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  1. wildoat

    hummingbird at lambs ear-0103.jpg

    What's not to like, beautiful imagery .
  2. My first visit to Fotozones in quite a while, this is a spectacular set of images, very glad I checked in.
  3. A beautiful image that's for sure! cheers
  4. Lol, I have to laugh mate, hope you are well by the way! You are still on your single mission hoping that phones take over the camera market entirely, I still think you are on a hiding to nothing. You see, people actually like making images/photos with something that resembles a camera, phones are for talking to people, though you could also argue photographs are a way of talking to people. Different strokes for different folks. Cheers tony
  5. Ann, You are one of the main reasons for my conversion to photoshop, I resisted for years, so glad I eventually saw the light! And I must add, it was far less painful than I imagined lol. regards tony
  6. I'm guessing your Iphone camera will be used for social media, for this they are great, for traditional photography uses, largish prints/displays they are seriously lacking. I have to agree for social media and web based applications they have their uses. cheers
  7. Hi Armando, shoot any meaningful event for someone on a mobile phone, then when they decide they would like a decent sized "special" print making that is the time to panic. Mobile phones have a massive way to go before they can produce results approaching what's obtainable from a DSLR(whether full frame, OMD, XT1 sized sensors). Just had this printed for a client, had it been captured with any mobile phone it would not have been possible at the size they requested.
  8. wildoat

    Horse at sunrise

    I'm loving the light, perhaps a three quarter front shot would have had more impact, easier said than done I imagine, lol. cheers tony
  9. Great images Dallas, a real treat! The male leopard in the first image looks to have a build similar to a Jaguar, the male leopards seem to be much more powerfully built than the more athletic, slender females! Hope everyone had a wonderful trip, I'm sure they would have. cheers tony
  10. wildoat


    Cheers Dallas, like I said it is personal taste..........
  11. wildoat

    Some HDR

    Maybe you haven't been up at the right time of day in the right place, lol. cheers tony
  12. wildoat

    Some HDR

    Hi Bob, this is excellent, I love the tones and lighting. Just imagine being able to wake up to such a scene, I've just watched a program on the tv about luxury houseboats, I think this is what most of those folks are hoping to be able to experience. Great photo. cheers tony
  13. wildoat


    Unlike Dallas I've never seen a lion in the wild, I've photographed many in captivity but obviously that's not quite the same. In this photo I've made some adjustments which I hope will capture the majesty of the male lion, hopefully it's dramatic, I think so. The colours and rendering are personal choice. I often think of wildlife artists like David Shepherd when dealing with animal portraits, if I could paint or draw this is the sort of image I'd like to be able to create, for this effort it's a modified version of one of my photographs, the best I can do. Please click on the image for the larger view, thanks tony
  14. Hi Armando Thanks for your comment. Wouldn't we all like to escape from time, or at least it's effects, lol tony
  15. Mike, this is the definitive smug expression, saying, I have my new lens so go away and leave us alone, lol cheers tony
  16. Lol, I haven't been to the Alps for a few years, unfortunately. These young ladies (thegarnettsisters.co.uk) were part of the entertainment at the Woodall Spa forties festival that is held annualy in the town of the same name in Lincolnshire, their singing was sublime and they were pretty as a picture so I had to photograph them. I can see what you mean by Alpine, their dresses especially. cheers Thanks for your kind words Chris, I'm fine thanks, hope you are too! cheers Thanks Anthony, the processing again was to try and disguise some colourful bright distractions that I couldn't avoid when making the capture. Cheers
  17. Thanks Alan, appreciate your comment. Hi Rags, I always have the same problems at these type of events, when there are people in the background the mass array of differing colours are always a distraction, hence I simplified things, lol Hi Dallas, very kind comment, thanks a bunch. Hi Chris, I think you may be right re the positioning of the bike in the frame, easily rectified as this is a bit of a crop, thanks to the D810 I have room for adjustment without losing too much image quality. Drum brakes, what are they, lol. Do they work? sometimes! lol
  18. I'm game for a laugh, lol.
  19. I'll assume that some of the members here know this name, in motorcycling he is literally a living legend. Managed to photograph him and many other motorcycle stars recently at Oliver's Mount road races in Scarborough, this image I've given some treatment, some may think it's a cliche, I quite like it, any comments valued and appreciated. Please click on the image for a better view, thanks.
  20. Or should I have said, three singing sisters? Many distractions in the original image, this minimalist version I quite like. PS haven't been here in a while, hope everyone is keeping well! cheers tony Please click on image for a better view, thanks.
  21. Nancy, That photo registers as outstanding on my calibration scale. Love the composition, framing and the angle of the bird is just perfect. I wonder if it's as captured or it took maybe some slight modification? The colours and contrast are not egaggerated so it has a very natural, real life appearance. Either way it doesn't really matter (I'm just curious) it is a fabulous photograph, I hope you'll have it printed and it will adorn someone's wall. tony
  22. I went through a spell of taking photographs for others, admittedly it's not the same as being a full time pro! I did however prior to that spend a large amount of time, going to college and generally taking private courses to increase my understanding of photography, it was a real time investment but I learnt a huge amount on top of what I already had learnt pursuing photography as a mere hobby. Next came large financial investment in photography equipment, it helped me to achieve the sorts of images I wanted to create and it seemed I was making photographs that others wanted to buy. Then, the demands started, I was going to events not for my own pleasure but to capture specific images for others, stress levels increased dramatically(I don't normally entertain stress,lol) it then didn't take long for me to realise that for some of us turning a hobby/passion into a career is not a good idea. These days I make photos to please myself and nothing more, photography has become much less of a chore yet something I can still enjoy. I admire anyone who can make it work but to be realistic in this day and age the number of photographers who can keep a family and enjoy a good living from this profession are extremely few and far between. Sorry if my message seems negative, for me though it has paid to be realistic and let others take the stress.
  23. Have to agree with Alan, the amount being sought is out of all proportion, but, morally she should win and these large corporations should be held accountable. Seems to me the larger the corporation, the more they seem to be able to get away with, this world is screwed! Because the global drive is focussed toward increased productivity/ profitability for shareholders(essentially) the rights and prospects for the common man/woman have been compromised and corrupted out of all recognition.
  24. Wow, what a great series of captures. I wonder was the frog dead before swallowed? I know many animals often eat and swallow other animals which are still alive, the mere thought of swallowing something alive and to feel it moving in one's stomach has to be one of the most unpleasant things I can imagine, lol. Fab photos, kudos to your wife for her cameraship cheers tony
  25. Kudos to Pentax for applying a slightly different approach, I've always wondered why, when I make the same mistake several times I get the same results Seems Pentax are thinking outside the box, well done to them, the results seem to be fairly convincing. cheers tony
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