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  1. Great shot Lew! I like the expression and the details in the eye, there's a small red object reflected that I think adds to the picture!
  2. Love her expression. Another winner Ron! Congrats!
  3. I agree with Chris! Love the eye contact, draws you to the picture. Congrats Fons!
  4. Awesome shot. Love the BW, plus the detailed beads and the smiles on their faces. Very cool shot Lew!
  5. Very nice, I like the catchlights in the eyes and the cigar...
  6. Indeed... Redheads and their fiery temper can make for very interesting couples... But yes, beautiful shot and very beautiful girl. Have to break out of that shell of shyness when taking pictures so I can get some like that!
  7. I was at a get together with friends and picked up the camera. Look forward to your critiques and comments. Best, Rodrigo 1. 2.
  8. Here are some pictures from the latest trip to Puebla. Comments and critique always welcome! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Best, Rodrigo
  9. To me its #1... the reflection draws you in to the whole scene. Very nice!
  10. I really like your capture of the little girl. The DOF is perfect for the shot, and her expression is really sweet.
  11. Great shot! Congratulations! I do agree that maybe a tad more DOF would have been desirable, but it is still a compelling image!
  12. Great shot., the dog connects with the viewer, while she looks off into something else. Really nice image! Rodrigo
  13. Thanks Faris and Longhiker. #1 is a favourite of mine. It really is fun to see that sometimes the compelling pictures are taken in such unplanned locations. As I said, we were inside the lobby of the hotel, since the rain outside was falling hard.
  14. Thanks Luc!
  15. Hope you enjoy the pictures... They were taken this past friday and saturday in Ecuador. There was a lot of rain and not many people around. Best, Rodrigo 1. Flower and red... The rain had us indoors so I noticed my girlfriend with the flower in her hands and shot away. 2. Church. Liked how the sky turned out in this one, and the pigeon flying off in the lower right. 3. Dusk at Chordelag. Loved the sun's rays in the misty mountain. 4. Church at night. The lights are a nice touch, as the church oversees most of the village of Cuenca and can be seen from afar. 5. Woman walking down the street. 6. Roses in the flower market. I really liked the pattern in the roses' petals. Thanks for watching!