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  1. armando_m

    Another iPhone X image

    200 is high iso ?
  2. armando_m

    Model 2

    Great portrait !
  3. armando_m


    The legs on #1 look odd and the flash produces hard shadows the sunset light in #2 along with the machinery behind her make a very nice image
  4. armando_m

    La Candelaria, Bogotá.

    Aguinaldo, Fantastic b&w conversions as always Beautiful views of this place
  5. armando_m


    Thank you for sharing your images, brought me back good memories from the time I spent in Singapore About the number of ships, when I flew back the guy next to me in the plane was in the USA navy, he mentioned there is so much traffic that he considers it the most dangerous place to navigate a ship
  6. armando_m

    Seacombe Bay sunset, Dorset

    Gorgeous seascape, love the rocks and clouds If this was mine I would tone down the blue on the sea foam I really like long exposure showing the movement of the sea
  7. armando_m

    Aiguille du Midi, France

    Outstanding image !! Fantastic framing by the clouds
  8. armando_m

    Spooky Trees

    The first image is great
  9. armando_m


    Sep 15 is independence day, there is a yearly fair that is done only for this weekend and at a short walking distance from my home On previous years I have taken a few long exposure to show the lights of the games moving, but this time around there were no large games, only smaller ones for kids I took just a few images all similar, black with weird light patterns, I ended up combining 2 in PS in "divide" mode 2 second exposures, handheld
  10. armando_m

    I Still Hate Photoshop

    ps is daunting, but once you get a bit comfortable, it will do better than lr, nowadays I mainly only use acr , the equivalent to the develop module in lr I think you did great with the bottle, and I should remember the next time I shoot a bottle
  11. armando_m

    A different Seljalandsfoss in winter

    Gorgeous landscape
  12. armando_m

    Typical dress

    Thank you Dallas I've been to this location before, since then they changed administration and I didn't know where we were gong to be able to shoot, I was glad to find out we were shooting here This image is sooc, bounced flash simulating one of the doors to the right, the door is there but to little light comes in, the previous time I used available light and it took a few processing attempts to get a decent image
  13. armando_m

    Typical dress

    Mariachi outfit at and old distillery
  14. armando_m

    X-E3 - First Impressions

    Very nice images, shot in jpg ?

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