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  1. . Vimeo is not a good option for me. Vimeo charges the content creator $200 per year for the privilage of uploading videos. Vimeo has no subscriptions for visitors or ads, so content creators don't get paid. Yes, Vimeo does have a paywall, it's called vimeo-on-demand. It's similar to Netflix, and contains indie movies and other original content that's more entertainment related (not instructional). Dallas, thanks for the advice, but Vimeo is not a platform for educational tutorial video creators like me. Especially if you intend to make money from the videos.
  2. . Like it or not, DSLR and Mirrorless cameras are in competition with smartphones - and smartphones are winning - bigtime. For a website like this to flourish, it needs to focus on one (or all) of the 3 things a big camera can do that a smartphone camera can not do (my book is on one of these things)...
  3. I was an old school photographer who didn't care about video. Now I'm just as interested in video as stills. I've written a photography book on a speciallized area of photography. Initially I was going to make it a Kindle e-book. Then, after research, I found that these days the majority of people prefer to learn via videos. So, I decided to explore making videos rather than an ebook. I originally considered YouTube, but most of the the content creators over there are complaining about lack of revenue from Adsense and Google's invasive sensorship of videos with them demonetizing those videos they don't like. Most are now pushing their Patreon channel. I considered Patreon, but decided that it's not for me. So, I'm now in the process of turning my book into a series of videos that I'll be putting on Udemy.com. They've got 17 million subscribers and I like their model better than Lynda.com. The outlook for me to make some decent money at Udemy.com is promising. Dallas, why I should put my videos here on this website, instead of Udemy.com?
  4. For about two years now, I have regularly shot Pixel shift images my 2 Pentax K1 cameras. The Pentax version of pixel shift hugely improves the color and resolution of the 36mp images taken with my K1's. The only improvement that I would look for from newer versions of pixel shift would be the ability to use it on moving objects (without extra steps to address the motion artifacts in post that's required now).
  5. I use NIK collection all the time. I'm happy about this. Maybe it means NIK plugins will be continuously improved and updated. Frankly, I have no problem paying for new and improved NIK plugins!
  6. I too am tired of overly technical modern lenses. In the last 3 years I've tested a few hundred lenses, new and old. Here's where I'm at now... Only a very low percentage of really old lenses (1940's - 1960's vintage) that I've tested are good enough for me to keep and use. I need to test 6 or 8 older MF lenses (including Eastern bloc lenses) to find one keeper. While most of the modern lenses produce lifeless/sterile looking images, there is a modern lens maker that does a good job of combining the vintage "character" of older lenses with modern day technical superiority - Zeiss. I have no experience with Zeiss Otus lenses, but have owned/tested most of the Zeiss "Milvus" and older Zeiss "Classic" lenses. The best of such modern day Zeiss lenses that have it all include: Zeiss 35mm f/1.4 (Classic), Zeiss 85 f/1.4 (Milvus), Zeiss 100mm f/2 Makro-Planar (Classic & Milvus), and the Zeiss 135mm f/2 (Classic & Milvus).
  7. You might want to buy DVD copies of the stand alone version of Lightroom before they are all gone. A year or two after Adobe stopped selling their stand alone version of Adobe Photoshop, new DVD versions of the last stand alone Photoshop version were selling for crazy high prices on Ebay. I just bought 5 of the current version of Lightroom stand alone.