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  1. Thank you. background i had some heavy pinkîsh open textured paper about 12 inches behind flôwer and alight panel 12 inĉhes further baĉk front lighting was reflective. Grahame will try and dévélop méthod it has potentiel
  2. Taken in my Garage
  3. thānk you
  4. i thought it might look good in black and white. i like it do you Grahame
  5. thank you have played with it each looks good a bit more vase (salt shaker) looks a bit more balanced. Grahame
  6. thank you I completly forgot to convert t sRGB Grahame
  7. thank you Grahame
  8. 135 with +3 diopter
  9. USED SIGMA 150-600 UP CLOSE
  10. Practicing close up
  11. thank you Grahame
  12. I was about to dump and a couple of family said they loved it Please do i keep or dump snow drops taken with 300 mm and a plus 3 diopter Grahame
  13. thanks all i am loving it just ordered an adapter ring for my sig 600 cant wait will let you know grahame
  14. Thanks FZ the gear ok the technik needs improvment
  15. Playing with a plus 3 diopter on a 300mm lens should have used a tripod Grahame