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  1. I got my TX, and I'm a bit disappointed. It triggers my flashes, and that's it. No remote control of the power output. I might as well have saved me that money. From the web it seems the Canon version can do more. I don't want to spend more money on trial and error, though.
  2. I found it out at last. Setting the camera to RC mode 'off' obviously turns the preflashes off. The speedlight is set to SU-4, and suddenly it syncs all the way up to 1/1! I can turn the on-camera flash output power down to 1/64. Not shure if that's enough not to impact the lighting. Of course it's not optimal. Sorry about all the fuss. I should have thought of this much earlier.
  3. Three pieces of 622n/II have arrived. The user manual is an issue in itself. I think it'd be easier to learn Chinese than to understand that manual. I can't seem to change output from the on-camera unit. I do as it (probably) says in the manual, but all that happens is a test flash fireing when I let go of the button. Might be because there's a third brand involved, namely Olympus. I'll just have to wait for the TX that I ordered, and see if things get any easier.
  4. I might add that if this is a problem of camera settings, it's a bit over the top. If the user can't find it out, if a whole internet forum of experienced users can't find it out, there is something severely wrong with the Olympus menus.
  5. We'll see. Thanks, Dallas!
  6. The E-M5/II has no buit-in flash. The E-M10 has a popup, which I will leave unpopped. So, no worries.
  7. Why should I need a hood, then? I just don't mount the flash, but the transciever instead.
  8. But the slave won't fire at all if there's a hood on the commander. ??
  9. 1/1 as well as 1/2.
  10. So to speak.
  11. Well that can't be true, since the SB-800 fires out of sync as a consequence.
  12. Setting the on-camera flash to 'off' ought to mean preflash only, no? 'Cause it fires anyway.
  13. Of course you're right. I"m sorry!
  14. It looks the same on both E-M10 and E-M5 II. I tried all different settings, including everything in manual. I even tried setting the on camera flash to 'off'. It fired anyway.
  15. Dallas and all, it works! It syncs with the old Osram BCS32 Studio. Sync both at 1/1 and 1/2. Meaning, they were right back at, about the malfunction being due to preflashes from the Olys. Apparently there is now way to turn off the preflashes. Thanks, Dallas, for your idea about the experiment!