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  1. armando_m

    Spooky Trees

    The first image is great
  2. armando_m


    Sep 15 is independence day, there is a yearly fair that is done only for this weekend and at a short walking distance from my home On previous years I have taken a few long exposure to show the lights of the games moving, but this time around there were no large games, only smaller ones for kids I took just a few images all similar, black with weird light patterns, I ended up combining 2 in PS in "divide" mode 2 second exposures, handheld
  3. armando_m

    I Still Hate Photoshop

    ps is daunting, but once you get a bit comfortable, it will do better than lr, nowadays I mainly only use acr , the equivalent to the develop module in lr I think you did great with the bottle, and I should remember the next time I shoot a bottle
  4. armando_m

    A different Seljalandsfoss in winter

    Gorgeous landscape
  5. armando_m

    Typical dress

    Thank you Dallas I've been to this location before, since then they changed administration and I didn't know where we were gong to be able to shoot, I was glad to find out we were shooting here This image is sooc, bounced flash simulating one of the doors to the right, the door is there but to little light comes in, the previous time I used available light and it took a few processing attempts to get a decent image
  6. armando_m

    Typical dress

    Mariachi outfit at and old distillery
  7. armando_m

    X-E3 - First Impressions

    Very nice images, shot in jpg ?
  8. armando_m

    Pool game

    Thank you , I'm pretty sure I'll shoot with her again sometime in the future Vivion, thanks Maybe this one is better, no contrived direction from my part on this one
  9. I have traveled with my daughter she carries an old olympus epl1 and with newest kit lens it is quite compact, for traveling even this old camera works pretty good. I have the V1, it is quite capable but the interface and the sensor always leaves wanting for more The D800 size is awkward when arriving say to a restaurant I have not found a way to keep it close without it being a very conspicuous monstrosity on the table For traveling I want something smaller but can not make up my mind
  10. armando_m

    X-E3 - First Impressions

    Good update
  11. armando_m

    X-E3 - First Impressions

    Congrats! From the image you shared showing the Nikon 1 along side the x-e3, I did not realize it was SO close in size ... it may be even smaller than my V1 With the x-trans sensor and the ability to use any of the fuji lenses it seems a very very attractive little camera, and for my purposes probably more than the Z6/Z7 even if those can use my old nikon lenses Just a couple of days ago I had coffee with a friend that uses the x-t2, he wanted to discuss with me his plans to get the D850 because he wants more resolution for his landscape photography, we both have our laptops and spent some time pixel peeping images from my D800 and his x-t2, in my opinion the x-t2 is superb and the IQ looks better than what I can get with the D800.
  12. armando_m

    A change is coming

    Would really like to know your experiences with the new toy , looks very close in size to the nikon 1
  13. armando_m

    Nikon Z Series Mirrorless Videos

    Good videos The videos with the nikon ambassadors - who had a couple of weeks to use the cameras - have less guessing about the functionality and other things like battery duration Here is the link to one that I found very informative, it is an Adorama video with a wildlife photographer lady from Canada and a video guy from California https://youtu.be/O-M4SmW527E
  14. armando_m

    Polar Bears of Svalbard in Winter (6 images)

    I lived in Minnesota for 3 years and survived ok a few short experiences at or under -40C, if I stayed longer I would wear more protection to prevent frost byte, I was 30 yr younger and fool enough to ski at -20C, learned that removing ice from eye lashes can be painful What I meant by interesting feeling when breathing is the unsettling feeling of your nose hair freezing as air is inhaled
  15. armando_m

    Sunday drive

    Thank you Chris and Dallas This area is north of Guadalajara, on some areas the city is all the way to the edge of the canyon, but here I'm about 25 kms away from civilization, from here to the north there is hardly any towns, there is a 2 lane road that takes you to the next state and I'm sure it will be a lonely but beautiful drive, but also a bit unsafe

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