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  1. I switched from years of Nikon, Canon, and Fuji use about 2 years ago to Pentax. I made the move because I was excited about their unique "pixel shift" shooting mode available on the K3II and now the K1. It took me over one year and thousands of shots and experimentation to fully embrace my new Pentax system. The long and painful learning curve were well worth it as I'm now making images with my Pentax K1 that I could not make with any of the other camera systems that I'd previously owned. I suspect that one reason of Lloyd Chambers unhappiness with the new Fuji GFX system is he has little prior experience with Fuji cameras and lenses. Also, his workflow now has been changed. Chambers is emotionally reacting to the unpleasantness of change, and his inability to intuitively and quickly figure out a complex new camera system. Mike E., I read your reviews last year of the Pentax K1. I felt that you, for these same reasons, may have bailed too soon on the K1. The K1 disrupted your normal workflow, and was a whole new platform with completely different menus and ergonomics. Had you hung in there longer and soldiered through these uncomfortable changes, I expect you too would be exceedingly happy with the K1 and may not be feeling the current need to again switch to the latest and greatest new thing... It's not fair for a reviewer (or photographer) to condemn a whole new camera system that's radically different from what they're used to using after giving it only a relatively brief and half-hearted trial. My switching from Nikon to Canon was easy because they have many similarities. But take a Nikon or Canon person and give them a Fuji or Pentax camera and they'll be bewildered, confused and totally uncomfortable with the Fuji/Pentax system for months! Mastery of a new camera system takes patience and time.
  2. Thanks for posting. Nice review of the features, but would have loved to see some photos with it. Also, they had their hands on 3 lenses, but said almost nothing about the lenses themselves.
  3. I agree, lovely light. I love the depth in the photo!
  4. Terrific colors!