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  1. Love the first b&w image
  2. I do not mind editing or seeing an edited image Personally I would have removed the most distracting houses and leave the others
  3. Great images accompanying an awesome travel diary, the part about how much you enjoyed wine tasting is amusing
  4. Impressive series , beautiful church, very well done !
  5. armando_m

    A Lovely Home

    Really really nice images! I guess using a wide angle with a small aperture gives you all the necessary depth ? Do you fix the vertical lines in post or put lots of attention to have the camera really level? maybe both? Whatever the technique the results are superb
  6. armando_m


    for proper display of the jpg on the web , you need to go to edit convert to profile Destination space: sRGB (or something that starts with that) then go and save the image as a jpg I still think it is easier to do: file , export, save for web any resizing I'll do it before the export, because it is faster
  7. armando_m


    great detail ! Are you exporting in sRGB? I do not have problems with with the colors of my images varying between ps and the browsers
  8. how long before the man was able to see again after such an intense flash? incredible 3d appearance
  9. Beautiful gate, and quite an interesting explanation
  10. That is one large dinner plate
  11. armando_m

    How We View Art

    the sculpture is fantastic
  12. armando_m

    Salton Sea

    Nice composition dark moody image are this poles from a deck?
  13. armando_m


    Different indeed, thanks for sharing this images, a bit of insight into the way of living glad that photos do not smell
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