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  1. Wonderful , you might need more wall space
  2. Thank you, Well I am certain we could all speak relative to the differences(which I think will be more pure opinion than fact), these are both wonderful lens, The Nikon wins with two significant advantages, Auto Focus, and F1.4. The user has more flexibility with the Nikon, taking the Zeiss to a football game one can discover a lot of out of focus(but with great bokeh) images. Thank you for this comparison
  3. Wonderful photos, I would own this lens but this year I have purchased, a Zeiss Milvus 85, and Zeiss 135 F2, before the Nikon announcement of this absolute gem, and then the replacement for the 70-200 VRII which I did buy. The most expensive thought is “you only live once”, could be a great spring time lens for Connecticut. You have done a wonderful job with it
  4. One of my favorite games is guess the strength though anecdotal evidence (warning should note be played in airplanes) While we can guess the relative strength but we really do not know the engineered facts, my one data point is this: My son (a wonderful person) was using my D810 with a 300 F2.8 mounted on it, he attached the plate on the bottom of the camera to the tripod, versus the tripod mount on the lens and spent a day shooting sail boats. No damage to the camera, this was checked out by Nikon. I fully agree with: It might be a sensible precaution with the plastic-bodied cameras never to pack a camera body for travelling with a heavy lens attached to it; nor to walk around with the tripod over your shoulder with a camera and heavy lens attached to it? Neither of these practices are very wise with any camera but it is probably something you particularly would want to avoid doing with the plastic bodies. I think we all have heard the warnings about lens like the 200-400 f4, and larger(weight), but I would not make my decision on the D5 verses D500 on a fear that may not be true( I like data)
  5. Well if we are going to dream: Private jet, and houses across the world (one does need a way to be there when the light is right, and a place to store gear). Animals placed, within the environment trained to be, cute, snarl, eat, fight, mate and/or attack, (Damn I have jet waiting no time to sit in this wet cold swamp). Replace all family members with much more photographic and agreeable ones. A small construction company to improve the scenery, (remove the tree blocking the view, remove all the foot prints from the sand on the beach). Equipment why worry about it, a private line to B&H, just in case I need something The truth is I own what I need and want, now it is time to go take a few photos
  6. I find myself tempted by mirrorless medium format and mirrorless full frame 35 MM bodies, as an amateur guy with a camera, I have the privilege of photography when and where I want. So far this year my photography has ranged from, airshows, the prairie with bison, a few birds in flight, a bit of pure scenic (Palo Duro Canyon), and family (including one very high speed granddaughter) I try to use the most flexible tools that I can afford, that move easily from place to place, I own 4 very good zoom lens, and a d810 body, plus a very good tripod. This gear travels across county frequently by air with me (the case is never out of my sight and rides in the overhead compartment of aircraft) My lens range is 14mm to 400 mm, the body is not the fastest, or the highest clean ISO, but it is flexible and fits my needs. I love the output of the new mirrorless medium format bodies, and the size of the full frame mirrorless bodies. My question is, what is the finest optimized system that supports my wide range of interest currently, my answer always is “I think I own it”. And yes I really do lust a bit for the other cool stuff (but only one bag is allowed in the overhead compartments of aircraft). I always enjoy your photography Alan
  7. I agree NYC is already in trouble when large storms move up the coast, and when the major transportation system is under ground, could be a significant problem. The good news is lots of roof top to grow food and collect sunlight. I am also planning for the next gen wondermachine from Nikon, Nikon rumors suggest a new 70-200 F2.8 in December, around the time of the announcement of the mega pixel D810 replacement, I do hope it is a significant improvement to a great lens, versus the changes associated with the new 28-70 E (with a great new price and new filter sizes)
  8. I agree totally with you Alan, while absolutely unforgiving, when all is good, the sharpness of this lens is almost addictive.
  9. A very nice surprise I travel and carry only 3 lens, the Nikon f2.8 trinity, with the occasional Nikon 200-400 F4 tossed in the bag (very carefully tossed in the bag). I have a Nikon 85 f1.8 used to shoot family and children (one of Nikon’s best values in a lens), on a lark decided to purchase a Zeiss 85 F1.4 Milvus. A trip to New York City seemed like a great place to take it out of the box, and do a bit of initial testing. I have since discovered that on a D810 this lens can produce 100’s of wonderful out of focus images, without a tripod and extreme care (not a bad habit to drift back into). This photo was shot number four with the lens, hand held, shot though an apartment window, just to see if it worked or do I send it back to B&H. Damn, I was surprised (the shot is filled with errors), but wow, this could be a very nice landscape lens (it is weather sealed unlike other Zeiss lenses). I am impressed
  10. I recently purchase a Zeiss 135 F4, first time out 0 for 30, on a d810 Set the diopter very carefully, auto focus will allow one to get way with real slop in the view finder, I used a sign around 10 yards away, carefully watching the letters change You can attempt to set the green dot, or very carefully watch the image change in the view finder, slow down take a breath, focus bracket. These lenses are fine wine, to be enjoyed sip by sip. Enjoy when all is right it can be wonderful, I will not mention the DOF about the thickness of a dime, on edge.
  11. Please someone tell what this question has to do with photography, I will continue to walk about with my silly back pack, a D810, Nikon 12-24, Nikon 24-70, and Nikon 70-200, with the occasional addition of a Nikon 200-400. Do people enjoy my photos ,yep, do I, yep, will I sell this really wonderful stuff for pennies on the dollar to buy a cell phone nope( the number one camera system sold though out the world). Do I care, if someone else changes systems, nope, I am damn happy for them(it is important that we enjoy photography). So far I have learned nothing from this thread and it is boring, it should be deleted
  12. I frequently do not log into this site, I do drop in to read few interesting thoughts as a guest: Ann’s current wisdom, or passion, Rags stories, Armando’s wonderful creative photographic activity, Ron’s street photography, and Mike G, views and photos. While I read about equipment of interest on this site (Nikon DSLR), I use other sites for real reviews. I have grown bored of the threads discussing a specific item of equipment, only to have placed in the middle of the thread, “this is the reason I went mirrorless”. The truth is, I do not like using Bjorn’s reviews of equipment as a site feature (after the events of the past). I do photography as a passion/hobby, I spend real cash for gear, I will spend real cash on a site of interest, a couple of discussions on lighting, senor cleaning, lens tuning, comparison of lenses, and yes I want Ann’s review of the D5(I assume a matched set) (“oh this is the reason I went mirrorless” will be the reply) The constant request for support, is boring, indicates a lack of real interest on the user group part, and has turned me off This place should be fun, it might be enjoyable to attempt to get people together once in a while would not kill things. I vote no, but I think I may not care
  13. I keep life simple: Nikon Fe Nikon F3 Nikon D7000 Current D800&D810
  14. STS

    A Bit Of Fall Foliage

    Thank you, a great time of year for a hike
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