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  1. Ok, been away for awhile but somehow still shooting DSLR's and weighing the move to mirrorless. At issue is wether or not the newest mirrorless bodies are up to the challenges of ground-to-air and air-to-air aviation shooting, specifically continuous tracking accuracy and the speed of the electronic viewfinder. An associate of mine recently picked up a FujiFilm X-H1 mirrorless body and XF100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR lens, along with a few other lenses. He's having really good luck capturing aviation related action sequences including spinning props with this combo. Sharpness, color and overall detail are amazing. Just wondering if anyone else is using this body?
  2. Rest In Peace Old Girl CAF C-47 "Bluebonnet Belle" (1944 - 2018) Belle crashed on takeoff 21 July 2018. Thankfully all on board survived. Sadly the aircraft caught fire and was completely destroyed. She will be missed. This photo was taken on Oct 29, 2016.
  3. CASA 2111E/Heinkel He-111 @ Cavanaugh Flight Museum. So many photos and only so many hours in a day. Years later I'm still curating photos from location shoots. This one is from 2015, the subject is a CASA 2111E/Heinkel He-111 medium bomber that made it's debut during WWII. This particular bird was built after the war by Spain and saw, for the most part, peacetime service (including a stint as a movie star) ending up in Addison Texas, USA. Nikon D300s | Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 Art | 1/250th sec @ f/8.0 | 35mm | ISO 200
  4. That she is. A 1947 Douglas AD-1 Skyraider to be specific.
  5. Sometimes the missed focus shots prove to be the more interesting ones
  6. Thanks. The skydiver spun around right after this photo was taken and they landed off to my right.
  7. Thanks guys. I have photographed this aircraft more than any other. Dosen't matter the conditions or time of day, she's always the perfect model.
  8. Always great to watch folks going up in a vintage aircraft at the Cavanaugh Flight Museum. For some it's their first time in a vintage aircraft, for others is's their very first time in a plane. Whichever, its an event they won't soon forget. In this photo that I took back in 2015 a young man is departing in the museum's Boeing NS24 Stearman Kaydet (N741BJ). The Stearman was nicknamed 'Yellow Peril' because of its tricky ground handling characteristics. This particular Stearman was assembled from authentic Stearman components by the museum in 1985. Nikon D7200 | Nikon 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6 | 1/250 @ f/5.6 | 85mm | ISO 125
  9. David Franks


    Revisiting this older photo trying some BW effects Nikon D750 | 300.0 mm f/4.0 PF | f/16 | ISO 100 | 1/60th | 300mm
  10. David Franks

    I hear it...

    but I don't see it...
  11. David Franks


    Yep, I have the same hankering and I'm afraid that hankering will become reality when the right machine presents itself.
  12. David Franks

    Excuse us...

    Love it when interesting angles present themselves
  13. David Franks


    Occasionally I do shoot subjects unrelated to aviation, such as my turntable spinning some vinyl. Music, or specifically HiFi is the other drain on my wallet. A 1968 pressing of Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 ~ Fool On The Hill, in case your wondering what was playing.
  14. David Franks

    Brat Sunset

    Love a good sunset photo session, especially when Brat is the subject
  15. Now that's an action shot Greg that needs to be on a wall! That D4S rig makes my back hurt just looking at it. I really have a good feeling about the path I'm about to head down. Right now I have this vision of thousands of keepers from a show instead of a few dozen and not being physically beat down. Of course I know that will not be the case, but you know how your head goes to the stratosphere when contemplating a major shift involving new gear and new technology. I'll be glad when my rentals arrive so I can start reigning in my expectations to some measure of reality.
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