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  1. Superb results !
  2. so it seems !
  3. Nice! A very noticeable increase in speed
  4. Interesting, i'll like to see if it is a cumbersome solution or a real smart one at the moment I can not think why a computer processor can not do the conversion with the factory algorithm just like CNX2 or CNXD does for Nikon
  5. Agree with Anthony, wonderful capture Regarding the processing ... perhaps a touch more light ?
  6. Mike, Are these used to live in ? While it sounds "romantic" I wonder what they do with the waste water
  7. Sure is detailed, but i wouldn't know what to suggest for a composite
  8. And your images convey the out of this world feeling Thanks for sharing them !
  9. I assume the day was overcast ? I really like the first 3 images, they look really good without the harsh look one gets when the sun is out ( I'm guessing) it may be superb processing skills , but you made a hiena, a vulture and a bloody lion look good
  10. wow really really like the last one
  11. And I assume it is now is proper working order ?
  12. wow, nice portrait of such an interesting man
  13. Thanks for replying, the personal reasons to pick one lens or another is a subject of another thread, in the particular situation when I used the 24-70 I found it held no advantage against the other lens I had available, I do own zooms and understand your point of view
  14. I once tried a 24-70 zoom, the focal range is IMO limited, the weight and physical length is ridiculous, I tried it along with studio lights, so I was shooting at F/8, after comparing the results to my 50mm f1.8G I saw no difference, the lens costs 10x the 50mm price. In short I was not impressed and will never buy one Back on topic: The sensor of the D850 is what makes it attractive to me, just as the D800 was attractive to me back in 2012, the difference being that it is a back side illuminated sensor and that "should" make it better than the D810, can't wait to see images taken by photographers that I know in the forums. Also all the bells and whistles are nice as well: in particular for me are the focus peaking and silent shutter I liked the video from Kai The expectations are very high
  15. testing affinity ... it does panoramas but it does not have the adaptative wide angle corrections from PS the interface is close enough to PS that I have not needed to look for help There are other minor things I have not found how to do like when cloning I want to use to only darken pixels , seems the only option is the normal cloning When converting a RAW file I have not found how to apply different profiles ie: standard, neutral, etc ... something that is a deal breaker is their shadow recovery, with the D800 raw files it creates colors and odd artifacts that do not show up with CNX2 or with ACR the alternative suggested by affinity is to use a shadows highlight adjustment on the converted file , or to use curves on the converted file but it just plain does not do the same thing Performance wise is a mix, somethings they do it faster, others slower than PS