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  1. scenario

    Starling in flight

    Practice shooting birds in flight up close
  2. scenario

    Todays Dove

    Thanks Anthony you are right Grahame
  3. scenario

    Todays Dove

    This morning changed background (taken 5 mins later)
  4. scenario

    In my Garden

    Taken with old projection lens no adjustment possible may have a tiny bit of fungus ' Grahame
  5. scenario


    will repost tomorrow on my screen so different Grahaame
  6. scenario


    Looks a little dark here on my screen ok Comments welcome
  7. scenario

    Shoe Blossom

    yes in sRGB out of focus foreground was 6 inches in front ( will sort that out) Thank you all Grahame.
  8. scenario

    Shoe Blossom

    Thanks Dallas will work on it you are right
  9. scenario

    Shoe Blossom

    was not sure where to put this so its here comments welcome Grahame
  10. scenario

    This mornings Dove

    Thanks Dallas will do some research
  11. scenario

    This mornings Dove

    Tried using a made up rifle sights to get more keepers did it work need more practice keepers about same but allows you to keep both eyes open.
  12. scenario

    up close

    yes very low light i think about an 8 second exposure. Grahame
  13. scenario

    up close

    Feather on black
  14. scenario

    Fresia 2

    on my screen much lighter
  15. scenario

    Fresia 2

    thanks Dallas

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