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  1. Alan7140

    Coffee Shop

    So's the Rodinal - as best as I can guess I bought the stuff I used to process this film back in 1996 or maybe even earlier (before they changed the packaging to predominantly orange from the original white with an orange and a green stripe). I'm now onto a "new" bottle bought around 2002. That's the great thing about Rodinal - it lasts indefinitely, even after being opened. It's still being made as R09 by Compard, although only as small 120ml bottles available here at AUD$17 plus P&P. I have two 500ml bottles of the original, though, which might just see me out.
  2. Alan7140

    Coffee Shop

    At my local coffee shop (again! - I drink too much of the stuff), just a generic workplace photo that suited the square neg perfectly. If it appears pleasing to the eye, it's because for once all the elements had arranged themselves to almost perfectly fit the Fibonacci Sequence (Golden Ratio, Golden Mean, Golden Spiral, call it what you will) beginning at the bottom right corner and having a vanishing point on the nose of the girl at right. It was a nothing-shot until the shop owner knelt to rearrange the display case, and I think I might even have muttered a quiet "thank you!" under my breath as I pressed the shutter. (Pentacon Six TL, Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon 4/50 @ f/4, T-Max 400, Rodinal 1:50.) EDIT: Just to explain better and illustrate visually, I traced over Photoshop crop tool's faint "Golden Spiral" guide with a freehand yellow line (hence it's a bit wobbly) to demonstrate how it fits both the square and this composition.
  3. Alan7140

    Australia Day

    And today it looks like a thick fog here, except that it's acrid smoke with visibility down to about 750m. There is still no attempt being made to water-bomb the wilderness fires, and we'll probably pass 200,000ha burnt in the next day or two. This is probably just a precursor to a future calamitous fire as we've been spared the high winds that can happen, and when combined with fire produce things like Black Saturday in Victoria a decade ago.
  4. Alan7140

    Tagline Grammar?

    American in general has me flummoxed. Their spelling shortcuts disregard the pronunciation guides that things such as doubling consonants give to words; the chief bugbear for me are words like the American "traveling", which I always read as "traveeling" instead of "travelling", no matter how hard I try to avoid that happening. The American method of dropping the second (preceding vowel-softening) consonant is also erratic - it happens sometimes (why not 'eratic' or 'hapens', then?) and not others without any logical reasoning behind it.
  5. Alan7140

    Australia Day

    And at the other end of the country and all but ignored by the mainland media is the fact that Tasmania is now entering its sixth straight week of constant bushfires, with 3% of the State (well over 100,000ha) burnt out, and no end in sight and new fires flaring up while the old ones continue to burn. Hobart had both the warmest January ever, and the driest ever, with .04mm in total for the month.
  6. Alan7140

    The Z6 gives me more freedom....

    You've got me intrigued so I looked up the online manual. Either something's not right with the camera, or there's something not set right, or Nikon's electronic contacts are not compatible with the Zeiss lenses (the last one wouldn't surprise me at all):
  7. Alan7140

    Tagline Grammar?

    Blame the old printing industry with its manual setting for contracting "it is" to "it's". Saves a blank type spacer with an extra i. Same applies for one of the other main ones the millennials can't get a grip on - substituting the space and "a" for an apostrophe in "you're" instead of you are, so now we're getting the likes of "your having apoplexy over irrelevancies" which is fast becoming the common use.
  8. Alan7140

    What Do You Want From Fotozones?

    My interest has shifted back to B&W film and darkroom, which means there's not much interest for me anywhere on the Internet with regard to photography at present. I'm about as experienced and proficient in that field as it's possible to get having spent my entire 48 year career (bar the last few miserable digital years) full-time with B&W film & manual larger format cameras, as well as being in the B&W darkroom on a weekly to often daily basis, so I don't need help or information on how to do any of it, and there's little point showing B&W film work via the Internet for display on unknown monitors. To look at a photographic B&W silver bromide print side by side with the same image on a monitor is your literal chalk and cheese; the two look nothing at all alike save for the image content itself, so the usual comments I have received when having posted such online which judge such things as excessive grain, tone or even contrast are pointless as the photographic print itself will show none of these concerns at all. I continue to read forum photography posts, but these days I'm as often as not looking at medium and large format film gear for sale or trade as the stuff is not, and probably never will be, made anymore. Collecting a backstop of viable, excellent condition cameras is not so easy as most of the stuff I'm interested in is by default 25 or more years old and as demand rises and supply diminishes, "finds" are getting very scarce indeed. As I have no interest in becoming an eBay dealer and will actually use what I buy, the escalating prices make things even more difficult as I'll never recoup any investments. I'm also constantly researching repair procedures as the knowledge base there is shrinking as well, and as for spare parts, they're only available as reclaimed from not-working old gear themselves and they, too, are getting increasingly expensive. A Pentacon Six TL in "for parts, not working" condition now costs what a fully functional one in very good condition cost only 18 months ago. I can't ever see me shifting back to digital, though - my heart always was in B&W photography, and as I have noted on many occasions, I think the digital implementation of B&W totally sucks. Compared to a good photographic B&W silver bromide print, it sends my crapometer meter off the scale, as does any attempt to print a digitised B&W negative on any modern inkjet printer. As a consequence I consider the new Epson P800 I was forced to buy in December 2017 (after my Epson 7800 failed) in order to complete the six months of work I had to go before I could retire in July 2018 as having been a total waste of money. I might be able to use it as a teaching aid, but exactly how to implement that I have yet to work out. As I still have my Fuji-XF gear I guess it's a backstop for the unlikely event of me needing to do some colour prints, but that's going to be an erratic thing at best, and is certainly not a current interest of mine any longer.
  9. Alan7140

    Lens Profiles & Editing Software

    Yeah, it was the speed of the HDR that made me raise my eyebrows - I've tried just about all the HDR programs for Windows over the years and this just blitzes anything else I've used. Thankfully my Fuji lenses don't seem to need any lens correction save the 10-24/4 between 10 and 12mm; by 14mm it's as distortion-free as was the 14/2.8 prime I had before. As the zoom has OIS, I gladly traded the extra stop of speed for the convenience of a wider zoom lens. It might be worth shooting On1 an email querying why HDR isn't correcting the lens when set to do so - it might be something simple, or at least they might correct it when they get around to providing a batch facility. The browser also eats Photoshop Bridge for breakfast and spits it out again.
  10. Alan7140

    Tagline Grammar?

    Ahhh, the minefield of apostrophes before/after/none concerning the letter "s" in the English language.
  11. Alan7140

    Lens Profiles & Editing Software

    Much and all as I dislike On1 for their pushy marketing and fake discounts, I have found them to be very responsive to queries or suggestions when emailing them on such. In fact a problem I had with gallery-wrap in (what was named at the time) Perfect Resize and which involved me sending them the file concerned saw them not only fix the problem but give me a free upgrades subscription to Perfect Resize as a thank you for bringing the problem to light. So perhaps they can answer your lens profiling and batch questions with similar efficiency. For starters, though, go Preferences>Files and check that the "Apply lens correction automatically to raw files" box is ticked. EDIT: - I just noticed batch HDR is a much requested feature for them to add. I expect it will appear soon, then. https://www.on1.com/products/photo-raw/ideas/idea/add-hdr-batch-processing/
  12. Alan7140

    First pics with my Nikon Z6

    I'm not familiar with the way the Z6 works, but other mirrorless cameras I have do not require any buttons to be pressed at all. As I read, you're manually focusing the lens, which means peaking should be active the whole time (if set to do so in the menu) - on my Fuji cameras it becomes immediately apparent the moment the camera is switched on, as it does with the Sigma. If it's not obvious at first, the moment the focus ring is turned it becomes very apparent. The peaking indicators outlining the edges of objects in focus are also obvious over the whole frame, not just within the focus bracket, so you can immediately see what other parts of the image will be sharp, and they shift fluidly as you turn the focus ring. It does take a bit of getting used to, but I honestly cannot imagine having a digital camera without it now. I assure can you that if Nikon has implemented it in the same way, it is vastly better than anything that went before. If you want to make sure of being focused on, for example, an eyeball iris and not the eyelashes in a head & shoulders tele shot taken wide open, other than having the eyes of a young adult looking through a good SLR screen it is a wickedly easy way for older eyes to nail the focus exactly every time.
  13. Alan7140


    I know ON1 has an aim to compete directly with Lightroom's cataloguing setup, but I'm not sure how close they are to it, or if it is compatible at all, which is why I thought you might have to run ON1 as a separate RE processor/cataloguer. I just had a play with an old HDR set I took with the D3s back in 2011 and it really is extremely quick. Just select the relevant bracket of raw files downloaded into the browser, right click on any one of them and select "create HDR", adjust the sliders until the thumbnail displayed looks OK (which may not even be required), hit save and the "Develop" window opens with the full-size photo which can be further tweaked if desired, then hit export to a saved preset file-type & folder. It honestly took a lot less time than I took to type this.
  14. Alan7140

    First pics with my Nikon Z6

    When you get focus peaking set up to your best preference you'll probably think the green dot was a truly primitive thing.
  15. Alan7140


    Dallas, you might want to try the 30 day free trial of ON1 Photo Raw 2019. While I normally steer clear of that company for its pushy marketing and obsession with offering endless, unscripted, rambling "how-to" videos as "special offer" discounts stated at incredibly optimistic dollar values, it has one of the quickest, most user-friendly direct-from-raw HDR components I've ever used. As it is alsoa browser/cataloguer it may well do to use as a stand-alone for just the real estate stuff if you always use HDR for that work. It would certainly save the hassle of using two separate programs at the very least.

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