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    Landscape photography,
    Flower close-ups
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    Ask Me
  • My Favourite Camera
    Fujifilm GFXs
  • My Favourite Lens
    Fuji GF 23, Fuji GF 110
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    Lightroom CC classic
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    South of Germany
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About Me

Photographing a long time now with ever growing fascination you can now call me addicted 😉

I'm as interested in the technical side of photography as I'm in the aestetic side. Maybe there is more room for me to grow on the latter...

Coming from Nikon D800 and Zeiss lenses now shooting Fujifilm GFX and very happy doing it. The files for me are a revelation to work with.

Since I'm mostly into landscape and plants, I'm working from a tripod most of the time.

The pictures I like most I print big on my printer.

Since English is not my mother tongue please excuse me if I'm not always spot on with my remarks, especially when commenting on your pictures.

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