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  1. Thanks all! ... and a Happy prosperous New Year!
  2. ... or an equally appropriate sentiment in whatever religion you observe. A South Texas Holiday Cactus in abstract.
  3. " ... so let's not let personal political beliefs get in the way of expression of opinions - because that is the slippery slope towards totalitarianism." I do believe that was the thrust of Andrew's comments/observations on the issue, as this has been a growing US problem for some time now, and seems to be rearing its nasty head here.
  4. BillO

    Doggie Heaven

    Yes Dallas, I did trade up my home. The old one started having some mechanical problems that had no practical solution. The curse of buying an "orphan" (unit where the OEM has gone out of business). The replacement is more of a bus style (flat front, entry door across from driver's station) and made by a company still in business. I don't recall seeing a picture of your home, but there might be a couple of solutions to your dilemma. If you have the land, some people here simply put in a concrete slab with a metal roof (no sides, or partial sides) over it for sun protection. Around here the alternative for those with limited personal land is a guarded storage area for monthly fee. These are pretty common, ranging from simple fenced lots to fully climate-controlled warehouses. All are fairly economical here.
  5. Nice catch. He looks a little like me after a big lunch with wine -- nice and relaxed.
  6. BillO

    Doggie Heaven

    Thanks guys for looking and taking the time to comment. When I was there (August) not too many dogs around, but I imagine they have a great time exchanging "mail" on all the little "mailboxes". I suspect the colors represent left over paints from various other campground projects. 1500 miles wasn't too bad for the relative "buy" that I found with this coach. While I could have covered it in three days (interstate highways for the most at a steady 65mph), five days made for an easier run, particularly with an unfamiliar coach.
  7. BillO

    Doggie Heaven

    The dog exercise yard at a campground stop in Wichita Falls, TX while bringing a new (to me) RV back to base. A humorous little interlude in a 1500 mile trip. Cropped as a pano to remove an undesirable background. Thanks for looking in.
  8. I think that Ron Scubadiver's capture of the Belly Dancer deserves recognition here. It is found in this post: http://www.fotozones.com/live/index.php/topic/60029-belly-dancer/
  9. "Is the Flikr link below it working?" The link below the image works and it even links when I simply click on the area where the image should be. However, the image itself doesn't display for me either here in FZ. Despite the technical glitch it is a nice capture of a very pretty, colorful bird.
  10. BillO


    Superb composition and coloring.
  11. BillO

    More Roadside Color

    Thank you, folks for the added comments. I think that these gave me more color problems than most because of the magenta in a strongly blue shade. With perfect hindsight, as well as the positive critiques here, I probably should have corrected the color balance first and then adjusted the magenta petals a bit. The second image was intended as a close portrait with a couple of extra very OOF blooms for additional background color. Glad you liked it Randy.
  12. BillO

    Backyard Dove

    Nicely done with lots of good detail. This is a bit different, with more interesting markings/coloration, than the doves we get around here which tend to be just shades of gray.
  13. Great angle to make a super image Randy. I like the reflection and personally don't see any need for more DOF.
  14. Thank you Akira. I'm glad the images stimulated some good memories. I really enjoy the magnolia blooms. The only negative to me is that the buds bloom in slow succession around here so that only a handful are in full bloom at any time. I think that a magnolia tree with the majority of buds in bloom simultaneously would be majestic.
  15. Beautiful image. "Nearly no post-processing - only used the 'right' camera profile (Huelight Df standard v31 in this particular case)" I'm glad that you found some value in these profiles.
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