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  1. USED SIGMA 150-600 UP CLOSE
  2. Practicing close up
  3. thank you Grahame
  4. I was about to dump and a couple of family said they loved it Please do i keep or dump snow drops taken with 300 mm and a plus 3 diopter Grahame
  5. thanks all i am loving it just ordered an adapter ring for my sig 600 cant wait will let you know grahame
  6. Thanks FZ the gear ok the technik needs improvment
  7. Playing with a plus 3 diopter on a 300mm lens should have used a tripod Grahame
  8. Thank you i posted in the wrong format colour is more vibrant than shown. Grahame
  9. Tiny flower testing 135 zeiss plus 3x diaopter Comments please Grahame
  10. posted wrong image taken with old projection lens (similar)
  11. thought it was time i tried this any thoughts welcome Grahame
  12. During a clean up found this vivitar 2x tele extender with macro Put it on the 300 f4 only manual auto did not work hand held some images rubbish that was me manual focus was not easy. any thoughts Must be at least 40 years old.
  13. Thanks Armando this combo a lot to learn.
  14. Taken with 70-200 plus 36mm extension tube Grahame
  15. thank you an ideal type of bird Grahame