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  1. prefer the red seems sharper and background less distracting might try that combo mysélf Grahame
  2. Beyond a local Dove no idea Grahame
  3. thank you Mike i think they are more intelligent than we give hem credit for. Grahame
  4. thank you Grahame
  5. Bird With Attitude

    Editor's note: Excellent composition, great smooth background and signalled intent from the subject. Seen here.

    © Scenario

  6. Back yard Nikon 300 mm Grahame
  7. Michael i keep looking at that top highlight otherwise envious' Grahame
  8. Test shot of water drop any comments welcome zeiss 135mm F8 1/160
  9. Michael that is the type of image i love .I would b interested as to how many images in the stack and thickness Grahame
  10. quick garden shot
  11. I like Michael must start stacking
  12. quick garden shot