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About Me

Professional photographer based in Southern Tasmania, mainly specialising in things to do with photographic history and photographic image restoration and conservation. Erratically run my own gallery at my premises displaying photographs taken in nearby temperate rainforest, usually involving multi-row panoramas which also include focus stacking.

Having been involved full-time in photography since February 1971, these days I no longer chase work at the rate I used to have to and rather pick and choose what I get involved with and who I do work for, a deserved luxury after a working career also chasing and being chased by everyone from advertising executives and art directors, through brides in full Bridezilla mode and families looking for that forever set of portraits, forestry management and police taking umbrage at being exposed in less than pleasant work practices, frontline forest protesters at blockades and 60 metres up trees, political party leaders, to both private and government gallery curators, and many other things in between.

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