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  1. Playing with light and backgrounds
  2. changed lens and lighting
  3. From this mornings practice Grahame
  4. Thank you just done a better one will post soon Grahame
  5. thanks all this one is work in progress
  6. Thought my lens pretty sharp but had a play did a -3 looks sharper to me
  7. Trying to get sparrow in right position (not quite)
  8. Attached old projection lens to camera with rubber tube. you either like or not. Grahame
  9. Cropped and played with background.this morning Grahame
  10. Thanks Dallas will repost later.
  11. Size allowance too small ( why bother)
  12. Hand held ladybird on swan plant
  13. I have since brightned it a little
  14. Tried using a little fill flash Grahame
  15. thanks Dallas looking for suitable flowers