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  1. I keep them too, except the Noct box(es) which are huge. If I had kept them brazillian customs would have tortured me and Delta airlines would have charged me a fortune.
  2. I'm an annual subscriber now. Thanks for the effort of making a nice and friendly website.
  3. Kalanchoe laetivirens ( it is called "Mãe de Milhares" here, or "Mother of Thousands"). It is a succulent of easy cultivation and easy multiplication. At the edges of the leaves, it produces a large number of seedlings, which can grow about 4 small leaves and even some small roots. Gradually, these seedlings are loosening and falling to the earth, where they take root and continue their full development. It is originally from Africa, grows very well in full sun, but is also adaptable in half shade under small canopy trees. It has good development in pots and gardens. Summer watering can be done once a week and once every 15 days in winter. From this website: http://terral.agr.br/plus/modulos/noticias/ler.php?cdnoticia=33
  4. Unfortunatelly not. it is kind of surreal plant, isn't it? Some species have a name tag close by, but not this one. I'll try to find out.
  5. Thank you Akira. I'm completely struck by the results this (heavy as an anvil) glass provides. I love to search for detail in the boring at first sight botanical garden.
  6. atpaula


    Nice images. Good to revisit this amazing city.
  7. Taken today. Still learning to use this glass. Two lessons learned: A- If you want to use f/0.95, stay in the shadows; B- No way I trust in the camera strap to carry the combo so I use a BlackRapid Cross shot attached to the lens foot. Even so during my walking I put the camera in the small LowePro bag. The lens is very much heavy (what the hell so dense glass is this?). My arms started to ache if I carry it in my hands. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  8. The ferris wheel, not my bike. lol Taken today. Thank you for looking.
  9. atpaula

    Amazing Sunrise

    Awesome colors!
  10. We have a few in Brazil too.
  11. Yes, some with this zoom and others with the 500mm f/5.6 Pf. Thank you and Dallas for the comments.
  12. Taken yesterday. Thank you for looking. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  13. I think nobody could. The Nikon Z6 viewfinder is excellent for me.
  14. The file size is reduced but the image quality is kept the same?
  15. Thank you Akira. My move is going to be towards the Z6. Mirrorless is my future. I like it so much that I see myself selling my D5 in the near future. My D4s is already for sale.
  16. atpaula

    Hout Bay

    Despite the always scorching hot temperatures of Rio de Janeiro, the sea water there is very cold (to our standards) due to a deep sea current that emerges in Rio de Janeiro state. Rio has only two seasons: summer, which is in the middle of the year (should be winter) and HELL, which is the summer. lol.
  17. atpaula

    Hout Bay

    Beautiful. Reminds me of Rio de Janeiro's landscape.
  18. atpaula

    The Vessel

    Taken yesterday. Z6 & 14-30mm f/4S. Thank you for looking.
  19. I miss details in the shadows areas. Akira, why did you choose this Sigma camera ( I've never heard about it before) instead of a Nikon mirrorless? I know you use Nikons DSLR.
  20. Thank you Dallas and Akira. The light was harsh indeed.
  21. Thank you for the comment. Here are some larger images:
  22. Taken today. Thank you for looking. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  23. Taken today. Trying to tame this lens. Thank you for looking. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  24. atpaula

    City at night

    Just scroll the image down a little bit until the bikes are more centered.
  25. Taken today. All @ f/0,95. Thank you for looking. 1 2 3 4 5 6
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