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  1. pluton

    The bull

    I like the composition very much. The viewing eye bounces around nicely. The tonal rendering on my present computer screen is flat and compressed...very gray. Better check on another display...
  2. pluton

    Corona Virus

    My take as of March 19- Here in the USA, the massive and indefinite shut down of businesses (except grocery stores and pharmacies) is unsustainable. A month...OK...probably survivable. 3 months = big damage. 6, or 9, or 12 months...impossible. Many millions without any ability to earn money? I don't see how that works. The US govt. is talking about sending everyone checks for US$1000 or $2000. For $2000 a month I could live a modest but dignified life---but that's 'cause my rent is US$500. There are millions of folks who pay $2000 for rent alone. Oh, and the head clown of the USA is talking about bailing out the cruise ship industry.
  3. pluton

    Desert Sun Up

    It's hard to think of a new or unique angle on the heavily photographed windmills, but you have done it. Nice.
  4. "Going forward, it would be a good idea to include in your contract specific wording giving you the copyright in commissioned works, at least until the law changes. This wording should be set out up front - including it on the invoice would be too late. You may want to get the wording from a lawyer, as there may be legal pitfalls to avoid." -Anthony IMO, Save time, money and aggravation and walk away from this particular incident. Properly composed, legally valid language in the contract can protect you next time.
  5. Very nice composition, Mike. I'd call it 'perfectly balanced'.
  6. Nice shot, GB. From where I sit, the cloud adds interest to the shot. When I travel to the California desert, I always seek to avoid a plain blue sky. The only thing worse is bald overcast.
  7. pluton

    For a bit of fun...

    Nothing beats the large format look. All the 85mm f/0.7 lenses mounted on 50 megapixel digicams in the world can't do it. Your 'system' yielded a beautiful result. Considering the low cost of the RC print paper as the originating medium, I'm tempted to obtain an 8x10 field camera, lens, and few film holders. How long is the latent image viable on standard printing out paper such as the Multigrade you used?
  8. Dallas, Are you familiar with the Photo Merge>Pano > Perspective Projection available in Lightroom? The Perspective setting in Pano can sometimes replace a wider lens with two shots from a narrower lens. I've had good success with the Perspective Projection particularly for vertically-oriented shots that need a taller field of view. Perfect for stationary subjects. Example( in 24x36 focal lengths ): A straight level shot horizontally-oriented with a 21mm lens, combined with a second shot from exactly the same spot but tilted up, combined in Merge>Pano>Perspective will give you a straight-line, taller, 16mm F.L.-equivalent shot that mimics somewhat the effect of a view camera's rising front.
  9. As a sometime rock shooter myself, the light and compositions here are very good indeed.
  10. pluton

    Trees In B&W

    Very satisfying composition. Would this have been a blustery Spring day?
  11. I'm immune! (My phone is too old for iOS 11.)
  12. pluton

    Piñon Pine

    You've caught the tonal relationship between the pine needles and the sky well.
  13. In N. America, called a Bobcat. Genus Lynx.
  14. pluton


    Good shot, I like the look. I admit to never having given HDR a thought as a way to render the limited color palette the SoCal desert presents. A good lesson that less color might be better than more. Is this scene in San Diego county?
  15. Good catch, Armando.... The "equivalent focal length on 35mm" thing was seen in equipment brochures, hobbyist photo magazine articles, and heard in casual conversations at camera stores and between photographers long before the interweb gave a legion of schnooks a platform to peddle recently made up "theories" to hobbyists.
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