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  1. IanR

    Boda Bag

    Hi Mike, It's nice to be of help on this amazing forum. To answer your question about the 70-200 fitting with the lens hood attached. It fits with a slightly smaller protrusion past the lip of the bag than the stacking combo of the 14-24, and the 24-70. I just loaded the bag with all the lenses, and it closed just fine. As for the pocket I use for the external flash, I was told that is what the pocket is designed for. I'm not sure if the Boda Bag website says something different or not. I did get the impression that a majority of their testers used Canon so maybe that is part of the issue. For my application adding the extra Velcro strip has worked like a champ. The only caveat is the top of the flash won't have it's sides fully covered as the lid is designed as a flap without side protection. This is a very minor thing for me as the flap width extends approximately an inch past each side of the flash. Hopefully, their website shows it accurately. For me the only time I'd be nervous is in pouring rain, and at that time I'd likely be covering the whole bag with my raincoat. I notice you are in Eastern Canada. I'll be attending Image Explorations photography workshop on Vancouver Island in a couple of weeks. If you happen to be attending you can test the bag with all your gear to see if it works for you. I hope this helps. Best wishes, Ian
  2. IanR

    Boda Bag

    Hi Mike, I purchased the Boda Bag this past March at WPPI in Las Vegas. It is my favorite bag for carrying my camera around town. First off I find the shoulder strap, and the waist belt to be very comfortable. I recommend getting the extra pad for the waist belt, it made a difference. For me it is an A+ for comfort. As for the rest of the bag I find it to be very well thought out, and easy to use. I was told the bag is designed as a lens bag, and indeed that is how it is marketed. I use it in that fashion from time to time. When I do I can stick my 70-200 on one side of the divider, and my 14-24 and 24-70 stacked on the other side. With this combo the stacked lenses ride a little higher than the rim of the bag, so when it is zipped shut a little bump protrudes from the top. It's not problematic for me, and doesn't interfere with the operation of the zipper. I have found that if I have the bag full of these three lenses, and am needing to get to the bottom stacked lens I have to locate a table, or flat surface to place the lenses while changing them. While this is not typically an issue it can be a problem in situations when I need to change lenses quickly. Because of this I typically work with just the three lenses I've mentioned, one of them always being on the camera. This has allowed me to change lenses quicker. There is one pocket on each side of the bag. One is a mesh pocket that I typically keep a water bottle in, but have thrown in a fisheye, or extra SB-800. I just started using the largest SIG bottle in the mesh pocket. With the drawstring pulled taught it stays put... amazing. The other pocket is made of the same material as the rest of the bag, and has a flap with Velcro fastener to close it. I almost always have an SB-800 in this pocket. With the SB-800 the two parts of the Velcro do not touch. I have added a second strip of Velcro to aid with closing the flap/cover. On the bottom front of the bag there is a pocket where I can hold one EN-EL4a battery. I'm guessing with the smaller batteries that the D200/300 use one could conceivably get 3 batteries in this pocket. The main pocket on the front is large enough for me to carry my light meter, wallet, and a few nutrition bars. I use the clip inside the pocket to hold my keys regularly. There is a place for couple of pens, and a pocket to carry 8 Compact Flash cards. There is even one last pocket on the back of the bag that is perfect for carrying a small notepad. The cell phone pocket is a perfect fit for my iPhone, and I speculate that most smaller phones can fit quite nicely as well. There is even an area for traditional size business card on the front of the phone pocket. Sometimes I take out the the center divider and put one lens at the bottom of the bag. This is typically the 14-24. I then place the D3 with the attached 24-70 on top. I use one of the dividers that is provided to separate the two so as not to scratch the lenses. I can easily get the bag closed with this combo. I have put the 70-200 in the bag and had the D3 /24-70 combo on top, but the I can't always get the bag fully zipped up. This is a very tight fit! I realize this is beyond what the bag is designed for, but it is how I sometimes use it. If trying this I highly recommend taking added precautions to make sure that all your equipment is protected from scratching, or other damage. I absolutely love this bag. I use it with the shoulder strap most of the time. My usual modus operandi is to take the dividers out of it, and fill it with only my D3 / 24-70 combo, or just the D3 / 70-200. This allows me to keep the camera with a lens attached in the bag. I can quickly gain access for shooting, and still be able to carry everything I have mentioned. I almost forgot to mention the construction of the bag. I find it top notch. I'm not abusive to my equipment, but I will say that I use my equipment regularly. This bag has showed no sign of wear and tear. It's zippers are excellent, and have a water resistant flap/seal over them helping to make the bag more useful in the rain. I've never gone traipsing around in a heavy downpour, but with the intermittent rain I've experienced the bag has protected my gear. I do try to cover it with my jacket, just in case. I hope this helps you with your decision. $200 is a lot for a bag, but I have to say I am using this one almost daily. If you have any questions I'll be happy to answer them to the best of my ability. Best wishes to you, Ian
  3. IanR

    Hello from California

    Thank you for the warm welcome Lew and Dallas. I look forward to being a part of this community. It looks to be a very nice place to spend some time. All the best, Ian
  4. IanR

    An interview thread?

    Q: Where do you live? A: Currently in Davis, California. I may be moving to Berkeley, California to be with my girlfriend at any moment though. Q: Your age? A: 39 Q: Gender? A: Male Q: Family? A: Lots. I'm not married, nor have I been. I have a ring for my sweetie, maybe I'll be answering married soon. I love my family, everyone of them. Q: How long have you been interested in photography? A: It seems like forever. I was a young boy, maybe age 5 when I purchased my first camera. Q: What was your first camera? A: I have no idea what it was. I purchased it for some ungodly amount like 50 cents from a close family friend. I think I was 5 years old. Q: What type of photography interests you the most? A: People and wildlife. I enjoy individual sports (paragliding, snowboarding etc.). I love animals and get really excited taking pictures of them too. Q: Who's photography do you admire the most? (famous photographers) A: This is a question I get from time to time without the ability to answer. I'm not one who studies photographers or photographs. That may be changing as I have chosen to finish up my bachelors degree in photography. Currently, I'm excited about Joe McNally. I love his ability to get the shot in most situations. He claims to be a generalist, and I feel that way about myself sometimes. Q: What's your ambition as a photographer? A: To learn to capture the essence of whatever subject I am photographing. Q: What irritates you most about other photographers? A: I'm not a big fan of arrogance. I don't run into it often, but the primodona photographer is quite unappealing to me. I love sharing what I'm doing and learning, and enjoy that in others. Q: What's your next favourite pastime? A: Favorite pastime? Spending time with my lovely girlfriend is my favorite way to spend my time. I've participated in many things. I love traveling, going to live performances of all kings, listening to music, reading, individual sports ie. SCUBA (I was a dive master long ago), snowboarding, paragliding (not current), among other things. I am definitely on a quest of self discover and understanding which leads me to interesting places meeting lots of wonderful people. Q: Favourite book / author? A: Yikes! Favorite? I've enjoyed Diana Gabaldon's (sp.) books. I've enjoyed the Aztec series by Gary Jennings. I love the Harry Potter series. Did I mention JRR Tolkien's Hobbit and Lord of the Rings books? Suffice it to say there are lots I love. Q: Favourite film / actor / actress / director A: I'm mostly into documentary films, but enjoy everything from mindless Hollywood dribble to an Indie film. No favorites... sorry. Q: If you could travel anywhere tomorrow, where would you go? A: Africa Q: Favourite music A: Rock music!
  5. IanR

    Hello from California

    My name is Ian and I'm new here on nikongear.com. I found the site a couple of weeks back and was overjoyed with the discovery. This seems like a very helpful community with lots of fruitful conversations going on. I'm looking forward to contributing, and learning from all of you. My photography experience would likely be considered intermediate. I've been a dabbler for years. I've recently decided to go back to college for photography thru Prescott College in Arizona. I'm in what's called the adult degree program, or ADP, which enables me to stay in my home community. I will be designing each course and my degree with the help of mentors. This has been an exciting time for me. All the better to have found such a wonderful community to grow with. Happy holidays and a happy new year to you all.

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