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  1. Nice job with the corrections
  2. On FB I do have lists of friends by interests, I unfollow everybody, if I want to see what is going on with a group friends I browse the specific friend list On my FB I follow pages that do interest me, so it has become sort of like a newspaper
  3. I saw the news, my plans were already set before they announced this, I started using smugmug around 2012, the original intention was to have a photographer web site, I put some effort into it and got nowhere, zero business or references, I have also used it to share my photos, and at one point one of my backup alternatives. Also I have used flickr since 2007, they changed the interface and made it more difficult to use , so I rarely use it. My smugmug subscription ends in July and I'm not going to renew it The suggestion to build you own web site outside any of the proprietary templates is sound and I will follow it if I ever decide that I need a website again, for the time being facebook and instagram give me the exposure to friends, family or unknown people if I feel I need some of that, maintaining a personal web site and uploading images to fb and IG became to much investment of personal time with no return, I find that trying to direct people that I deal with to go anywhere but FB or IG is a battle uphill For delivering digital files for paid jobs or for printing I end up copying the files to an USB and copying them from there to the final destination, sounds antiquated but that is how it works for my situation, an alternative I have for large files is google docs, I have yet to use it for that purpose.
  4. Greg, I like the composition, the light on the sand and wood pallet is really nice and the processing really works the sky editing a bit heavy but I assume that is what you are looking for, there is visible noise in the darker areas and a halo over the trees on the left pink water ? is the color near the real thing ? there are some lagoons in Yucatan mexico that are famous for having pink water, not sure if this is the case and agree with Dallas' comment, the horizon is curved Great depth of field everything is in focus
  5. Beautiful results
  6. Rob, I use to get frustrated when I shared an image and then get little to no feedback, today sometimes I like an image and share it, if I get feedback I welcome it if i do not, then accept it too I really like your street photos and usually they are outstanding This image with no comments is strange but as a photo it doesn't make me react other than saying, that is strange, my expectation from the title "Arlington" is a wide angle shot of the crosses, but this is taken from a distance that shows the crosses but the details of people on the beach are imperceptible, I guess there was no opportunity to get closer ?
  7. Michael, Thanks for sharing your images, the level of detail is outstanding, perfect focus stack, an amazing mix of very technical activities to capture a beautiful flower, I can't quite put it in words what I feel when seeing this image
  8. Thanks for sharing your images!
  9. The camera lens combination worked really well ! Nice set of images It's amazing how far the 18-55 lens has progressed, I still have the kit lens that came with my D40, and beside being really light it is not really good in any other aspect.
  10. What we all thought when we read the news
  11. Alan, seeing your images at full size is a visual pleasure
  12. hmm, yeah the F1 decision is weird to say the least, and you bring up an interesting point, middle east influence, ie: funding ? and I agree with Mike
  13. Very nice image !
  14. Wow, I really like the image
  15. Very nice her work is also fascinating