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  1. Brenzef

    Nikon 20-35mm f/2.8 AF-D

    Some years ago I bought this lens on eBay in mint condition, but like the saleperson wrote "defect". It looked so "as new" that I thought it should be simple to fix it. I won the auction and immediate brought it to the repair shop. Including repair it was still a bargain. Besides CA and some lack of sharpness wide open this is a fine lens. I tend to use it more and more after it was unused for some time. I mainly use it during parties I shoot and some wedding shots. It handles nicely and is built like a tank. Good old Nikon quality... It's a standard item in my bag these days :good:
  2. Brenzef

    Nikon 12-24mm f/4G DX ED AF-S

    This is probably the worst "investment" I have ever made. I was using a D70 at the time and needed a wide angle and thought the 12-24 would do the job. Besides the terrible CA sharpness was far below average and only decent from f8. Every time results were dissapointing so it ended up boxed untill I sold it. I never understood why Nikon made this low quality lens, unless I was unfortunate to have a very bad sample. One star because it's impossible to give none (but you probalby understood that reading my comment )

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