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    Review: Peak Design Clutch

    I have been using hand straps for more then 10 years due to a diagnosis of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. I started with the camera brand hand strap and immediately threw it away as it was not secure. I then tried the eBay models ($10 to $30 each) with velcro secured straps and for the most part, they were secure. However, the cheap edging tape failed and I had small black particles all over my camera and hands. I was relieved to see the Peak Design Clutch and supported them through the group funding effort. I suffered the poorly manufactured catch system, which was remedied fairly quickly. But, the hand strap failed to keep my camera securely on my hand/wrist. If you are looking for a strap that will securely hold your camera to you hand/wrist, I suggest you try some of the other options. I have yet to find a quality hand strap that meets my needs.

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