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  1. I'm finally able to connect to internet after more than 3 weeks traveling into Southern Africa. I've got thousands of pictures and I will select and fill the missing weeks as soon as possible. This picture was taken in the garden of the hotel in Windhoek, Namibia.
  2. This week was very busy as I'm leaving on Monday for one full month in Namibia, South Africa and probably Botswana and Zimbabwe. So finally on the las night of the week I went out and did try some star shot with light painting. I'm not completely satisfied but it's better than nothing. I will have more opportunities in the coming weeks, but not sure I will be able to post every week.
  3. chris

    NX2 - 2.2.8 Updater

    Bjørn, I use both Mac and PC but when this sort of thing happen, I usually first try to restore the system to the last day it was working properly (hope your system restore is turned on). The problem is not necessarily due to CNX2, but could come from a dll modified by another program or an improperly written disk sector .
  4. Thank you everybody for your congratulations. I also have a little comment and would like to apologize to the people who planned to follow the initial rules. When I first saw the challenge theme, I thought it was a difficult one and having taken a 'perfect' picture to illustrate this theme a few days before I was not inspired for a new one (don't ask me why). A few days later, I noticed that the rules had changed and that I could use a previously made picture, so did I. But at that time, I didn't think what could be the feeling of people who were trying to follow the initial rules and did not have posted yet. At the same time, I perfectly understand why Glenn did change the rules as they were only 2 entries after 2 weeks. My conclusion is: try to avoid changing the initial rules. That is why I select an easier (well, this is my opinion) theme for the new challenge, hoping there will be a lot of participants and voters. Best wishes to the many people who will post entries in the new challenge . Christian
  5. Very nice pictures Thor and I really like the colors. I used to have a converted D70 with a 720nm filter (now dead). I planned to convert a D200 and was wondering about the filter to use, but you clearly show that you can nearly mimic a 600 nm IR filter with your processing. Thank you to have helped me to choose the filter. Cheers, Christian
  6. Thank you for your cropping suggestion. This also work for me. I also tried a B/W version but didn't like it, your opinion may be different. This picture was taken very quickly wit a Leica M9 and I didn't even look in the VF. I set the aperture to f:8.0, estimate the distance and shoot. I was planning an higher framing but I liked the result anyway. Cheers, Chris
  7. This make me laugh a lot. I couldn't imagine it was even possible to make such bad photos and videos. But this give me an idea for the theme of the new challenge: "The worst picture" Chris
  8. chris


    Very nice and interesting series.
  9. The second one is very nice Fons. Autumn coming here in Belgium since this misty morning, as in France it was also summer here for 10 days. This was welcome after our cloudy rainy summer. Cheers, Chris
  10. A short Piper Cub (PA18) flight with one of my good friend. He was on the controls of the plane, I was on those of the camera. I'll try to have more than one shot per week. Hope this is allowed.
  11. chris


    Stuff that don't fit elsewhere
  12. chris


    Very nice Antoinette, especially #1 & #2
  13. Send it to me Lew. I can help you with the French, if I understand the English term. Italian is usually close to French. Chris
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