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  1. ofoto

    Stacked One Cent

    I just learnin'
  2. ofoto

    Stacked One Cent

    Trial version of Zerene Stacker that expires tomorrow. I'll be $$$ it.
  3. ofoto

    Stacked One Cent

    My first stack begins with a small step.
  4. I apologize to Michael for highjacking this wonderful thread about lighting for focus stacking. I should have approached my question in another thread.
  5. From the photo it looks like you have an Arca plate attached to the bellows. I want to attach my PB-4 to an Arca compatable clamp and need to know which plate might work. Thanks in advance.
  6. ofoto

    Office to Studio

    You are correct of course. I have a south facing window that should serve as a good source of light during the day, but will need one or more diffusers. I have two SB-800s and the CLS package with a commander. Based on Michael's postings, lighting seems to me to be a life-time learning opportunity. ofoto
  7. ofoto

    Office to Studio

    Winters are long in Minnesota, USA, so I'd like to change my office-oriented space to a small photo studio that would enabe my expanding interests in macro photography, including photo stacking. 1. Currently my home office has a deep-pile carpet, great for comfort, really poor for tripod support. I think I need to replace the carpet with hardwood floors. Does this sound right? What flooring materials do others use for indoor studio? 2. Currently I use a D3 and D2x and two primary micro lenses: AF Micro Nkkor 70-180mm 1:4.5-5.6D, and the newer AF-S Micro Nikkor 105mm 1:28G ED. My main tripod is a Gitzo 1325, topped by a Manfrotto leveling base and an Arca-Swiss mono-ball and clamp. 3. New acquisitions include the Printing Nikkor 105mm 1:2.8 and the Nikon PB-4 Bellows. I've ordered an extension tube (PK-12) and a StackShot package with macro rail, shutter cable, and an Arca Clamp adapter plate. I'm sure I don't have all the clamps and rails for a complete setup. I'm not sure how the rails sit on the AS QR clamp, nor how the bellows needs to attach to the StackShot rails. Any thoughts and comments would be appreciated. 4. I've been learning Zerene Stacker software with the free trial download and plan to get a license soon. My primary workflow has been Adobe Lightroom (LR4) and Photoshop (CS6). I've got a lot to learn but I intend to creep deeper into the macro world as the hobbiest I am. Looking at what others have done have sparked my interests and I want to channel my time to the smaller world, especially during the long winters here in Minnesota. Ofoto
  8. ofoto

    Good luck Mr. Gorsky

    great story; not true: http://www.snopes.com/quotes/mrgorsky.asp

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