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  1. Impressive clouds ! Ann, The Miops seems to keep going up in price, I got it with a fathers day offer - directly from - it was closer to $150 , the product is very useful, but quality is closer to a prototype than a professional product, two details with mine: 1. The battery can get loose and the miops doesn't turn on, 2. The 10pin cable sent wit the MIOPS got doesn't work but I had a spare , the mount on the flash hot shoe is way to tight so I ended up taping it to the lens
  2. For the lightning photo, I got a little device called MIOPS trigger, connected to the camera it takes photos when it senses light, I left the camera taking images for a few minutes until it got the three good lightnings, these got combined in PS
  3. Greg, I'll try the last suggestion from Ann I know you shoot many landscapes with everything in focus , do some tests with the lens and aperture you use for such shots see how that looks if you are still not happy try repair #1 let us know how it goes
  4. This has to be seen large, amazing details , very pleasant colors
  5. you got me confused, castle in Australia ? looked up a few places in google to determine the shots are from the UK
  6. Very nice series, I assume you have access to the field ? Love the expressions on #13 when the ball goes over the wall
  7. I'm curious Merlin , how hot does it get while you do your hikes ? I'm guessing over 100F ?
  8. Kudos to Mr Walsh!
  9. I think the incoming wave is seen on the first shot She is rather close to the water and while the surface looks fairly smooth that wave is probably bigger than she expected ? What a fantastic rock formation !
  10. old and new ... hmm, I would just call it art museum
  11. OLA

    Wonderful place! Seems the whole south shore of the UK is beautiful , 2 yrs ago I visited a friend in Lymington
  12. Looks like fun
  13. Good one
  14. I'm glad they stayed small I like the wet sand on the second one
  15. Thanks Fons and Anthony here is another look