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  1. Thank you both for clearing that up! For a moment -- several, actually -- I thought someone invented a whole new math, that or I was in serious need of a general review of first term physics. Come to think of it...
  2. Is that what Thomas was intimating? It certainly didn't register in the prose. (And English are [sic] my first-five native dialects. Six, if one counts Tykes.) Which is not to say it was abstruse, nor lacking in technical merit. (So far as punctuation goes, I make all the necessary cognitive adjustments. Somehow, I just knew Fortran 77 would come back to haunt me. But in an English composition exercise? I return you now to the regularly scheduled dialog. Kids, go crazy!)
  3. Don't lecture me on how I should feel about, regard or interpret [my personal] history -- or suggest when it would be appropriate to do so. (Or, if?) I will be as subjective, introspective and, yes, even garteful as I feel moved to be. I like the images posted here and am inclined towards commenting on the occasion and the man.
  4. Wannabebetter


    Tri-X and ballerinas... It all comes back. Not that I needed it, but this photo serves to remind me why I "went out for" ballet instead of the basketball team back in my teens. About the time I picked-up my first Nikon, too. And I still shoot a D300 as well! Hell, I can even still get into my old tights! Maybe, too much info that last bit... (BTW: There was an EL Nikkor ad, a large poster, back in the late '70s, that prominently featured a ballerina! Somehow, I preferred an image of her on my wall to that of a sweaty jock or a car I couldn't afford.)
  5. Very strong images, reflecting my own sentiments for a man who I believe in no small way was instrumental in averting what might have devolved from a pan African blood bath into a certain third world war. (Ironically enough, we got WWIII anyway and no thanks to politicans who learned nothing from Nelson Mandela nor ever endeavored to doing so.)
  6. Back in the "film days", I designed and constructed my own, very capable and reliable, camera strap out of black nylon webbing and the necessary locking buckles and sliders off an old backpack. Some heavy-duty thread and a bit of fire (to keep the nylon from unraveling), and it supported the weight of an F2 mounting a long-ish zoom lens very well. I still have it! More recently, I've had it in mind to design a strap from an old automobile seatbelt and hardware cannibalized from a camera strap. (You can also buy those buckles online at a "popular auction site" under the "military" search parameter. Alternately, any good sporting goods store that carries replacement buckles etc for the better makers of packs and camping gear should have spares.) A friend has offerred to do the necessary stitching on an "industrial use" sewing machine -- so, perhaps I'm out of excuses. Now, what makes an old seatbelt a good candidate for a camera strap also causes a problem. On the one hand, it's rather soft and pliable. It's a treat to go "old school" PJ and wrap the strap around one's wrist. On the other hand, or more precisely "shoulder", it does tend to slip and slide. Solution: Some rubberized "grippy stuff" or other material sewn on the underside about where it would normally rest on a shoulder when worn as a sling should do it.
  7. DISCLAIMER! I'M AN IDIOT NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY! (Disclaimer on the disclaimer: Disregard that self-appraisal.) In response to a couple of inferences raised during this discussion: I, as can several musician/guitarists (notably Eddie Van Halen) detect the subtle differences in sound/signal caused by foot/meter to capaticence of electric guitar cables. Presumably, an audiophile might well be equally perceptive --- or f--ing nuts! (Be nice. I'm off my meds, today.) As we all hear sound in analog, LP platters were (pun intended) serving it up to us already cooked. Whereas digital gives us all the fidelity we thought we could hope for, however square (waved) and cold as the blocks of ice it resembles. It's then left up to us to "thaw and consume" the sound in our brains; possible having a fit and/or going deaf in the process. There is a solution to expensive digital heads for conventional, film enlargers. (Drum roll please.) Adapt a small [LED back-lit] monitor for use as an ersatz "digital negative", in an enlarger. This will take a bit of creative engineering, however it's very feasible. (Especially to those with all the black flocking, gaffing tape, busted Beselers [sic], Dremel toys and goodness knows what cluttering their work benches. C'mon camera punks! Start hacking!) BTW: Loving this discussion! Thank you, everyone!
  8. In Norbotten, we drove on packed snow. Shoveling anything there would have made as much sense as trying to bail-out the ocean so you could fly a plane through the empty space created. (Reminds me of an Alaska bridge building project my federal taxes funded.)
  9. Was a time, cameras and the people who lived by them were as endemic as pigeons perched on a ledge on that street. Camera Barn, Grand Central Camera on 44th... ah, don't get me started.
  10. I used to make quick, field assessments of soil samples that way. ("Yup! Definitely plutonium. Pull our people out." or "Tomatoes? Yes! But forget about cultivating gardenias or cannabis." Then there was, "I guess you have a dog... ") My analysis was generally spot-on! I also found making contact with dental fillings is a sure fire way to ascertain the quality/purity of silver -- or triangulate on UHF frequencies.
  11. It gives the image an uber-creepy, Japanese purported "ghost caught on video" look to it.
  12. I'm nothing but raw, daily struggling to keep my emotions in check. And trust me: I've puked into the malestrom of subjective needs often enough. Just as soon as I comport myself, I'm going to re-read Descartes; circumvent the "see Stockholm and die", "shit happens" aspect of it all, and, perhaps, come to terms as to just why I've felt naked if I ventured too far from home without a camera the better part of five decades. Meanwhile, I'm still thinking... and despite myself. (And that "S" factor.)
  13. Not old[er] ones, in my experience. Back in the Olden days, (sneaky pun in there for you old-timey folks) all the P-work was derived with the Mach-5 human cerebral cortex and a match-needle vewfinder. What tedium. What medium! (Oh, those good ol' lousey days! No wonder Blimie & Herman got rich off of us! Precious...) Those calling themselves "street shooters" these days have no practical memory, or experience, on "the street" -- before the term was co-oped by so-called hipsters and trust fund brats-cum-artistes. Errrr...kinda "calling the pot black", I must admit. (Spoiler alert: I lived "on the street" and under a few bridges, which is not something I'm proud of or had hoped for. I "lost" a couple of cameras in the process... don't ask.)
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