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  1. If you can wait for the next Fuji promotional sale...usually occurring ahead of the Christmas consumption should cost about US$700 to $750. An alternative to using the Fuji-supplied hood as-is is to cut the petals off of the Fuji hood. I did that early on, and while I keep an uncut Fuji hood as a spare, I've never taken the cut hood off the lens. You can always get another Fuji hood for around US$20 from Fuji.
  2. As a sometime rock shooter myself, the light and compositions here are very good indeed.
  3. Very satisfying composition. Would this have been a blustery Spring day?
  4. I'm immune! (My phone is too old for iOS 11.)
  5. You've caught the tonal relationship between the pine needles and the sky well.
  6. I briefly tried a product called ExpertShield, a flexible screen protector. It started peeling off on the first moderately hot day. Before and since then, I've quite carelessly used my Fuji XE-1 without regard to the rear screen. Result: hundreds of tiny micro-scratches that are not visible when the screen is being used for viewing. I have more concern with a heavier camera body/lens that could make a more forceful impact if it collided with an immovable object. If the articulating sceeen can be easily replaced, I wouldn't bother with a protector.
  7. I have absolutely no second thoughts about acquiring the Fuji 23/1.4. I haven't used the 23/2...I'm not excited about lenses that have no focus markings. Especially a wide lens that might be employed for zone-focus situations
  8. In N. America, called a Bobcat. Genus Lynx.
  9. Good shot, I like the look. I admit to never having given HDR a thought as a way to render the limited color palette the SoCal desert presents. A good lesson that less color might be better than more. Is this scene in San Diego county?
  10. Good catch, Armando.... The "equivalent focal length on 35mm" thing was seen in equipment brochures, hobbyist photo magazine articles, and heard in casual conversations at camera stores and between photographers long before the interweb gave a legion of schnooks a platform to peddle recently made up "theories" to hobbyists.
  11. Beautiful shapes and tonalities on display here.
  12. It is an attractive camera. The new generation sensor seems to finally place Leica in 'modern times' in terms of low light sensitivity. And the cost of the body is equivalent to the top model Canons and Nikons. The lenses are overpriced, but there are reasonably priced Zeiss ZM lenses to fix that problem. I looked at one for a few minutes; the eyepoint seems the same as the M9...I can't see much wider than the 50mm frame lines with my glasses on.
  13. I like it. I'd probably lighten it if I were to make an inkjet print.
  14. Merlin, you have a good eye for what's interesting about the rocks. One never tires of seeing these shapes.
  15. I saw this also. The stabilization is actually superior to steadicam, due to the absense of random/undesired roll, pitch and yaw...especially yaw. The technique might get unwieldy with larger 'professional' cameras because the drone would have to be larger, and of course the noise would make sound recording pointless. Worth remembering.