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  1. Nivaun, Thank you for commenting ! I had to use my old Nikkor 300mm (+ Df), as it was especially shy...😉
  2. The name of these butterflies didn't appears, so from top to bottom : # Black-veined white; # Zygenia fausta (a copula) # Swallowtail # Spekled wood # Zigenia fausta
  3. From France or UK... Thanks for watching.🙂
  4. Absolutely superb series, Toby ! The second pic (Borage flower with the bee) is my favourite with its beautiful bokeh. Thanks for sharing, Francis.
  5. rosko

    Sea Mist

    Nice compo, Frank ! I like it. Francis.
  6. rosko

    Cranes at dusk.

    Now, these things are a little clearer. It seems to be the same as the f/stop progression. Thanks, Alan for your explanations.
  7. rosko

    Cranes at dusk.

    Thanks Ann and Alan for your useful tips. I really need to found out about bits (8, 16 or 32). I use gimp 2.6 because the more recent versions have more complicated features (at least for me). My laptop is a 64 bits operating system and I use it when I stay in France. Cheers, Francis.
  8. rosko

    Cranes at dusk.

    Ann, Thomas and Andrew, I am grateful to you to take time and analyse my image. @Ann, Thomas ; I didn't sharpen anything, but I completely messed up the processing step. I won't blame Gimp, but just explain briefly how I misused this software : The blue part of the sky were actually white burned zones ! So I tried to arrange the colours by turning the white into blue and smearing with ''smudge'' tool the intermediate areas between blue and grey. I admit that I need some training courses in processing -mostly with colours-, this is my weakness. I'll try to redo it, so the result will be be very different. . However, I was very tired when I made this job. I should have done it after a good rest... Thanks again for your time spent to explain. Andrew, thanks for commenting. I am glad you like it although it's not quite the result I wanted to obtain, mostly the sky.
  9. rosko

    Cranes at dusk.

    End of the days. Bed time for this birds... Thanks for looking.
  10. Dallas, I just got your email and the link to this message. As you have certainly noticed, I didn't contribute anymore since this bad event. Ego battles often lead to frustration and then breakage, while humility always wins. Today, you are proving that reason prevails, I salute it and I am happy to come back here and contribute again. I wish long life to both websites. Your message said exactly what I wanted to hear, it made my day, thank you. Francis.
  11. rosko

    An Unusual visitor

    Nice catch, Mike ! Never saw any heron so close from (occupied) house... I guess your gear was ready ? Francis.
  12. rosko

    Wind mills at dawn,

    Thank you for your kind words, Erkki. 1/3 sec was the best shutter speed here to suggest the motion of blades. (I tried different ones which didn't work as good) Easier, I think with low light. Cheers, Francis.
  13. Interesting process ! I like building and masonry. ( I enlarged my own stoned house), This project you are showing is huge. I hope you'll post more pics, so we can follow the progression of works... :wink: My main tool to clean my lenses is a very, very soft brush that I stole my daughter who l is beautician (with her agreement, though ! ) Francis.
  14. rosko

    Inside Stonehenge

    Thank you for these interesting informations ! I went there exactly 2 years ago and it was packed around the site, so it was quite difficult to get any picture without a crowd as background ! I like the last image with sun rays in between stones. Cheers, Francis,
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