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  1. If you can wait for the next Fuji promotional sale...usually occurring ahead of the Christmas consumption should cost about US$700 to $750. An alternative to using the Fuji-supplied hood as-is is to cut the petals off of the Fuji hood. I did that early on, and while I keep an uncut Fuji hood as a spare, I've never taken the cut hood off the lens. You can always get another Fuji hood for around US$20 from Fuji.
  2. As a sometime rock shooter myself, the light and compositions here are very good indeed.
  3. Very satisfying composition. Would this have been a blustery Spring day?
  4. I'm immune! (My phone is too old for iOS 11.)
  5. You've caught the tonal relationship between the pine needles and the sky well.
  6. I briefly tried a product called ExpertShield, a flexible screen protector. It started peeling off on the first moderately hot day. Before and since then, I've quite carelessly used my Fuji XE-1 without regard to the rear screen. Result: hundreds of tiny micro-scratches that are not visible when the screen is being used for viewing. I have more concern with a heavier camera body/lens that could make a more forceful impact if it collided with an immovable object. If the articulating sceeen can be easily replaced, I wouldn't bother with a protector.
  7. I have absolutely no second thoughts about acquiring the Fuji 23/1.4. I haven't used the 23/2...I'm not excited about lenses that have no focus markings. Especially a wide lens that might be employed for zone-focus situations
  8. In N. America, called a Bobcat. Genus Lynx.
  9. Good shot, I like the look. I admit to never having given HDR a thought as a way to render the limited color palette the SoCal desert presents. A good lesson that less color might be better than more. Is this scene in San Diego county?