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  1. Erv

    Today's Flowers

    Very beautiful!!!!
  2. Erv


    Very beautiful!!
  3. Erv


    LOL!! Great shot!
  4. Erv

    Earth Day Cat

    Very good looking friend.
  5. Erv

    Cave opening

    Beautiful shots Alan!
  6. Erv

    A Fading Lifestyle.

    Outstanding! Love to see things like this. We don't have things like this around us. Everyone is to wrapped up in their own selves around us. All the older folks have gone.:(
  7. Erv

    Woodpecker rare, black

    Wow! Very cool to see!!!!!
  8. Erv

    Forest Scene

    WOW!!! How beautiful!!!!!
  9. Erv

    Saturday's Cat

    What beautiful eyes!! I love cats. We seem to always have a few in the house.:)
  10. Erv


    How beautiful my friend!! Would love to come out your way. Now that I have retired, it might be soon.:)
  11. Erv

    Rural landscape in the center of the city

    Very interesting! I love to see things like this. Makes me sad tho.
  12. Erv

    New Boots II

    A very beautiful set!!!! Who is the babe? :):):) Wish I could be next to you on your beautiful walks!!
  13. Erv

    Some tundra vegetation

    Very beautiful!!!! I don't think I will ever see these in real life. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Erv

    First Hike of Spring

    Awesome!! Still little cold here around us. But Janny and I still go for a few walks in the parks here. Can't wait for warm weather.:):)
  15. Erv

    Old Truck - BW

    Nice!!! I had one just like that. Kick my self for selling it tho.

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