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  1. scenario

    Ready to hunt

    forgot to go sRGB
  2. scenario

    Ready to hunt

    Catching small flying insects in flight
  3. scenario

    Fantail annoyed with me

    another in flight but bblck and white
  4. scenario

    Fantail annoyed with me

    They move fast
  5. scenario

    Dark, minimalist B&W Neist Point sunset

    B and W takes you to another world Grahame
  6. scenario

    silver eye 2

    Having fun while i can. Tt move fast Grahame
  7. scenario

    Silver eye in flight

    getting better at training birds
  8. scenario

    Backyard friend 2

    i didn't it was taken against a clear sky. i took a second image 2hoours later when there were some clouds then merged the 2
  9. scenario

    Backyard friend 2

    my first merge
  10. scenario

    dove old master

    This morning chasing silver eyes and this one landed close thought it had a nice feel .Comments Grahame
  11. scenario

    Silver eye in flight

    thanks guys was using a 300 gone back to 70-200 with 1.4 focuses better GrAhame
  12. scenario

    Silver eye in flight

    Getting better i think they move fast Grahame
  13. scenario

    An Alex modification

    Saw Alex's bird feeder made a modification seems to work. Grahame
  14. scenario


    Thank you all will have a go at slight brightening. Must admit one of my better ones Will print one today The old saying practice practice.used the 70-200 with 1.4 extender Grahame
  15. scenario


    Getting better i think Practice this morning get a lot of half birds.

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