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  1. Don't know whether to laugh or cry at this. Hang it, he was stupid, so....
  2. Ouch.
  3. Comment still applies....
  4. Coming along nicely. Hopefully the builders are keeping to budget as well.
  5. Yet the Aussie bureaucrats still plod along inflicting this rubbish on us on an almost daily basis. As far as I can make out, the only valid purpose they actually serve is to provide material for comedians, satire and scoffing social media pieces. For instance, we have just been subject to a $112,000,000 "postal survey" on legalising same-sex marriage. Since 2012 there have been fifteen opinion polls conducted on the question, and every one of them has returned a roughly 60:40 result in favour. All the politicians and bureaucrats who feigned surprise in front of the cameras were just as funny as the flood of jokes and satire that erupted when this official, expensive and unnecessary postal survey returned, you guessed it, a 61:39 result in favour. You couldn't make this stuff up.
  6. Usually it's the imminent arrival of rain that brings huntsman spiders indoors. Better than the weather bureau forecast for accuracy in that respect.
  7. Thanks, Erv, it's still my favourite medium, and film still does better in B&W than digital as far as character and aesthetics go, I reckon. Resolution in digital, however, is another story, where film loses ground through grain breaking up the image detail.
  8. The chick is surviving and growing now, it's starting to roam further and is getting harder to track down, even though it's still some time away from proper flight, I'd guess. On day 2 I found it easily, perched on a hose, already showing a typical magpie attitude of "don't mess with me": and later it was perched on a fence post having climbed up the strainer pole, where mother flew in and coaxed it into getting some wind under its wings - before then I had passed the nondescript bundle of feathers without even noticing it on a post while I was scanning the ground: and the mother took off to get more food for the little blob of feathers left on the post Day three was hot, and I finally spotted it having buried itself neck-deep in a mixture of straw, mud and cattle dung to keep cool
  9. 1972, smoking on an early 747 on the flight from Athens to London, smoking in the theatre in Soho watching "A Clockwork Orange" through a veritable forest fire of smoke rising from the seats in front, positioning myself with a lit pipe in the smoking carriage of the train into university each morning, smoking during lectures.... yes, smokers had free reign back then. I quit in April 1979, started again for a year in 1984-5, quit, then lapsed for another year in 1988-9. Haven't smoked anything since then.
  10. I used to ride a red rattler in and out across what is now the Sandbridge Bridge when the trains still ran over it to Flinders Street (pretty much straight through where Crown stands now), so out of shot there but the area was visible from the train, as it was if I took a regular rattler down St Kilda Rd from RMIT. South Bank (or just plain South Melbourne as it was known then) was all low rise like it still is on the Albert Park end, a mixture of small factories, businesses and homes, just as you captured a while ago in one of your shots. The whole area on the Yarra end used to be like that; I think I may have passed comment to that effect at the time as well. I think consistency is part of the reason that I like living close to Hobart as my local city - very little changed in Hobart Central in a quarter of a Century, although in the last few years things are starting to do so, precipitated by the old Myer building burning down and giving the developers a chance to move in to literally the middle of the city itself. UTAS is also shifting campus from Sandy Bay into the City itself, so new university buildings are also going up. The street layout, however, remains much the same as it was in the 1960's.
  11. What on earth is that inclined thing at slightly right of centre? Looks like a walkway to nowhere. It's getting so I hardly recognise the city I grew up in - for several years (1971-3) I passed near that spot daily, and worked near that area for eight years after that and almost none of those tall buildings were there then (and even as late as the early '90's when I left - Southbank was yet to become a hi-rise development area).
  12. The sixth and the last one really make me want to "get in amongst it", as it were.
  13. Spent an hour with the Pentacon Six and 12 exposures of Tri-X Pro a couple of days ago. These two taken with the Carl Zeiss Jena 4/50 Flektogon lens. Inner wall of the mid-19th Century Kangaroo Point fort and gun emplacements in Hobart. Defensive ditch wall leading to pillbox defences (So nice to actually be able to use f/22 without the image turning into mush digital-style)