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  1. Very nice image !
  2. Wow, I really like the image
  3. Very nice her work is also fascinating
  4. OMG an automatic Kombi! Can't agree more than it would be slower than a snail my Dad had one, a 1972 model , 1600cc , 4 speed gearbox I hated riding in the back with the lack of proper ventilation, it could get awfully stuffy back there We traveled extensively and we had our shares or car break downs, most notably the starter motor stopped working on a trip and every time the whole family (with 4 kids under 10) and my Dad had to push the kombi with my Mom trying to get it started, particularly difficult with a cold engine with a carburator, it was fantastic if we were able to find a downhill street to park I learned to drive in that thing before I was old enough to have a license, and still I was allowed to do errands, never got in trouble (while driving the kombi) My Dad used to do his own maintenance on his cars, so I learned car mechanics, and hated working on the kombi with such a small engine compartment We did have the engine off the car to replace piston rings and other stuff it was a fun time Thanks for bringing back such fun memories with your picture I like the tractor image much better than the kombi
  5. ... the quote from Dallas After the shot you scan the negative ? or a positive ? it called my attention that you mention the grain gets accentuated by the resizing leading me to think a very careful processing is needed from the scanning to resizing to present the image as close to the real thing as possible
  6. you carry an external exposimeter ? or is this a sunny 16 rule image?
  7. vibrant colors, and very nice portraits Interesting to see a 2018 meters race
  8. Alex, Dallas, Anthony, Fons, Thanks for the comments I have visited this place every 1 or 2 years since 2010 and I do not get tired of it Here is some detail from the fascinating roots
  9. Thank you Rags
  10. Early morning at lake Camecuaro - Mexico, last time I was here with this conditions my camera had a broken chassis and all images shot from a tripod were blurry but not this time Happy 2018 !
  11. Excellent articles, thanks for sharing the links
  12. My photographic motivation is at a low point, so I hope to reignite it I'll travel some during the next few weeks and there is more travel planned in February, so that should help Equipment wise ... a small camera, with a small lens, titling touch screen, would be nice, I've been looking at the epl7/8, fuji xe3 but have not made my mind
  13. wow, very nice images it is quite a production ! like a movie Dallas, the most surprising sensation is when the inside of your nose freezes there are advantages, beer gets cold quicker outside than in the frig, it is unwise to forget liquid containers (ie: soft drinks) in the trunk of the car as it will burst and freeze leaving colored ice formations in there for the duration of the winter As Alex says one can get use to anything, I spent a few winters in Minnesota, I was single and every day was like an adventure, I did prefer it when the temp was well below freezing than when the temperature oscillates around 0 and the snow makes a sticky slush on the ground
  14. that can be hard work wonderful image