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  1. Mike, I just don't care for your continual overly negative photo critiques. You need to be more positive in your reviews. You are not the ultimate authority on everything photographic. Do realize that others have opinions also? Lighten up a bit, OK??
  2. Northern Wisconsin USA rural mail carrier making his daily deliveries.
  3. North Woods Lupines

    Editor's note: A truly magical scene shown to us by Dave here. Reading what Dave went through to get the shot makes it even more worthy to join the Inspiration gallery.

    © Dave Weber

  4. I did not "spot this" image. Saying I simply "spotted" this image implies that I was driving by and noticed the scene and took a quick shot. Nothing could be further from the truth. I planned this photo shoot for months. I drove 400 miles and spent 5 days exploring/hiking/searching out the perfect patch of lupines in a large and very rugged forest. This trip to make this photo cost me hundreds of dollars. I was at this particular site for two days, crawling on my knees and exploring different angles, and times of day. I was eaten by mosquitos, biting flies, and of course wood ticks. I took over 60 photos of this same scene, and the photo I posted here was the worst of the lot ( I never post my best on the Internet because it invariably gets stolen ). It was through great effort and expense that I "created" this image, I didn't just stumble upon it.
  5. Last week I was hiking in the forests of northern Wisconsin. Late one afternoon, I came upon this clump of lupines in a clearing. Took the photo with my Pentax K1 and a Zeiss ZF 28mm f/2 lens that I had adapted from F to K mount. The sun star was created by closing down the aperture to f/11. While taking this photo, I heard the howls from a wolf pack not half mile from this spot. Sunset Lupines by Dave Weber, on Flickr