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  1. at 3 times the price of the previous version it is indeed and insane price apparently the target is people doing videos and it has no microphone ... hmm
  2. armando_m


    nice, it should be easy enough to make that blue a bit darker and more saturated
  3. armando_m

    Night illumination of Krasnoyarsk HPP

    Beautiful series
  4. armando_m

    Give Me Some Feedback

    I'm all for software updates, but it is is really annoying when things move around and with new names, kind of like migrating to a new windows version
  5. armando_m

    Model Portfolio

    I find it particularly hard to direct a male model, after three shots I'm out of ideas, now if they are doing something in particular - I shot a boxer - it is easier to have more shots
  6. armando_m


    Wonderful dunes ! I like the subtle beige tone of the sand and that there are no foot prints or any tracks on them Nice composites but I also do not see a problem with a deep blue sky How hot was there ? 120F?
  7. armando_m

    Balloon Sunset

    Wow, beautiful image!
  8. I agree with your comments about any camera sensor from 5yrs ago until today is beyond what is usually needed, and personal preferences is what makes the photographers choose a specific camera
  9. armando_m

    Fairy tale Podere Belvedere at sunrise

    Outstanding image ! Thanks for sharing it
  10. armando_m

    Daily Grind, Workflow & Luminosity Masking

    thanks for the info I have to take a look the fact that it keeps the file to a decent size is what interests me the most, when the files get over 1GB things start slowing down awfully on my system
  11. armando_m

    Rainbow at St. Mary's, AK

    the double rainbow image is fantastic !
  12. armando_m

    Succulent candy

    GB the colors are not saturated enough in PS click Image /Mode / lab color (image most be flat, no layers) it is a lot of fun to play with curves in lab color mode after you finish playing, flatten the image and go back to RGB mode
  13. armando_m

    Daily Grind, Workflow & Luminosity Masking

    Luminosity masks are powerful and worth the effort to learn to use them, much much quicker than trying to mask with the brush and also significantly better quality A quick search in youtube will find a number of tutorials The amount of "secret" keyboard combinations in PS is daunting
  14. armando_m

    Maypole 2018

    stolen ? can't think how or why something like that will happen
  15. armando_m

    Pool Game

    Thank you - спасибо

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