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  1. good jokes , and last one ... I did LOL
  2. Beautiful images
  3. #2 what a great perspective!
  4. A few days ago I got the chance to use a friend's D500 I really liked the touch/tilt screen and marveled while shooting iso 25600 but... my d800 still works fine and I can take fine photos with it this has become like cars, the innovations are nice to have but if it works fine why replace it if you still get reliably from point a to point b
  5. I have kept the original box because it has a label with the license #
  6. A happy parrot !
  7. yeah an UFO is probably to much, how about a model in a parachute ?
  8. G Great detail on the foreground, agree with the comments about a lack of a defined subject the image title says tonemapped but I wouldn't know it was if I had not read the title, so great processing
  9. what a contrast from the very modern foreground to the old church and buildings in the background
  10. wonderful portrait
  11. that works well when your are in a comfortable place ... but I've been left alone waiting for the right light while others go back to the comfortable settings
  12. LOL yup the other traveler was my wife, but she took a selfie and was ready to move on ... completely agree a group of photographers will travel at the speed of the shadows moving on the ground an alternative is to go alone
  13. The river feeding the waterfall comes from a dam up stream, and we were told the place always has water , unlike many other streams which run dry during spring I haven't been here and would like to come back with a tripod and without pressure from the other travel companions, I shot this handheld trusting the VR on my lens
  14. Looks like a very nice place to visit, awesome photo series
  15. sorry for your loss