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  1. Alan7140

    Infrared Lake

    Or you can just get a Sigma sd Quattro and remove the IR-cut filter (5-10 second job) whenever the urge to take full spectrum photos with a naked lens, or in IR of various strengths depending upon the on-lens IR filter you then choose. The EVF pays no mind to what you do, it will always display an accurate image and enable proper, magnified peaking-enabled focusing as well as displaying the correct exposure image (complete with blowout indication). With an adapter ring fitted, any cheap M42 lens will fit the camera, or better yet one of the new breed of Sigma Art lenses will retain full AF as well as enable normal spectrum photographs with the IR cut filter refitted (5 second job, if that). (Older M42 lenses do have a problem with green-to-magenta colour casting edge to centre if used in visible spectrum colour capture, unfortunately.) These days the cost of a used sd-Quattro is little more than converting an old camera, and is a far more versatile piece of gear as it does not remain a permanently converted IR camera with a set IR transmission cut.
  2. Alan7140

    Winter Beach

    Seeing the You Yangs (as well as Arthur's Seat) was a regular thing when a Southerly combined with rain squalls had been blowing back in the '60's & '70's. I suppose big city pollution would obscure them most of the time now.
  3. Alan7140

    West Gate - Montague

    I will never forget being hauled over the coals for misdiagnosing what he'd done to achieve that sort of effect, either....
  4. Alan7140

    Heathrow Tunnel.

    The 18-55 also has OIS, which could have easily handled that 1/13 sec on its own. Electronic shutter may not have been ideal in that situation given the movement involved. It would have provided some interesting "bendy" distortion to the tunnel walls, though...
  5. Alan7140

    Vehicle Workshop re-creation.

    The coping saw and other wood-working tools remind one just how much wood was used to construct those early vehicles. If they put original glass Coke bottles on display I reckon they'd be the first things to be nicked.
  6. Alan7140

    The Recent Upgrade

    It could also have been a cache thing combined with whatever you had/hadn't set - this interface is a completely different one to what I was seeing when I made the observation. I will learn one day.... "Clear the cache, Dummy!" (It cleared anyway when I rebooted the computer, as I have it set to do). All better now.
  7. Alan7140

    The Recent Upgrade

    I appreciate that there has been a hassle in changing, but is there a theme setting that can get me back to a full screen width display, either somewhere I've been too stupid to find, or in the wind at some date in the near future? Being an image orientated site, it's nice to get posted images displayed at true posted size from the get-go rather than a narrowed down phone-orientated or 19" 2001 monitor resolution pixel width without having to engage in a series of click-ons and reloads just to see the image and then get back to browsing the forum.
  8. Alan7140

    I'll Never Scan A Negative Again. Ever.

    I have further re-arranged things to utilise my long dormant IFF copy stand that I used to use with a Nikon F4 to make 35mm film copies last Century. Being that the Sigma 70mm macro lens needs to be pretty close to the copy board for magnifications at or near 1:1, the stand's adjustment gets the rig closer to the board than did the MP4 stand pictured previously. I have also changed the means of supporting the film by using the neg holder from my Durst Laborator 1200 enlarger. The format-specific inserts are made of heavy, flat metal which holds even the curliest film dead flat, and therefore focusing is only necessary once at the beginning of scanning of a whole film. It also is easier to move the neg holder around under the camera if multiple closer sections of a medium format neg are taken to stitch together for a truly high resolution end result (100 MP+ is easy when doing this). As well the holder itself is solid metal and cannot distort like the plastic Epson film holders could, and the film plane also sits about 12mm above the light source, which means any dust of scratches on the light panel are so far out of focus that they do not affect the "scan" at all. To accurately level the camera I have attached the leveller assembly from my Nodal Ninja Ultimate M2 panoramic head which I rarely use these days. As per usual, photography involves continually adapting and improvising until manufacturers catch up. :D
  9. Alan7140

    Winter is Here

    According to the local weather station it was hovering around 0°C when I was up there taking the shot. When I left home on foot the frost was still heavy and frozen on the ground, though.
  10. Alan7140

    Winter is Here

    Cold and foggy at the dam this morning:
  11. Alan7140

    Midnight, Full Moon

    ...and 12 years ago I was breaking ground with stitched panoramas with multiple focus layers; now a firmware update enables me to shoot 20 or 30 stacks per shot in around 5 seconds each of multi-row, focus stacked panoramas. What would take me a week of laborious retouching in Photoshop is now painlessly handled by the camera and any number of stitching programs in just a few minutes.
  12. Alan7140

    Midnight, Full Moon

    Taken from my side fence a few nights ago as the mist started to roll in from the river, 2-shot stitch, X-T2, 10-24/4 @ 10mm.
  13. Alan7140

    Car Restoration Fan?

    Pity they couldn't afford the rest of the backing band.
  14. Alan7140

    Winter Beach

    I know I took several photos of the Melbourne skyline from similar angles back in the early '70's when I was doing the photography course at RMIT - I must have a bit of a dig through my files to see if I can find something for comparison...
  15. Alan7140

    Still messing with old gear...

    At this stage only Sigma's (free) Sigma Photo Pro software processes the X3F files with anything close to competence. On1 list that they support X3F files, but when I tried it out it was woeful. On emailing them they responded that Sigma Quattro X3F files are on their "Tier 2" camera list, whatever/whenever that means. Fuji was on their Tier 1 list but they're still struggling a bit with that, although those who find ACR acceptable might be able to live with On1's attempt. I certainly can't. From their response that they're responding to other complaints on Fuji's process results, I gather Tier 2 is still some way off in the distance. All the same I'll keep the program active as they're the only ones that are responding to suggestions on Fuji, and who actually have stated an intention to provide raw processing for Sigma - neither of which Adobe has ever bothered to do. Of course SPP does offer profile saves and batch processing of X3F raw files, so it's quick enough to save to Tiff or jpeg with processing settings of your choice, from there Lightroom could be used for any usual manipulations. It's a pity that the sd Quattro-H isn't available there, because that has Sigma's Super Fine Detail mode, which is a sort of HDR combined with noise reduction piece of trickery gleaned from exposing a seven shot bracket and then doing some extraordinary hocus-pocus which increases both detail retention and dynamic range, as well as all but killing any noise. It would suit architecture down to the ground, particularly if using Sigma's latest 14mm f/1.8 Art lens, and be able to produce superb real estate billboard-size images, even if processing the X3I SFD files is definitely an SPP-only thing and takes a considerable amount of practice to get working successfully. Once mastered it is truly incredible as to what it can extract from that APS-H size sensor.

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