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  1. Thanks for the link to the calculator, FOV is something I use when evaluating what I'm going to be shooting and how big the subject will look in the frame
  2. Dallas, The video is quite well done ! Nice to hear you ! I listen to it using the laptop speakers and while there is some hiss, it did not bother me and I was able to understand perfectly I have seen other review videos with people using a microphone attached to their shirt and the audio is indeed better What software did you use to edit the video? Regarding the bag ... maybe if I have bigger mirrorless cameras, for the V1 is to much Do you have more ideas about creating videos ?
  3. Ann, you are unstoppable and resilient, I truly wish you a quick a recovery As time goes by and we refuse to feel old, it takes an unfortunate event to realize the body does not heal as quick as it used to, but the mind is a bit more stubborn and that compensates
  4. yet another great series of images I think i like the 70-200 images better given the ability to see things closer.
  5. Incredibly nice series, i specially like the shots of the jets with the flaming exhaust, and #1 wow ! with the warm air left behind, the angle of the plane, the exhaust, body color, all works to make it a stunning photography
  6. Luc, Beautiful country and great captures of it , thanks for sharing them
  7. Seeing the water reminds me of the Mexican name of "Rio Bravo" brave river, more than "rio grande" large river Nice series of images
  8. .. still these conversations are fun to read
  9. wonderful image
  10. wow , what a kick ass image !
  11. Looks good !
  12. another vote for portrait #2 of this beautiful lady the B&W conversion of #1 made her eyes look black, and when i saw it I wondered if they were really that dark, i wonder if you will try to convert #2 to b&w, play the color filter sliders and see if the eyes look less dark
  13. Impressive view, specially when seen big ! 3300m what a climb ! specially when seen from sea level all my life I have lived between 1500 to 2000m altitude , so even when mountains got to 4000+ meters the difference between ground the the summit is not that much
  14. Wonderful place !
  15. I had -7 until I got laser surgery on both eyes, it was ok nothing like what you describe, my contacts gave me perfect vision and the surgery did not, it was certainly good enough so I did not have to use glasses or contacts for a good 20 years My eyesight continued to deteriorate and now I need glasses for computer and driving, close distances have never been a problem Once my glasses were varifocals, I did not like having to adjust my neck so that I could use the right zone of the glasses, and when using a camera I never knew if things were in focus, my current ones are for distance and I remove them for upclose, also they work fine when using the camera