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  1. Tord55

    Tamron SP AF 70-200mm 2.8 Di LD IF

    A really superb lens on my Pentax (long gone), but I too would have loved faster focusing. The new model promises to bring us that, and Vibration Control, which promises to improve an already good lens!
  2. Tord55

    Nikon 80-200mm f/2.8 AF-D ED (non AF-S)

    I also have one of these antique lenses, and as yet it has been a very pleasant experience, both on the V1 and the D600!
  3. Tord55

    Greetings from Sweden!

    Hello there, Nikongearers! Was about nine years when I got my first camera, a Kodak Starlet Brownie, and 50 years later I bought a Nikon V1, for my wife. I bought it a few weeks before her birthday, but then she wanted an OM-D (she had an old E-PL1, with some lenses) so the V1 became my property. I had before this been an avid Pentax fan, at least since I returned to the world of SLRs, ending my line of Pentax purchases with the K-5 (by now sold, together with a bunch of lenses). My wife had also had a background, before I met her, of Pentax SLRs, and she had by now a K-5, which she sold to finance her collection of MFT lenses. Well, I quickly became friends with V1 (which I bought at full price when introduced!), added a 30-110, really superb on the V1, a FT1 adapter and started to collect F Mount lenses, first a 53 DX, a used 18-70, a 50/1.4G, a few antiques (the classic 80-200 & a very old 400/5.6), a 85/1.8G, and a AF-S 70-300 VR that works like a dream on the V1, sharp as a needle, and with very good VR, too. Eventually I got the 18.5, which is the one I use the most. That made me curious how these lenses would work on an F Mount camera, so I bought a D3200, and then a D600 - which is off for medical treatment/replacement, due to oil-on-sensor problems! Professionally, I have used cameras, but not in my present line of work. I even had, ages ago, my hand on classics, like SInars, Hasselblad SWCs, and some very old Nikons (in those long forgotten times just called Nikkormat). Love bird photography, close-ups/macros.
  4. Tord55

    Most disappointing Nikon DSLR?

    In my early 20's, around 1975, I had the pleasure of handling various cameras, including Sinars, Hasselblads, Canon Pellix (similar in basic design to today's Sony SLT - Canon SLRs didn't stand us pupils' wear and tear), and very old Nikons, including the Nikon F-1, that then was fairly new. My first camera system was an Edixa Reflex, made in 1957, or so (not that much younger than me). The Nikon SLRs we students had access to were so old that they still carried the name Nikkormat (the newer ones had died long ago)! Those were the days! My digital SLR years began with Pentax K-x (which I still got). Then came K-7, K-5, SFX (35mm). My first Nikon was the V1, followed by the D3200, and then the D600. The V1 I love (have used it a variety of lenses, from ten to 540mm, while the D600 I am impressed by, although I have dust (oil?) problems - hope to get it back from Nikon soon. The odd one out is the D3200, which I can't really get my grip on, methaphorically! As yet I like it better for B&W photography, but I might get used to it in due time. The pictures in color come out a bit flat, but downsampling helps. The new D7100 sounds interesting!

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