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  1. Sorensen

    AF-S 20mm f/1.8 ED N arrived

    Very nice evening pictures! The picture with the swan is beautiful by motive, and beautiful by composition. Thank you!
  2. Sorensen

    Enjoying to go full frame with D700

    Hey Simsurace! That's a cool discription! I just entered the full frame world, and I am quite overwhelmed by the number of possibilities a full frame high ISO camera open up. So okay - I might put an emphazis on the technique right now. To Dallas: Rolling Stones - yeah! The feeling that: this-camera-can-get-me-anywhere-I-want. :-)
  3. Sorensen

    Enjoying to go full frame with D700

    Yes the D700 lets you do that. I am just not in the habit of doing so. But I will try to follow your advice. It will be nice not to have to correct WB, when you get home.
  4. Sorensen

    Enjoying to go full frame with D700

    I find it one-sided, when people say: It is the photographer, not the camera, that makes the photo. Some things can simply not be done with an older DX camera, and can easily be done with a FX camera like the D700.
  5. I realize that many here in this forum have had full frame cameras for years. Any way here are my impressions with a D700 after three weeks. I bought it used three weeks ago. I moved from Nikon D90, which I have had since 2011. I enjoy photography, and I have a quite a number of new and old Nikon and other F Mount lenses. I take photos in my spare time, and I also do photojournalistic jobs. Before my purchase I was not totally convinced, that a FX camera would improve my pictures. Many people have said and written, that for example the Nikon D7100 would be almost as good as a FX camera. So why move to a FX camera? I have been a little suprised by the number of significant changes from a DX to a FX camera. Let me mention some: Low light performance. Usually I use the D90 on a max. of ISO 1600, or at the extreme at ISO 3200. Suddenly on D700 I find my self at ISO 7200, ISO 11400 or ISO 12800. Images are not of course without noise, but still acceptable for non professional purposes. I have been taking pictures of my daughter riding in the dark inside a horse stable at ISO 12800, and got some sufficient results. That would in no way have been possible with my D90. Also I have been attending an indoor fair, where it would have been difficult to get some situations with the D90. The D700 managed it at up to ISO 6400 with ease. As the seller of this camera told me: You don’t have to think of ISO as a limit anymore. The colors. I think this is where the D700 also really performs. Colors seem life-like, rich and saturated, also in these dark places. The pictures are just more filled with color than pictures from my D90. This is for me, where it would be difficult to go back. The Viewfinder. It is much easier to see if your subject is in focus. So I shoot more confidently without looking to much at the green dot. One of the lenses that shines on D700 is the little, old Nikon 100mm 2.8 E series. Is it me, or is that lens just better on a D700 than on DX? I thought it was good on my D90, but it did lack some contrast. That doesn’t seem to be so much of a problem on the D700. Need for faster Shutter Speed. There seems to be a need for slightly shorter shutter speed with the D700. Separation. The smaller depth of field really does it make possible to make a clear separation of persons in the foreground and the background. The persons in front really stands out, almost like 3D. I have not seen this phenomenen to the same extend on my D90. Autofocus. It is easier to autofocus moving objects like cyclists riding by or children running. Generally I take advantage of the button, where you can switch between AF-Area Modes, Single point, Dynamic Area and Auto-area. The Auto-area is very good to have in unpredictable situations with children. It simply is much easier to get your shot with the D700. Pictures of the Sky. On the D90 I have often had problems to really nail a beautiful evening sky. That seems considerably easier on the D700. One example is that I snapped the downgoing sun over a canal. The colors came out quite natural. Nikon 100mm 2.8 E series, 1/1250 sec, 2.8, ISO 200 Nikon 100mm 2.8 E series, 1/100 sec, 8.0, ISO 200 White Balance is better. The out of camera pictures have a better white balance. But still the D700 has a tendency to make indoor images in artificial light too warm. Just like the D90. Post Production. It seems easier to let noise reduction do its work, than on pictures taken with my DX cameras. With the D90 I couldn’t apply more than 18-20 luminance noise reduction in Lightroom without pictures becoming postcard-like. Now I can get away with more, and have cleaner results. Can a full frame camera make you a better photographer? No, not a better photographer. But it get more pictures taken under difficult circumstances, so your results will be better. Just my 5 cents. :-)
  6. 1. 7 years 2. Yes 3. - 4. I don't know. I haven't had problems, that needed fixing from Nikon Denmark. 5. A lens roadmap would be nice. I like the fact, that whatever old Nikon lens I buy, it is usable on my Nikon camera.
  7. Sorensen

    Yesteryear with my D3

    Excellent. Nice things you have there in your drawer! I like the two color photos the most, number two is my favorite because it gives me a feeling of "being there".
  8. Sorensen

    Almost sunset

    Amazing picture. You are right. The light is very natural looking. I am looking for a good prime in the 18-20mm area. Can you recommend the 20/4 AIS?

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