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  1. I was tempted to make a sarcastic remark that such excellent IQ is simply not possibly from Fuji gear, as the company is clearly run by boneheads. But I will resist... In all seriousness, I quite agree with Anthony. The XF 55-200 is an excellent lens, as his images above clearly demonstrate.. In fact, all of the lenses I've purchased for the Fuji X cameras have been excellent. Even the XF 18-55 continues to surprise me. I tried it yesterday on my new X-T1 body, using one of my favorite models for the test. On my monitor, his fur texture and detail is so fine I can almost feel it. I can't ask for better than that. This was processed from the raw file, BTW.
  2. I love that "call in the blue hour" shot, Aerobat! It has a story to tell, and great color also. Looks like a movie still.
  3. mnscott1397538278

    Just a ship

    Just a nice shot, Will. Nice B&W conversion, too.
  4. I've done similar shots with two Nikon flashes and an X body. Here's one where I used a wireless trigger set for one flash on the left, and the other flash on the right set for SU-4 mode. For this one the transmitter on the body triggered the SB-910 on the left, which in turn triggered the SB-800 on the right. It was a cheap wireless rig (Cactus V5), and works quite well. This was with a XF 60mm on a X-E2 body.
  5. That last night image looks great. As already noted, the stars from pinpoint light sources are perfect! Color very nice also. My XF23mm finally arrived also. Have not yet shot much with it, but here are a couple of early shots with the 23mm on a X-E2 body. First, our springtime surprise from two days ago gift of about eight inches of fresh snow: This one from last night. We went to a flower show at a local department store. While it was nice to smell flowers, especially after the gift of snow from two days ago, lighting was horrible. It was harsh, and of mixed color temps. Of course I photographed anyway, and spent some quality time with Capture One trying to make the best of it afterwards. So this young woman was posing for her boyfriend/husband/neighbor (??), and I shot one also. This is at ISO 1600. And a crop from the above image. Overall, I find the lens so far to be very sharp, and a pleasure to use. Need to shoot more with it to get a better feel. Looking forward to using it with the X-T1 body that has not yet arrived.
  6. I agree about Noise Ninja's abilities in regards to squelching noise without destroying detail. I have even been using the "smoothing" slider, albeit in much smaller doses than PN's default setting. I find it works quite well provided you're not heavy handed with the setting. Can't wait to try out the X-T1. Hopefully Henry's in Canada will catch up, and ship my order from 2/1/14 in time for spring. If we have a spring season this year, that is.
  7. This looks really good, Alan. ISO 2500 even! Sometimes I have to marvel at how much improvement there has been in high ISO performance over that last several years. I'm envious of the weather, too. We're supposed to get 6-10 inches of snow by tomorrow. Winter just won't let go in this part of the world. :wacko:
  8. Wonder what the singular bird near the bottom did wrong?
  9. You guys are killing me, in a good way if that's possible. My X-T1 body is still stuck...well, who the heck knows where. I ordered from Canada to take advantage of a free battery grip offer. Hopefully it will actually show itself some day. In the meantime, I am enjoying reading your experiences. Still using my X-E2 in the meantime, along with a new XF 23mm (not ordered from Canada).
  10. I've been very pleased with my 55-200 on the X-E2 (my X-T1 hasn't yet arrived - stuck apparently due to a trucker's strike in Canada). Maybe not quite as fast as the 18-55, but of course the 55-200 is more mass to move so that seems to make sense. I've not ever had to wait for the lens, and haven't missed any shots due to slow/missed focus with the Fuji 55-200. I can also say it's certainly faster and hunts way less than the Sony NEX gear with the E mount 55-210 I had before the Fuji gear. The Sony seemed like it needed a couple of days advance notice to get anything in focus, and forget it completely if the subject was moving.
  11. I had the 16mm f/2.8 when I was using Sony NEX gear. I found I rarely used it, even before I'd bought the E mount 10-18mm. My copy was useless wide open, and the edges never really did clean up even by f/8. Contrast was good, but only the center was acceptably sharp.
  12. Very well seen, Anthony. I love images that have a story to tell, and this one surely does.
  13. The X-T1 I ordered from Canada (free battery grip offer) hasn't arrived yet, so I obviously can't test it. I will be one who will need to have this issue resolved, if it shows up on my copy, as I do plug things in sometimes. We'll see if I end up sending it in, or elect to resolve it myself. I don't see it as a big deal, as it seems to be easy enough to fix or get fixed. I'm just pleased that Fuji is doing the right thing by acknowledging the issue, and offering a fix. That's sure better than my experiences with Nikon in the past.
  14. Outstanding series as always, Rick! The fire eater image is really my favorite, but it's a close call with the others.
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