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  1. Problem solved. It was a technical issue with Photobucket.
  2. They are terrible. I've contacted them to solve this.
  3. Thank you Akira. I remember now that my dentist uses something like that to cure the resin of the teeth fillings.
  4. Thank you for the explanations Akira. Other than IR photography, do you have any use for the UV flashlight?
  5. Very interesting and opens new possibilities. It is not clear what you did to achieve the first two images. What is the use of a UV flashlight?
  6. Wonderful image! I like the colors and the patterns on the sand.
  7. I hope this one has not been taken recently.
  8. Thank you for that Dallas. Unfortunatelly I'll only be able to test it in 3 weeks. I'll be working offshore during this period and the internet there does not allow sharing pics.
  9. Some more of her beautiful smile to lighten this quarentine. All with the 500mm f/5.6 Pf.
  10. No, this is the Ama Dablam, one of the most beautiful mountains of the Himalayas. The village on its foot is Dingboche. You can see the Everest in #3 of the first set and on the post Everest and Me.
  11. More from quarentine times. Thank you for looking. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  12. Thank you. RAW file converted to B&W. Nikon D4 and D3s with 16-35mm f/4G, 70-200mm f/4G and 16mm f/2.6 fisheye. Hard drives are cheap nowadays, so I avoid deleting usable files.
  13. I sherpa helped me with the cameras.
  14. Thank you Walter and Anthony. I'm also fascinated by climbing stories, but my fear of heights keeps me away from climbing. I do treks very often though.
  15. atpaula

    Atacama's Desert

    Thank you Walter and Pa for the kind comments.
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