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  1. whow! That one is really great. The light, the composition, the colors. I can hear it screaming our loud: Print me!!!
  2. I really like your shot: I especially like the color-matching background and the subject separation. And the snail at the end of that branch...
  3. I like the last one of your first post best - Dallas phrased it perfectly: Bokeh and the bumblebee at work. Your last on is nice too, but for me it does not have an as interesting composition than the 3rd of first one. I wished I one day could shoot such a nice insect, too 😉
  4. I do like the second better - the first with that violet colouring remembers me at UV lights 😉 Nice shot! I like abstract photographies of plants... Markus
  5. I like the embossed look. Good use of the new flash! Nice picture!
  6. The first two shots are awesome! I really understand why you return to this spot again and again - I' d do the same. I love the feel of depth the composition suggests. And the slightly blueish colour of the water in the winter version. I' d be tempted to try a longer exposure, especially in non winter version(s) to emphasize the way of the flowing water which is the heart of the composition. Well done!
  7. Whow! What a series! For me #3 stands out - the composition, the soft glow in the background, the berry, ... Very well done! Congrats, Markus
  8. Markus

    Spring shots

    Nice composition and light in the first one. Makes me long for some spring-like weather in Germany in the next months, too ;-) Markus
  9. That one is really interesting! Nice colors and framing. Excellent job! Markus
  10. Great place - and very well done! I like #3 best. Congrats! Markus
  11. Markus

    Sola scene

    Great shots! You captured some magic light there. +1 for wanna see #2 in colour
  12. Markus


    The left side tells me: reflection in water. The rest of the picture is completely abstract for me. I have no idea what or where it is... Hope that helped. Btw: Looks interesting, nice pattern!
  13. Markus

    Aslan Resting

    Majestic picture!
  14. I think with a Canon lens on Nikon camera adapter you loose the ability to focus to infinity. One of the reviewers on amazon mentions it too. Nikon F lenses want to be nearer to the sensor than Canon, so you needed a ring of negative thickness. Don't have the right english terms at hand, sorry... Markus
  15. Markus

    My best pic from 2012

    Cool thread! Congrats to Jan Anne! I can feel the red wine in the picture ;-) I can contribute a sunset from this summer in France. Lots of red wine too - but only after returning from the cliffs. Happy shooting in 2013! Markus PS: D800 + ZF21
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