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  1. all fabulous images but the singular power and perspective of #2 is outstanding ! Great work
  2. Really impressive Armando and thank you for providing so much of the information about how this was achieved. Mongo has tried this kind of photography with mixed success (without a tracker). It seems clear that the tracker is really necessary to achieve the much better and worthwhile results.
  3. some truly brilliant shooting skills in these images. The lighting cannot be bettered. It is so well balanced that it shows every subtle feature, detail and colour including the soft sheen on some of the fabrics. Masterful work Thomas ! Mongo tips his furry hat off to you sir.
  4. wonderful image. Beautifully fluid - poetry in motion. Excellent against a black background for this subject. Interesting species too. Mongo recently sought out and photographed the red - tailed tropic bird from a small coral island off the coast off the Australian east coast.
  5. Mongo

    Christian today

    Bizarre but unique and interesting bokeh
  6. Mongo is quite starting to notice a Frank "style" in these images. It is distinctive and appealing. The only CC Mongo can offer is about the darkness of the eyes in #1. The conditions were extreme but it is a small shame the eyes were not just a hint lighter. Mongo tried this edit at home and it seems to almost change his charter a little. Not sure if that is closer to his character or the other way but it is a little different in its overall feel. Forgot to mention that he light diffusion pattern on the bench top is just great !
  7. really like this Frank; particularly the effect the OOF stuff in the background contributes to the overall image. How do you do that ??
  8. Mongo really likes just about everything about this image. Congrats.
  9. from vr8ce :- "If you like mirrorless, I'm thrilled, honestly. Take some pictures with that mirrorless and post them and shut up about how much better your mirrorless is than a DSLR. If you like DSLR's, I'm thrilled, honestly. Take some pictures with that DSLR and post them and shut up about how much better your DSLR is than a mirrorless." Mongo agrees with this no nonsense approach. The image should speak for itself . If there is some small , vital element about it that could be helpful, then, tell us in a handful of words - not a thesis about the equipment ! One other annoying thing is people commenting on a post but taking the post in an entirely different and irrelevant direction. It is discourteous to the original poster and annoying to people wanting to read or comment about the original topic/image and being caught up in something they have no interest in. Keep comments relevant to the topic at hand. Small asides or "by the ways" are fine provided the overall comment is relevant. Not sure what a site owner can do about these matters. It is really something the members should be mindful of themselves and thus assist to create and maintain a site that has a recognisable charter, discipline, feature/identity. It would not hurt any current sites to be doing this.
  10. Mongo understands that you may have to react to trends that may become obvious on your site i.e its fading appeal (for whatever reason). As the owner, Mongo understands your concern and need to act in any constructive way you can ascertain and manage. Your answer to the problem has been to suggest it become an almost dedicated mirrorless photo site. This may or may not be the best way to improve its waning participation rate. Yes, sometimes it is best to specialise and be one of the only sites photographers can turn to if they are interesting in this area. However, by specialising, you are also discouraging interest and participation by a very large percentage of non mirrorless photographers out there (even if there is some small place in the site they can still participate in). All your eggs will be in one basket and you will sink or swim on that one decision. Mrs Mongo (who is an excellent photographer in her own right) has often said to Mongo that “you guys (meaning photographers on photo sites) are all too busy talking about photography and having geeky discussions about equipment and collecting lenses etc , that you have all forgotten what photography is about i.e actually taking images” (or words to that effect). Mongo agrees with her. There is far too much emphasis on so called “photo sites” about everything else but photos. Mongo is not suggesting there be no other components of the site but the emphasis on photography itself should be the dominate feature - after all, notwithstanding any substantial differences in the thinking or likes and dislikes of members, it is the actual photography that surely is the common denominator that has us belonging to a photo site. Unfortunately, Mongo has all too often seen photo sites dominated by endless discussion about meaningless and obscure subjects that never yield an actual image or practical useful knowledge. There is a place for that but they should not be called “photo sites”. One of the best sites Mongo belongs to has a very good mix of all things (no one subject or emphasis dominating the others). It is casual and friendly, helpful, welcomes all types and interests, is driven by actual images and discussion about them, how they were achieved, what to best do and avoid, equipment and settings used and constructive CC. Having a buy and sell facility is most useful and welcomed. Regular comps. (some with prizes). Meet ups between members that are close enough to each other in different States/locations. A technical section and updates, tutorials section etc etc. At last look it has about 22,000 members. Not sure how many are really active but the site has a lot of participation and averages 350 to 600 on line at any one time. Mongo suspects you have tried a lot of what he has just mentioned and it may not be working for FZ. Not sure what the answer is for FZ but it does not seem that becoming effectively, a mirroless site is the answer in Mongo’s opinion. whatever you decide and whatever happens, Mongo wishes you and the members every success.
  11. fantastic shot and worthy winner. Love the vibrance through the colour and captured action/movement through ( amongst other things) the animated angle of the shot. Nice work.
  12. more tear than wear it seems. The scrap metal merchants may not charge him much to remove it for him.... BTW - It does have a very familiar resemblance to the one Mongo recently returned from hire. It seems that there are still some places that you should not try to travel to to take those really remote shots
  13. Mongo


    great shooting Alan - very fortunate to get that close. Wonderful creature and one of Mrs Mongo's favourites.
  14. Good luck with that new lens Walt. One thing you mentioned that Mongo overlooked and that is the close focusing of this lens. Despite reading about its MFD before buying and using this lens, Mongo was still pleasantly shocked at the reality of it when he first used it. It is another positive feature. Another small point Mongo also forgot to mention is the relatively good balance this lens has in hand.
  15. just some quick images of the lens when Mongo was unpacking it
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