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  1. Marcelo_R

    Common Buzzard

    Thank you both for the comments! Dallas, yes, it's the 300-800 f/5.6 Krgds, Marcelo
  2. Marcelo_R

    Common Buzzard

    Shot taken from a hide (commercial) in mid-Spain: MRC_2010 Buzzard / Ratonero by Marcelo Cinicola, en Flickr Using the D5+Sigmonster @ ~14m of distance. Exifs available on Flickr, but if you wish me to add those here, please let me know. Thanks for watching! Krgds, Marcelo
  3. Thanks again Luc! The credit for the low noise at ISO 4000 is entirely to the D5. It's a beast dealing with high iso, I've forced it to go all the way up to 51200 and... judge by yourself: D5 + 200/400 f/4 240mm f/4 1/400s ISO 51200 It was dark allright... Krgds, Marcelo
  4. Thank you Luc! I appreciate your view about the color saturation, during a long period, I was oversaturating/contrasting my pics on edition, and (luckily) gradually went away from that. Sometimes now I get some thumbs down because of overly de-saturated pics, but at least on my monitors, I believe I get more natural textures that way. Krgds, Marcelo
  5. Thank you Chris!! Krgds, Marcelo
  6. Thank you Dallas & Chris for your kind words! Sorry for the late reply! Krgds, Marcelo
  7. Nice shot! The wings slightly blurred adds dynamic to the picture, the speed chosen is just perfect! Thanks for sharing Brgds, Marcelo
  8. Good morning all, Earlier this year I spent a weekend shooting vultures, specifically Bearded Vultures (Gypaetus Barbatus), in the Spanish side of the Alps. This shot is taken at an adult vulture flying by the hide (with spy glass) under a clear sky but with sprinkles of snow. Here we go, hope you enjoy this one, flying by at 45 m: MRC_5846 On Air by Marcelo Cinicola, en Flickr Shot details: Nikon D5 + Sigma 300-800mm @ 621mm, f/8 - 1/4000s - ISO 4000 Brgds, Marcelo
  9. Thank you Anthony! Brgds, Marcelo
  10. Thanks again Dallas, will share some more in the coming days, absolutely! Brgds, Marcelo
  11. Thank you Mike! Brgds, Marcelo
  12. Hi Dallas & everyone! Thanks for the warm welcome. Happy to read that the KF was of your liking, it's one of my favs birds to shoot (although not the most commonly seen in my area). Any thumbrule about the frequency to uploading pics? Thanks again, Brgds, Marcelo
  13. Greetings from Spain, As much as I looked for, I didn't find a thread/forum for introductions, sorry if I missed it somehow. Been reading the site for a while now, however, I never dared to share a pic to the forum... I'm an amateur that after years of shooting randomly, found out that birding was an exciting and challenging discipline, the one that really motivated me to target something more specific and got me looking up to the skies more than ever... So here I go, with a Kingfisher shot from my portable hide using a tripod and a gimbal, supporting the D5 attached to the Sigmonster: MRC_5556 (2) Kingfisher by Marcelo Cinicola, en Flickr Exif are shown in Flickr, let me know if I should include those on the original message please? Thanks for watching! KRgds, Marcelo
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