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  1. On 15/02/2020 at 21:19, Hugh_3170 said:

    The lens is well out of my price league, and the skills you you have brought to bear here with the lens & the Z6 and in the images earlier postings are well beyond my skills set, but I am certainly enjoying them Aguinaldo.

    Thank you for the kind comment Hugh.

    This lens is pure fun.

  2. 11 hours ago, BillM said:

    Thank you for sharing these Aquinaldo!


    I have always been curious about the difference between these two lenses.


    The 1.2 still looks great.  Only when compared side by side with the new King of the Nocts, do we see the improvements in lens technology over the years.


    The 0.95 is destined to become a legendary lens.

    Thank you for looking my post by the bright side.

    I know it is not perfect but I'd like to show what this lens is capable of. 

    The lens itself is backordered in most places so the results are not yet known by many.

  3. 17 minutes ago, BillM said:

    Aquinaldo, thank you for this tribute to the Americans who have served their country in the Armed Forces. I spent 20 years in the US Navy and am proud of my service.


    Dallas, your sentiments are very much the same as mine. We live in a world where very little is perfect and the happenings around us do not make much sense at all.  I hope and pray for peace; while at the same time stand ready to do what it takes to preserve it. A most serious conundrum when the means to the end are so much like the evil of discord and violence itself...

    My pleasure Bill.

  4. 5 hours ago, Akira said:

    The overall performance of the Neo-Noct is amazing.  Apparently, the original Noct has finally shown its age, but its character looks still adorable.


    Thank you for sharing, Aguinaldo!

    My pleasure Akira.

    Some of the older Noct pictures were overexposed, but the new model is extremely superior. Almost incredible.


  5. 5 hours ago, CarreraS said:

    Gosh, certainly very different exposures .. ISO / shutter details ?


    We are talking Z mount 0.95, F mount 1.2 on FTZ ?


    Huge preference for the 0.95 here .. cheers, Maurice

    Auto aperture wide open on all. Auto ISO.

    1- 1/100  ISO 100

    2- 1/60  ISO 220

    3- 1/60  ISO 100

    4- 1/60  ISO 180

    5- 1/60  ISO 160

    6- 1/60  ISO 900

    7- 1/60  ISO 140

    8- 1/60  ISO 450

    9- 1/60  ISO 1100

    10- 1/60  ISO 4500


    Yes, Noct 58mm f/0.95 Z  versus Noct 58mm f/1.2 on FTZ.


    The new version is awesome indeed.


  6. I used two Z6 bodies with the same settings (Auto aperture and auto ISO).

    No tripod.

    No PP but RAW to jpg conversion and resizing.

    Tried the same framing, not very successfully. 

    The boy's picture are just as a matter of curiosity about sharpness.

    Thank you for looking





























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  7. 7 hours ago, Dallas said:

    Have I set the bar too high, folks? Come on, this should be fun. I will try and get a shot in myself in the next few days. 

    I'll try it in the next few days too. 

  8. 1 hour ago, crowecg said:

    Thanks for looking, Aguinaldo & Dallas.  You a both right about me having more work to do shooting macro with my Fuji gear.   If my Nikon had some charge in the battery, I think the results would have been different.  I’ll have to have a look and see if I missed some settings for the flash.  Perhaps I might need to change the metering - I have probably been spoiled by Nikon’s flash capability.  



    for ambient light shooting, I do like the ability of mirrorless cameras to preview the exposure.  However, that isn’t the case with flash lit shots, I had to turn off the exposure preview to see anything through the viewfinder.  I guess a longer term plan would be to get an led light for macro work.


    I like the idea of backlighting the web, but perhaps that needs to be balanced with some illumination for the spider.  Do you think that would work?  I’ll play with a few more options and settings, I probably need to work on getting closer so that I don’t illuminate the background so much.


    when I went out to put the bins out earlier, I noticed that the spider was sleeping under a branch having carefully packed away it’s web during the day as orb weavers have a habit of doing, so I might get another chance.

    Yes, a combination of backlight and a fill light would be nice.

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