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  1. Great and colorful night scenes
  2. Beautiful abstract !
  3. wow ...and then you probably had to moving among crowds
  4. I second the comment from Dallas about being some of the best BIF images I have seen What a huge eagle ! I do not recall if you have mentioned in some of your other threads, what gear did you use?
  5. LOL good one A great image Greg! Really like the sky in the background, seems like a good area to do some shooting of the stars.
  6. Seen the images large is a pleasure ! Thanks for sharing this fantastic series the offer to rent such great gear was certainly unmissable Were you alone carrying all this gear ?
  7. Wonderful portrait series
  8. this often feels like being in highschool reading magazines for exotic cars and then arguing with your friends about which brand is better ... I just hope all the bragging from Sony does put some pressure on Nikon to release a nice mirrorless system
  9. Specs look impressive Time will tell how well it is received by the photographers that make a living shooting sports
  10. I did, price for a "like new" is about $600 us dollars I submitted my tax return today ... some extra cash should be available soon
  11. Thanks for commenting, the prices I mentioned are including taxes and the equipment is new I have not bought anything ... yet
  12. Good one ! I did LOL
  13. I understand, I've seen used ones locally but they are more expensive than $800 It's just the nagging feeling that I would like a better small camera than my current Nikon 1 V1, it still works and it is tiny, but nowadays even a mobile phone can do things similar to the V1, except of course use my F mount lenses, but on the V1 this is a chore I understand the X-T1 would be significantly larger than the V1, but it is a proper camera The lenses for the V1 costed something like $200 each while the Fuji ones will cost $1K each so it is mostly a bad case of GAS, since I do not need a new camera if I can convince this area of my brain to wait for the ever elusive nikon mirrorless, then I guess I'll save a bunch
  14. and $1200 with the 18-55 f2.8-f4 my biggest problem is how to explain another camera to my wife I'll just step away from my computer, perhaps they run out of stock it is in with free shipping
  15. if they don't change strategy competitors will keep taking market share