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  1. Vieri

    Sunset in Badwater

    Thank you very much Dallas, glad you enjoyed it! Best regards, Vieri
  2. One of my favourite locations in the world for photography, Death Valley’s amazing landscapes are without equal anywhere in the World: what makes the Valley even more inspiring and photographically rewarding is the variety of very different landscapes and features concentrated in such a relatively small area. In February 2019, I’ll put my extensive knowledge of Death Valley at your service to make the most of it. Join us to find the best spots in Badwater Basin and the Devil’s Golf Course, to photograph Zabriskie Point from an original viewpoint, to know where the best of the Racetrack’s amazing Sailing Stones are and what to photograph in the vast flats of Cottonball Marsh, and to find the best, cleanest of Mesquite’s sand dunes. The mild temperatures and the haze-free skies make winter the best season to experience Death Valley in all its beauty, and the possibility of rain creates unique opportunities to see the Valley’s landscapes under a completely different disguise. Death Valley’s spellbinding landscapes are the best location to develop your vision and improve your photography and post-processing technique while creating unforgettable photographs of some of the most unique landscapes in the World! PLEASE NOTE: Due to busy schedule, I will not organise Workshops in Death Valley in 2020 and 2021, so if you are interested in working with me in Death Valley, 2019 it is! Death Valley will be back into my Workshop rotation in 2022. February 7-11, 2019 | FIVE DAYS | MAXIMUM THREE PARTICIPANTS! Read more and book here: DEATH VALLEY 2019 (1) PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP February 12-16, 2019 | FIVE DAYS | MAXIMUM THREE PARTICIPANTS! Read more and book here: DEATH VALLEY 2019 (2) PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP See you in Death Valley next Winter! Best regards, Vieri
  3. Vieri

    Sunset in Badwater

    Sunset in Badwater, a 2-minutes exposure taken in Death Valley (CA), USA, during a workshop I led there last winter. Leica M10, Voigtlander 15mm Super-Wide Heliar, filters Formatt-Hitech Firecrest Ultra. Thank you for viewing, best regards Vieri
  4. Vieri

    Solo exhibition coming up!

    That'd be very exciting for me - I never had an "official [anyforum] reporter" coming to any of my openings! Best regards, Vieri
  5. Vieri

    Solo exhibition coming up!

    Hello Vivion, thank you for your comment, much appreciated! The closest airport is Rome Fiumicino, is a 1.5 h drive from Orbetello - it would be great if you could make it! Best regards, Vieri
  6. Vieri

    Solo exhibition coming up!

    Thank you very much Dallas! Yes, I can see how that could be a little problem... Next time!! Best regards, Vieri
  7. Vieri

    Solo exhibition coming up!

    Dear friends, I am honoured to announce my upcoming solo exhibition "TIME (&) MATTERS", opening in Orbetello as part of the ImagO Photofestival! You are warmly invited to join us for the opening and book signing on Saturday, August 11 2018, at 7 p.m. The exhibition will be open until September 7, 2018. Hope to see you there! Best regards, Vieri
  8. Vieri

    A magic Tuscan sunrise

    Thank you Dallas, glad you enjoyed it! No, it was the sunrise light hitting the mist - I never use colour filters, only Grad ND and ND (but no NDs this time) Best regards, Vieri
  9. Vieri

    A magic Tuscan sunrise

    The magical atmosphere of a Tuscan sunrise, taken during a Workshop I led in Tuscany in November 2017. Leica SL, Leica APO-Vario-Elmarit-SL 90-280mm and filters Formatt-Hitech Firecrest. Thank you for viewing, best regards Vieri
  10. Vieri

    Workshop in Tuscany & Cinque Terre, 2018

    Thank you very much Tony, glad you enjoyed the work! Hope to see you onboard one of my Workshops then! Best regards, Vieri
  11. Vieri

    Workshop in Tuscany & Cinque Terre, 2018

    Thank you very much Dallas, you are always welcome to join us whenever you like! Yes, Tuscany is truly amazing and I hope that the last available seat on this Workshop will go to a Fotozoner! Best regards, Vieri
  12. Offering you a selection of Italy’s most iconic landscapes, ranging from the rough seascapes and the charming villages of Le Cinque Terre to Tuscany’s serene rolling hills and medieval towns, this 8-day Workshop will amaze you for the variety and beauty of the locations we’ll photograph. In fall 2018, I’ll put my decades long knowledge of Tuscany and Le Cinque Terre at your service, taking you off the beaten path to make the most out of these iconic landscapes. Epitomizing Italian landscapes for generations of artists, Tuscany’s Val d’Orcia is characterised by beautiful rolling hills, old farmhouses, little churches, medieval towns, olive groves, cypress-lined roads and vineyards. Five picturesque old fishermen’s villages clinging on rocky hills overhanging the Mediterranean, for centuries the Cinque Terre have only been reachable via the sea, thus preserving their unique character and beauty for us to enjoy. The end of October is a great time to explore and photograph in peace these all-famous locations away from the crowds, while enjoying the great Italian hospitality and food: the light is beautiful, the fall colours are great and thanks to my expert knowledge of the locations you’ll be able to create original, stunning images of these amazing landscapes! October 28 - November 4, 2018 | EIGHT DAYS | Maximum THREE participants, only ONE seat left! Read more and book here: TUSCANY & CINQUE TERRE 2018 See you in Italy next Fall! Best regards, Vieri
  13. Vieri

    Ledge at Kimmeridge Bay, Dorset

    Ledge at Kimmeridge Bay, a sunset image taken during a Workshop I led in beautiful Dorset (UK) in spring 2017. Leica SL, Voigtlander 10mm Hyper-Wide Heliar and filters Formatt-Hitech Firecrest. Thank you for viewing, best regards Vieri
  14. You are welcome Luc, glad to be of help Thank you very much GB, glad you enjoyed it! More contrast is possible, but it would just kill that sleepy dreamy look... Best regards, Vieri
  15. Vieri

    A Kimmeridge Sunset, Dorset

    Thank you Dallas! Thank you Francis! Yes, WL is very close by and is where I set my base camp for my Workshop - lovely little village! Thank you for your comment, glad you enjoyed it Best regards, Vieri

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