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  1. When I was doing some test with the Zeiss APO Sonnar 135mm ( another thread in this forum), I also included the Voigtländer Apo 90/3,5 SL II in a 1:1 scale test. The lens was attached to a Nikon D800 and a PB-6 Bellow adjusted to 1:1 scale. The object to sensor distance was 348 mm. The extension between camera body and lens was 63 mm. The object to lens front was 65 mm. The close up lens was not attached, and the lens was set to closest distance. The pictures was converted from NEF to JPEG with Lightroom 5 without any sharpening applied. Pictures from f/3.5 to f/11 can be seen here: Please select the set "CV APO Lanthar 90mm SL II 1:1 closeup test" By the way, i like the lens a lot, there is another set "Röttle natural reserve" where the lens is used in normal range. Original size is available. Best Regards Erik
  2. I have made some more detailed investigations about 1:1 scale. A flat subject, a part of a swedish 100 kr banknote was reproduced at 1:1 scale at f/2 to f/11. ( The motif is a celebration of Carl von Linné ) The pictures was converted from NEF to JPEG with Lightroom 5 without any sharpening applied. Original size is available. In the same picture set is also a 3D subject, stacked with Zerene. Some final sharpening applied. Pictures without any cropping are available here: Please select the set "APO Sonnar 135mm 1:1 closeup test" Best Regards Erik
  3. Hugh, the ruler was shot at f/4 manually set on the lens. The EXIF information is not applicable when using a PB-6 bellow with no electrical or mechanical couplings. I shot some frames at f/2.8 also, but it is hard to see the difference except from depth of field. I did not shot at any smaller apertures. I was in field today, and tried to use the lens on free hand shooting insects at the closest range without any extra extension. I like the lens a lot at f/2.8, but it is really difficult to get the thin DOF in the right place. The two first (latest) pictures : They are full frames without any crop, and the original size can be viewed. Best Regards Erik
  4. Hello all, I am new to Nikongear. I have the APO Sonnar and have attached it to a PB-6 bellow with a D800. The measures are as follow when the lens is set to closest distance and 36mm of a ruler fills the frame. Object to sensor plane distance: 500 mm Object to lens front: 215 mm Extension between lens and camera body: 98 mm. The tolerance on the measurements are about 2 mm. Some observations: the field is not very flat, and there are some vignetting. I have no field experience with this setup. The lens is probably to heavy for a PB-6. The ruler picture is attached. My field experience of the lens within its normal range is very good. I have used it so far mostly on close distances and large apertures. Pictures can be seen at Greetings Erik