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  1. Tony I totally missed the fact you handheld that combination so a big :good: The first shot is still my favorite and for its misty against the light view , that also gives great feather detail , foreground grasses and yes the water drops too. I would certainly be very pleased to hang that image on the wall printed large . :good:
  2. Both good , but I really like the first one of the Swan in flight . I agree that the sight and sound of swans in flight always grabs my attention as you say Tony. Lovely camera & lens combination you have there too ,serious magnification.
  3. Yes these are good Richard , I like the complementary background colours as well as the composition and detail . I like to capture small bird images myself and these are interesting as we don't see these birds in my country . Nice work Richard .
  4. That is funny Mike
  5. I agree, great shot Tony !
  6. 1. 25 years 2. Yes 3. N/A 4. Yes , UK 5. I chose Nikon for keeping faith with its F mount , its reputation for high optical quality and good build quality/ handling and I feel it has delivered on that promise in my experience. The I am very pleased with my D300s that I currently use , but along with many other users , I wonder why you have not yet produced a true successor to it ? The Pro DX line seems to be forgotten now , but its still very useful. 6. Great idea Tony
  7. Good to see your posting again Joe , I had been wondering how you were doing , so its great to hear your getting better . I like the photos too , some great timing of the action there Joe . Thanks for posting them .
  8. Congratulations to Ranger Rich , that is a fabulous shot and worthy winner of POTY 2013 . That would have been my top choice too .
  9. Bez , I just want to say thank you for this thread . Its been great to follow your project through to completion , I must say it looks "the business" when on the camera with that huge front element and your posted image looks great . So congratulations on a successful conclusion . Thanks to all who chipped in with vital info all through also and of course to Bjorn R for all his invaluable help , its been great .
  10. The first two shots look like they actually come from the 1940s, I know its an Historic event ,but the way you have taken and processed the images really does give them that feeling. Very well done Maarten !
  11. I really like this one , the mirror image poses ,the snowy background and as others have said that wonderful light . Another lovely shot Bob.
  12. Interesting info , thanks for that Joergen. Anand on Anandtech has now got the new Mac Pro review online . Good review with lots of benchmark data about the various core options as well as the different video cards . Well worth a read for anyone considering which of the options to get .
  13. Yes
  14. I'm not forgetting Duxford Mike . I'm really thinking about all those squadrons of aircraft going all the way back to WW2 they have out in the Desert . Thats a great shot Vivion !
  15. Fantastic pano shot Andrew . Some interesting historic aircraft in that hangar ! Thats one of the things I admire about America, you don't waste anything !