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  1. scenario

    B & W bird

    Thanks Dallas thought it lacked pop but was not sure what to do thank you.
  2. scenario

    B & W bird

    Been playing with black and whit. Has it any merit and or what would you do Grahame
  3. scenario

    Mocking bird

    thanks Hugh Birds are lots of fun
  4. scenario

    Mocking bird

    We don,t have hummingbirds down here so trying to train a silver eye to act like one Any suggestions Grahame
  5. scenario

    not a composite

    Having fun training birds no hummingbirds down here so why not breed your own Grahame
  6. scenario

    wet and windy

    wet windy so took into garage
  7. Wanted to shoot snails for some time they keep moving Appreciate any suggestions
  8. scenario


    Shot this morning
  9. scenario

    Sparrow in flight

    Trying to teach sparrows not easy
  10. played in colour then b & w which i prefer
  11. 200mm with diaptor 3
  12. A few doves flying around this morning
  13. scenario

    Back to nest

    Thank you yes lots of misses 1/50 keepers 1/100 nailed but lots of fun training them Grahame
  14. scenario

    starling at rest

    did not realize they had so much color
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