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  1. Beautiful shapes and tonalities on display here.
  2. It is an attractive camera. The new generation sensor seems to finally place Leica in 'modern times' in terms of low light sensitivity. And the cost of the body is equivalent to the top model Canons and Nikons. The lenses are overpriced, but there are reasonably priced Zeiss ZM lenses to fix that problem. I looked at one for a few minutes; the eyepoint seems the same as the M9...I can't see much wider than the 50mm frame lines with my glasses on.
  3. I like it. I'd probably lighten it if I were to make an inkjet print.
  4. Merlin, you have a good eye for what's interesting about the rocks. One never tires of seeing these shapes.
  5. I saw this also. The stabilization is actually superior to steadicam, due to the absense of random/undesired roll, pitch and yaw...especially yaw. The technique might get unwieldy with larger 'professional' cameras because the drone would have to be larger, and of course the noise would make sound recording pointless. Worth remembering.