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  1. Northern Wisconsin USA rural mail carrier making his daily deliveries.
  2. North Woods Lupines

    Editor's note: A truly magical scene shown to us by Dave here. Reading what Dave went through to get the shot makes it even more worthy to join the Inspiration gallery.

    © Dave Weber

  3. I did not "spot this" image. Saying I simply "spotted" this image implies that I was driving by and noticed the scene and took a quick shot. Nothing could be further from the truth. I planned this photo shoot for months. I drove 400 miles and spent 5 days exploring/hiking/searching out the perfect patch of lupines in a large and very rugged forest. This trip to make this photo cost me hundreds of dollars. I was at this particular site for two days, crawling on my knees and exploring different angles, and times of day. I was eaten by mosquitos, biting flies, and of course wood ticks. I took over 60 photos of this same scene, and the photo I posted here was the worst of the lot ( I never post my best on the Internet because it invariably gets stolen ). It was through great effort and expense that I "created" this image, I didn't just stumble upon it.
  4. Last week I was hiking in the forests of northern Wisconsin. Late one afternoon, I came upon this clump of lupines in a clearing. Took the photo with my Pentax K1 and a Zeiss ZF 28mm f/2 lens that I had adapted from F to K mount. The sun star was created by closing down the aperture to f/11. While taking this photo, I heard the howls from a wolf pack not half mile from this spot. Sunset Lupines by Dave Weber, on Flickr