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  1. A very special place I visited a while ago. Used to be Ansel Adam's playground.
  2. Nikon says its coming flagship model will introduce new technologies to enhance performance and reliability. I wonder what it is gonna be. My D5 seems to be impossible to be improved, except for its weight. Would it be capable of seeing through walls? Or behind people's clothes? lol Anyway, for sure it will not be for me, because for my kind of photography these mirrorless are more than enough. The D5 is my last DSLR.
  3. It comes with a beautiful case. If you want just the case, you could buy it for US$ 1000!!! How crazy is that!
  4. Yes, but there is a lot of new possibilities in it.
  5. US$ 7999.95....... ouch!!!! I'm so curious to try it, but at this price tag.... https://www.nikonusa.com/en/nikon-products/product/mirrorless-lenses/nikkor-z-58mm-f%2f0.95-s-noct.html?icid=img_en_us:homepage:slot:2a:Z:noct:101019:z50wwa
  6. atpaula

    Devil's cat

    Strange look, but so friendly....
  7. atpaula

    Brugge Windmill

    Thank you Dallas and Anthony for the feedback. Posting and viewing pictures are my only internet entertainment, and this forum is the only one left for me.
  8. atpaula

    Brugge Windmill

    Thank you for looking.
  9. This picture is more than 30 years old. Ektachrome was used here. We never had Kodachrome in Brazil. Very early in the morning I saw the church lit by this beautiful warm light and got my camera the next day to take the image. One of the few times I did that. Thank you for looking.
  10. Thank you for the comments. I just would like to say that this small and non scientific comparison is to share some material for comparison, taking in account the different gears/parameters. I know it is not perfect but you can see the actual results taken from a regular photographer. I can't find such kind of tests very often and I want to decide if I move to mirrorless or not.
  11. The target here is to compare grain and sharpness. Both cameras with Auto2 WB (keep warm lighting colors). Aperture auto. Strangely Z6 chose 1/640 s and the D5 1/1000 s. Z6 and 14-30mm f/4S @ f/4 and 14mm. D5 and 14-24mm f/2.8G @ f/4 and 14mm. Overall picture: D5 Z6 100% Center: D5 Z6 200% Corner: D5 Z6
  12. atpaula

    Pará landscape

    Thank you for looking.
  13. I had eye detection on during the whole session to see how it works. Of course not every picture has eyes in it, but the system works anyway, and it is great.
  14. Tried it on Sunday and was amazed by the results. Almost 100% fine focused pictures from two soccer games of my nephews. Z6 & AF-S 300mm f/2.8G VR-I on monopod. Thank you for looking.
  15. As we say around here, another nail in the camera maker's coffin.
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