I have already experimented the Olympus system with the Pen model EP-3 and beautiful optics like the 12F2.0 and 45F1.8 that are still part of my camera case. Many friends who know me for several years are aware of my love for beautiful 35mm film cameras which I have worked personally and professionally many years ago just to mention some like Nikon F, F2, F3Hp, F4 series and Leica M4P/6 and R4. Photo industry has taken a different direction privileging post-creativity through graphic hardware and software equipment instead of the reality interpretation approach of the last century. You can call it a kind of photo painting expressionist with its own esthetical rules. But as a more classical photo enthusiasm I am not really found of this figurative trend. I think photographs in a large view have a duty of reporting direct reality even considering that it always represent in fact our own aspect of it. But enough philosophy for today let speaking about camera and lenses as beautiful artistic tools. What really hooks me with the Olympus M4/3 system is their selection of prime lenses that are in essence the eyes of the photograph. Even some of their zoom lenses are interesting. At first I was really seduced by the charm of the Olympus Pen series and I have selected their EP-3 model with the EVF 2. I do like working with the camera but the external viewfinder (technically excellent) was too much protuberant from the camera itself. Eventually the Pen option was not the final answer and with the coming of the new OM-D E-M5 my though have taken a new direction. What I really appreciate regarding the E-M5 is the size of the camera by itself which remind me the original 35mm OM series and also the fact that it is a real system camera with a lot of funny combination as for example with the grip. As a direct consequence, the camera can follow me everyday, everywhere for every purpose. I can use it (as intended) or... forget it if I am not in a photographic mood. It does not bother me to bring the little package. During my last Cuban trip I have appreciated to bring the kit combination E-M5 / 12-50mm without asking myself if the camera/lens will sustain the possible adverse condition (water, sand, etc.) and picture results for a zoom lens were up to the level. For most of the photographic tasks the Olympus OM-D E-M5 will respond with very good accuracy of exposure and focus if you rely on automatic or semi-automatic setting. In those settings the use of exposure correction and highlight and shadow curves correction are the best option. Proper focusing is better obtained in my part by selecting the “S-AF” option along with M possible correction. For action picture the camera may require a sense of anticipation or the obvious use of a fast lens. In exposure I have found that using a small underexposure correction is giving me more saturated colors that are corresponding to my interpretation of the context. The OM-D E-M5 is not the perfect camera in terms of individual feature but it is a real picture taker that leaves you expressing your own creativity and that is the mean task of a photographic tool.

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