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  1. Patrick Pedersen

    I-Mac screen calibration, any tips???

    Ok guys, thanks for answering me! I think I have to send my fiance to the local photo store to buy a Spyder 4 PRO, anyone who's tried it?? Does it work well??
  2. Patrick Pedersen

    I-Mac screen calibration, any tips???

    Thanks Mike, but of course I´ve already tried that without much luck... Too much on the topic and I am completely new (read; blank) on the topic of Mac... But again, thanks for your help.....
  3. Patrick Pedersen

    I-Mac screen calibration, any tips???

    Hi all! I have just been so lucky I got to borrow a almost new I Mac from my landlord. The thing is though, I don´t know much about Mac or close to nothing.. The Mac has almost not been used after he bought it for photo editing a couple of years back, and I don´t like what I see in the colours on the screen and I think it is a bit dark. However I know how to get it brighter or darker but the Mac´s screen calibration tool is very new to me and I haven´t gotten the hang of it quite yet. So I wondered if there´s someone here who knows their way around in the Mac world and could give me a pointer to what I should do or not. I guess I will have to buy a Calibration tool but that won´t be possible for a couple of weeks due to other things I have to use my money on firstly.. All other image editing etc tips are also VERY welcome, I do not at all know my way around in this magnificent peace of machine.. And I have to say, Lr CC takes 3 sec to start as well as Ps CC, this is where my old laptop took a couple of minutes (sometimes even more) and my D800E files are so speedy to work on, I imported 350 raw files earlier today into the Mac and it took between 5-6 seconds!!!!..... That´s pretty fast, asking me... (I used three hours on my laptop on the same files.....)
  4. Spring, spring, spring and spring.. I welcome you!

  5. Patrick Pedersen

    Same Place, Different Light

    Thanks for commenting, Andrew! I'm glad you like my work, I always think that the light at the moment has always as much to say as the location/place one are at. If you see what I mean? Have a nice day! :-)
  6. Patrick Pedersen

    Same Place, Different Light

    Hi Andrea! :-) "Moon Over Sea" (the last shot), was taken with my beloved D2X back in 2010 or 2011. The other shots are from 2014/15 and are done with my D800E with 24-70 2.8 (also Nikon,of course). I can see a huge difference on my own work since I started photographing active again since I got sober in 2010. From a a little while after I bought my D800E I really started to feel "happy"/"satisfied" with my work, so by the half end of 2014 I think I finally found a "ffeel" I was/aam happy with. Much thanks to the D800E, no doubt about that, and that I bought the 24-70 has also been a contribution to that. At the moment I was used to work on landscapes with my 17-35 2.8 at 17mm, so things got of course quite small, and I absolutely love the IQ of the 24-70, the 17-35 was/is a good lens but in IQ terms the 24-70 is way better, at least on f13 to f18, which I tend to work much on. Thanks for your reply, Andrea, have a good day now!:-)
  7. Patrick Pedersen

    Same Place, Different Light

    Thank you, Armando! Glad you like them! It's the light it's all about, isn't it? Have a good day now, and thanks for commenting! ;-D
  8. Patrick Pedersen

    I'm obviously blessed

    Erik, thanks for remembering that link! But, the sound on my 300 is nowhere near to this sound. The sound I'm hearing is like hearing a "dry door" which hasn't been oiled in a while. Sorry for the bad choosing of words.. I'll see if I'm able to record a video later so you can hear it yourself. The bip is sounding without doubt from quite far out on the lens, like beyond the MF ring and closer to the lens' end. Like from a element moving..(?)
  9. Patrick Pedersen

    I'm obviously blessed

    Don't get me wrong, Erik!! It was kind of a joke that I would choose Iikkas answer over yours, it would certainly at least be cheaper for me than your answer... And it was also more of a wishful thinking. :-) But, I know that the lens ain't used much because the guy I got it from has stored it in a safe place (which I do know for a fact), while he was using another 300. The mount has not been replaced, and concerning dust and spots inside the lens, there's literally nothing. The lens was bought new a year before the VR2 came out and the guy who bought it has perhaps used it on less then 250 shots, a lens this expensive should really last for a couple of decades, if not used by pressphotographers and so on. Frode; Doesn't matter, the sound is there anyway.. But I have to say that I certainly appreciate all of your answers! :-)
  10. Patrick Pedersen

    Same Place, Different Light

    I often think that the given light can play a more important role than the place itself. - This is about 200 meters down the river on the above shots, 2014. - And a newly edited shot from 2011, with my beloved and deeply missed D2X. "Moon Over Sea"
  11. Patrick Pedersen

    I'm obviously blessed

    That's a more preferable answer (just like I wanted...).. ;-) I also believe that the squeak sound I get is from something dry, or something "like that", I really don't think (hope..) it is the AF motor starting to die. After all a lens like 300 2.8 is (was?) built to last, at least for ten years.... I also believe that I would be hearing the squeak sound all the time when the AF is working, not only when it travels the whole focusing range, as I can only hear it when the af travels from infinity to nearest focus distance, NOT when it's focusing on a movable subject etc. The AF (and VR) works as it is supposed to, very fast and reliable, I'm also able to use the auto focus in darker areas than I'm able to with my other 2.8 lenses.
  12. Patrick Pedersen

    I'm obviously blessed

    Wow, so what you're really saying is that Nikon ain't the camera/lens brand they ones were?.... This lens has not been in use, and that is definitely something one can see at first sight, not a single sign that it has been previously used. So in other words, Nikons new lenses are NOT built to last!!.. Way to go Nikon!... My AFS 17-35 2.8 has that "noise" and it's not near the sound of the 300.. the af also comes and goes on it. But Erik, shouldn't the squeak sound also be heard when the af is working in a minor focus distance?? Why is it there just when the focus goes from infinity till the closest, like all the way? How much do you believe a change of AF motor cost, with disassembling and assembling? Over 5000 NKr??...
  13. Patrick Pedersen

    I'm obviously blessed

    I'm surrounded by people who really wants to help me get established as a Nature and Landscape Photographer, and without their help I wouldn't have a chance.. A couple of weeks ago I was given another golden opportunity of a very nice gentleman, I was given the chance of a "cheap" Nikon 300 2.8 VR.. Which I of course took.. I'm so happy with the lens, can't find words to describe how happy I am right now, just waiting for money enough to buy a TC, 1.7x I was thinking! Then I'm ready to go photograph animals and so much other stuff I've been longing for. But, (there's always a "but"), there's a small issue I'm wondering about; When the AF is on and the lens is turning from the closest to the farest, I can hear a tiny "squeak", a little "beep" is sounding, it really sounds like it's something dry inside and could use a drop of oil or something. Anybody else in here who has had the same issue?? To take the lens into service, money won't allow right now.. Have a great day you all!! :-)
  14. Patrick Pedersen


    Thank you so much, Akira! I am really glad that you took a look and that you think the menu structure is good enough as it is, here the other day I was discussing it with another fotozones member and friend, and he thought it would be better to have it simpler, but I kind of like it as it is. I was afraid the menu was too "deep" for people to navigate through it, but I guess I'll try to stick with the menu as it is a little while longer. Thanks for looking and thanks for letting me know what you think, Akira! Really appreciate it!! ;-) Have a great Sunday! :-D
  15. Patrick Pedersen


    Ron and Akira, thank you so much! Glad you think so! Do you really think that the website is beautiful, Akira? Thanks! I'm not sure about the menu structure and so, as well as the layout and etc. If there's anything you think I should change in any way, please let me know, I'll appreciate all the feedback I can get. Have a nice week you guys! :-)

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