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  1. Linhof Color II mono-rail Nikon F3 Nikon F100 I used the F100 much more than the F3, but for low light shots with a 50 f/1.2 AiS, the F3 couldn't be beat. Also its modular design made it great for astrophotography on my telescope. The Linhof was used for landscapes and is now in storage awaiting a new darkroom to support it.
  2. The thing is, serious astrophotgraphers will use a purpose built camera designed for astrophotgraphy. Such cameras are much smaller & lighter than a DSLR, as well as having the ability to cool the sensor to reduce dark noise.
  3. Red nebulae emit in the H-Alpha band, so this will be quite useful for photographing nebulae as well. No real advantage for photographing stars though as stars emit with a continuous spectrum.
  4. Your point about the business model is well taken. However, the original sentiment is understandable in light of history. In their day, given the available technology, the F5 F4 F3 F2 & F all were this "all singing, all dancing" camera
  5. DxOMark has review of D750 up. They rate D810 & D610 slightly ahead of the D750, but I don't really understand the overall scores. If you go to the measurements and look at the graphs, all the graphs seem to have the D750 on top. For example, the biggest difference between D810 & D750 is in Color Depth score - 25.7 for the D810 vs. 24.8 for the D750. Yet, here's the Color Sensitivity & Dynamic Range charts. DynamicRange.pdf ColorSensitivity.pdf
  6. On a D810, I wonder how the tc17eII compares to shooting without it and cropping the result?
  7. I agree. The only thing I find lacking in my D300 is its low-light/high-ISO performance & dynamic range.
  8. Why would the fixed panel be much better? Can't you just choose to not tilt the rear panel out and treat it as if it were a fixed panel?
  9. 50% of them probably won't even come out of the box.
  10. At 15K euros, this camera isn't for photographers and it isn't about preventing chimping. This item is aimed directly at collectors and braggers. I predict that 90-95% of those sold will never have the shutter tripped.
  11. Really nice image of the moon. I'd highly recommend trying this setup with a first or last quarter moon. The long shadows along the terminator from craters & mountains are very prominent. Also, a 1-3 days ( i'm not sure exactly how long ) after 1'st quarter, there's a large high ridge along the terminator that projects well into the night side. It's large enough to see with the naked eye once you know where to look. Again, really great shot - it's very difficult to get craters this sharp as all sources of camera shake become problematic.
  12. Why would you want to leave these ports open to dirt & grime? Aren't these flaps & covers necessary to maintain weather sealing?
  13. If you're already running Windows, creating a VM for CNX2 is overkill. As user-mode only software (i.e. no device drivers ), there is no reason for CNX2 to stop working if you upgrade to a new version of Windows. One of the few things Windows excels at is backwards compatibility for old software. Indeed, if you upgrade Windows and CNX2 stops working, then that's a Windows bug and should be reported to Microsoft. Consider this, support for 16-bit WIndows software wasn't dropped until 64-bit Windows came out, and even in that case, Microsoft included the XP Mode (which bundles a 32-bit XP VM with 64-bit Windows) for running you legacy software.
  14. 1) 20 2) yes 3) - 4) N/A - have never needed Nikon service I-d like a D400 - same camera features as my D300 with an upgraded sensor. 16MP with good high ISO performance and wide dynamic range. - I know - a pipe dream
  15. I'd be inclined to try a small judiciously placed piece of gaffer's tape to hold the door shut. The beauty of gaffer's tape is you can take it off and reapply it many times before it loses its adhesion.