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  1. scottnilsson

    Living and working with the new Nikon Df camera

    Great news on ultra-low-light AF, Bjørn (ultra low light stage/sanctuary work, etc. versus D3 or D800E - I never jumped on the D3S or D4) - thank you. Was already sold on it for use with MF lenses, but methinks excellent low light AF is The Tipping Point... As always: all your shared work and insights are enormously appreciated (and so same to all the contributors, here and throughout - I'm still slogging through this enormous thread). God jul og godt nytt år! -
  2. :dontknow: So sorry to hear on all fronts, folks (the price differential - US vs AUS, etc.). Their first offering was at USD $30/month for JUST Photoshop - and I was ready to tell them to get stuffed in a loud and obnoxious way (I was totally steamed) - but, having so much work flow set up on both PS and LR, at $10/month for both - they got me... My bigger concern is in the longer haul: in watching what happened to Nikon/Canon/& Co with the collapse of DSLR/lens sales - and the gutting projected increased sales of much of the balance of non-smart phone cameras this past year. The obvious commitment to continued development of ever higher end cam-phones may not portend well for the kind of extraordinary evolution of DSLR and mirrorless/prosumer cameras we've seen during the 'gold rush' days: when sales and profits slack, so go R&D budgets... I realized that Adobe was between the same rock-and-a-hard-place: their meteorically expanding market of the past decade is evaporating. People shooting on iPhones aren't venturing into LR &/or PS for editing - they're downloading all the 'free' editing apps... I suspect Adobe is trying to figure out how to survive and support the continued evolution of large, very complex programs into the future. May the folks at Nikon (and Adobe) please be making wise, long-term decisions: Kodak made two seriously-bad calls, and they're long into the sands of time...
  3. scottnilsson

    Help With Photo Editing Software Choice

    Great thread: thanks, Dan et al - will continue to enjoy following this. Just did a separate post in support of the $10 per month Photoshop Photography Program for both Photoshop and Lightroom... http://www.fotozones.com/live/index.php/topic/52353-photoshop-lightroom-5-10-per-month-anyone-for-life-existing-users/
  4. Photoshop + Lightroom 5 $10 PER MONTH (for LIFE - existing users) Photoshop Photography Program https://creative.adobe.com/plans/offer/photoshop+lightroom For existing users of Photoshop or Lightroom it is a for-life price (no increases). For new users, it is a one-year price, but I'd expect they'll be renewing the offer for everyone again... I have - and use: Photoshop CS6 Lightroom 5 DxO Nikon's Capture NX2 (excellent, but S-L-O-W...) Bibble (haven't gotten the 'new' - post-Bibble - version, yet) I used Phase One's Capture One Pro in the past - and may yet again in the future. Earlier this year, I was extremely pissed-off that Adobe was going to a monthly-subscription service, and I almost opted to move back to Capture One Pro (VERY fast engine, but far, far fewer tools than Photoshop). This deal was the "offer I couldn't refuse" - $10 per month for BOTH Photoshop and Lightroom. I have owned two registered copies of the traditional (non-Cloud) versions of each - one for me, and one for the wifey (she does culling for me in Bridge, and often does some editing in Lightroom and CS6) - so I jumped a couple weeks ago and got in on this deal: for us, it is $240 per year for individual registered copies of both Photoshop and Lightroom... well, well worth the price - and then some. I've been working full time between these programs since early 2007, and - for me - the editing and adjustment options available in both are several magnitudes-of-order beyond the competition (and I, admittedly, only use a fractional percent of the tools available in either - but many of those are not available in any other program). Camera Raw is super-fast and renders gorgeous images (and has a huge assortment of tools available for pre-TIF/JPG/etc. conversion - which I make more use of every day, doing less and less post-conversion). Bridge is blazing-fast for: - reviewing and culling for selections - batch renaming - batch EXIF/MetaData updates Lightroom is superb for bulk handling of large numbers of files - either pre-edit, or for minimal edits Photoshop accepts the .xmp sidecar files from Camera Raw and/or Lightroom - and is unequalled for detailed editing of individual images. If I could only go with one software package, it would be Photoshop (which includes Camera Raw and Bridge) and Lightroom - hands down. And at $120 per year, per user - the pair is a criminally-good steal (I paid $500 for WordPerfect 30 years ago, and it was a now-very-basic word processor - ditto for Quatro and Paradox, respectively spreadsheet and relational database: I would have cut off three toes to have access to this software at five-times the offered price back then...) Cheers, and Happy Holidays, all!
  5. scottnilsson

    Slave Girls in Chainmail and Red Skirts

    no, I suspect Ron made a costume... adjustment. perhaps he was trying to prevent a costume 'malfunction'... or instigate one :nono:
  6. scottnilsson

    Back in the 60s

    Thank you so much, Mike - loved this: very special - both powerful images, and sense of t&p... Shared with many friends from the U.K. Best always - s(&k)
  7. Dallas is working on a T-Shirt run... let's get on board, folks! The topic of a new slogan came up... Excepting the odd Leica, Fuji, Tokina, Mamiya, etc. - our ghosts or current skeletons... Suggestion for a new NikonGear Slogan/Tag Line: NikonGear All Nikon, All The Time Other suggestions?
  8. scottnilsson

    Any interest in more Nikongear T-shirts?

    Got it. Another thought on the slogan: NikonGear All Nikon, All The Time (for us hard core - even if don't like to admit the odd Leica, Fuji, Tokina, old Mamiya, etc... )
  9. Our prayers, positive thoughts and well-wishes for your family and loved ones, Larry - and all in the Philippines. We have several friends from the dance community that are from the Philippines, and my cousin and his wife have both done work there, and we are concerned for all those to terribly effected. What a horrible tragedy. Hugs and very best from Atlanta -
  10. scottnilsson

    Hitlers Quarry

    Well captured and produced, Patrick - thank you for sharing. I would have said, "Love it" - but that belies the somber subject matter... A sobering subject that reminds how recent and close our pasts - and alternative options, as human beings - really are. The older I get, the more I realize how close 'history' resides... my age, backward in time from my birth, is pre-WWI... our Civil War, is three-of-me ago... our break from England - less than five-times my age back. My ancestors in Sweden are buried in two small, church cemeteries back to the tenth and twelfth centuries, C.E./A.D. As a child, World War II seemed ancient history - as I aged, I came to understand it is terrifyingly recent. I have very mixed heritage: all-Swedish, with a bit of sneaky-Russian, on my mother's side; half-German, and half-British-isles (English, Scottish and Irish) on my father's - with a bit of American Indian (Cherokee and Iroquois) - my dad's family has been here for centuries. So, my ancestors have been involved - at some level - in many key conflicts of the past several... millennia. We remember, we reflect - hopefully, we learn. More hopefully, we don't repeat. Thank you - for the painfully beautiful reminder.
  11. scottnilsson

    Any interest in more Nikongear T-shirts?

    I'm in, on PayPal 1L Any chance of Girly-T's? If so, I-S If not, 1-S of the regular T Both Black. Thx, D Another suggestion: I have 2 NG caps - but I mainly wear sunscreen hats with neck protection, or sunscreen river hats (wide brim, all around)... as transplanted Swedes, sun protection is a high priority (all our 'outdoor' clothing are SPF-50 or higher). Would love to wear NikonGear hats in the future (links to images below). Another thought (accepting that not all ideas are are good ideas...): some 'fishing' hats are designed to store fishing lures... why not storage for cards/batteries/etc. And: have you ever considered vests? Lightweight and/or winter? And now for something completely different: I talked to a former high-end photog vest manufacturer years ago about making a black, wedding photog vest - suitable (no pun intended) for weddings, in style and included features (cards, speed lights, batteries, lenses; I have a field vest in black, but not formal, that has a lens-mount between the shoulder blades for a long lens - 200/2 or 200-400/4 - stored like a shoulder-blade sword sheath; doubles for the sanctuary; have also used vest on flights to bypass carry-on restrictions )... his wife wanted him to make them, but he was out of the biz, so it didn't materialize (again, no pun intended ). Could be a seller, as well as an attractor for the site - as well as other NikonGear Gear - targeted for non-NG members, to draw 'em in. Just a thought. Hugs from Atlanta -
  12. scottnilsson

    The power of photography

    Thank you, Elsa. Tears, gasps - so many reflections in so few images... Many of these will haunt me for years.
  13. Godspeed to Iconic Ballet & Celebrity Portrait Photographer, Jack Mitchell 163 Dance Magazine Covers, and 10-year company photographer to American Ballet Theatre - plus New York City Ballet, Martha Graham Dance Company, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Boston Ballet, Houston Ballet, Pennsylvania Ballet,Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal - hundreds of celebrities, four books, and a memorable 2006 biopic - "Jack Mitchell: My Life Is Black and White" ... contributions to the archives of the Smithsonian, museums and countless dancers - and friends - over sixty years in photography... RIP. Obituary - profile/article on his death. http://www.news-journalonline.com/article/20131107/NEWS/131109577 NT Times profile on Jack Mitchell and the film: "Jack Mitchell: My Life Is Black and White" http://www.nytimes.com/movies/movie/421374/Jack-Mitchell-My-Life-Is-Black-and-White/overview?smid=fb-share (excerpt from film - with studio stills) Jack Mitchell and Alvin Ailey's Judith Jameson talk about his dance photography - Enjoy -
  14. scottnilsson

    Forget everything else, visit Mount Everest

    And now for a completely different experience with Krakauer.... When I was in uber-shape in the mid-late 90s, I was still contemplating going for Everest... and then I read Jon Krakauer's raw, painful article in Outside Magazine - and then his book, "Into Thin Air" - on the terrible losses on Everest that year, and the nature of similar high risk behavior, and the impact on people that love you. And that was the end of that...That said: going for Base Camp sounds great! Please let me know if you find anyone giving grants....
  15. scottnilsson

    Recommended FX wide angle lenses in the range 10 to 28mm

    + 10 FWIW: If bulk be the concern, go DX and get a Tokina 11-16 (Current Era = version 2). On DX, it smokes everything else, and will shoot 16mm on an FX with no real shame. Otherwise, shed all fear of bulk... manage flare potential... and hie-thee to the 14-24. I have six lenses in that range, up through the 24/1.4g - and up to the 28/1.4 - and all are a waste by comparison. And it's a freaking zoom. Quality = 10 Wide-Angle Composition Options = 10 Build = 10 Smile Factor = 10+ I can't believe you would regret it. The only caveat is not bulk or flare. Is is: protect that front element.

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