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    Wildlife, scenery and travel, Macro and mineralogy photography, both at home and on the road. I live in rural West Virginia mostly, but also have a small place in the high desert of Arizona in Gleeson, an old ghost town that was once a prolific silver mine
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  1. Local moss this spring.
  2. I know installing, maintaining and adjusting software tools can be quite difficult and very frustrating. Think how difficult setting up the development tools to create software is! But then think about the fact that here we are, 12,000 miles apart, discussing photography together from half-way around the world -- it's practically a miracle ! I plan to submit some photos soon, should I use images that are reduced in size from the images edited but sized as the originals? For other sites where I participate I reduce them from 5000x3000 pixels to 1300x890 or so, but 5 or 6 MB photos take so long to upload.... thinking composition is the object rather than production quality.
  3. Hi Dallas, I'm a lurker as opposed to a frequent commenter, but I did get an email about this change, and I do see the theme selection button at the bottom of the screen. So I guess I'm saying, good news from here in the mountains of WV, USA. Also, though I don't post here, I very much enjoy visiting the site, even though I haven't posted much. Long ago I was a pro photographer, working in TV and newspapers, and some commercial work on the side. Then I went back to school and became a software developer. Now that I'm retired, I've picked up photography as a serious hobby again. Thanks for starting and running the site, I learn every time I visit! JR in WV
  4. New member here, interesting discussions. I live in the woods on private property. No one can even see the building without crossing onto private property, pretty much the opposite of a city life. Our house has - I forget, 42 or 47 windows, mostly 4x6 feet, only one room has any blinds at all, the outdoors are only seperated from us by the double panes. I have a total expectation of privacy 24/7/365. In a city people live close together, and in order to succeed at this, most cultures have agreed not to peek into other peoples' windows, and to otherwise grant each other as much privacy as can be provided when people live in 400 square feet studio apartments. Most cultures have LAWS that make it a crime to peek into anyone else's windows for any purpose. People get put on sexual offender lists for being convicted of peeping. Taking a picture of a giant building as part of a cityscape will not typically provide any data about individuals inside those buildings unless you use a 80MB large format camera with magic glass. Nikon doesn't make that, and none of us can afford it if they did... That's my opinion.
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