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  1. They're not evil and are as fascinating as the other bees. They only attack when something or someone reach out to their nest and break the 5 or 6 meters safety distance they enforce around it. For more than 10 years now, they've been visiting my garden all summer long chasing flying insects. They let me get very close, around 50 cm, to try to picture them. Fantastic pictures, Bob.
  2. I'm in too but no downtown here: a countryside flea market followed by the ruins of Villers abbey http://www.villers.be/en/
  3. You most probably saved me several hundred EURO ill spent, Alan. As everyone seems to be selling medium format here these days, I was hesitating between MF and digital. You closed the case. Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge.
  4. Thanks for the links STS. I had forgotten about Brad Hill and I'm glad you brought him back to my mind.
  5. Breakfast end. Picture and post on Lumia 930.
  6. Not exactly that but in the same vein: http://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/3816859 still </off topic>
  7. Bruno


    That's expensive. How deep and what diameter is it? 12 years ago I got a 40 meter/20cm diameter drill for 1200$. BTW when I asked him where to drill, he told me I can use whatever method I want, that he would anyway drill to 40 meters because anywhere in the region there is always water before 40 meters
  8. I would not exclude that what will be left in 50 or 100 years is what's on Flickr or Instagram or whatever new image service will appear. I am very surprised that posts I did in 1991 in the News are still there. The web killed the News but the content was saved as DejaNews and then took over by Google. Cloud archive seems to survive.
  9. Bruno

    Ooops.. Canikon..

    The EU applies the same 30 minutes limitation.
  10. Kittens love thin electricity cords. Here they've ruined the thin cables of wireless phones charger, headphones etc ... Black, non Apple cables ...
  11. I'm also getting adds on the mobile site. Right now, it is a Nikon add for the AW120, which I already have btw. They should better serve me a D750 Personally, I don't mind blocking. I only click on what interests me. As I’m frequently in front of the computer I sometimes click on an add purely for FZ support reasons and let it run, usually a few times a week although this vary from one week to another because of workload wich distracts me from things that matters
  12. Bruno

    RAW Edit Contest #13

    Golunvolo, congratulations. My editing skills being rather limited , this was a fun learning experience and what a demonstration of the different feelings a photo can convey with proper editing! Thanks for the nomination Bjorn.
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