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  1. I am thoroughly enjoying your endeavours with this vintage mechanical equipment. Your care and effort involved to put these babies back into service, pays hommage to the craftsmen who built these cameras a long time ago. The pictures and your storytelling combined are great fun to read. And that ground glass is superb.
  2. I would love to see how the lenses paint the OOF backgrounds, point light sources in particular. Yes, I admit I am a sucker for soft and gentle backgrounds.
  3. Nr. 2 for me as well, intriguing scene! Is this the 14-30 lens? It is quite incredible... I have an X-T1 plus 16, 23 and 56 (1.4/1.2), coming from Nikon APS-C. The Z glass is extraordinary. Should I ever get a Z camera, I don't think I will be using the 8 or 9 F mount glass I kept 'for future use'. I love the black and whites you do. Thank you for posting.
  4. Love the prop blur in the first photo.
  5. Fantastic images. And what a cool build, that Yak 110. Thanks for posting. Would love to see more.
  6. Wonderful, number 1 stands out for me 👍
  7. Maarten

    Night Glow

    Very, very nice. Good timing as well!
  8. Maarten

    Air Show

    I like them all very much, but the B-17 stands out for me. Love the view point and how it appears from the letterbox in the clouds. I wonder what it would do for the prop blur if you halved the shutter speed, that's always tough. If you have more, please bring it on!
  9. Maarten

    On the Stairs

    Intriguing! What, or where, is this? I like it.
  10. Hi Vivion, Is this the Mercedes-Benz museum in Stuttgart? I find myself searching for more details in the wall! I like the man walking down while watching the wall. That's how I remember myself walking down there. Fantastic museum it is, well worth the visit from The Netherlands. My brother and I combined the Mercedes-Benz museum with Porsche's, in the same city (still presuming of course you were in the Mercedes-Benz museum...).
  11. Very nice images Armando! Enjoy your X-T3. The tracker looks interesting, I'm going to look into it.
  12. Good point Mike, I would rather own an X-Pro type of Fuji than my current X-T1, if only I could see the entire viewfinder using glasses! The X-T1 eye relief is perfect for this so I'll be keeping it. I may eventually replace it with an X-T3 during some Fuji sales promotion.
  13. Maarten


    I am with Anthony on this one. With the tree some of the depth of the image was removed as well.
  14. Your RE photos look really good Dallas, especially the first three. Still a bit of visible barrel distortion on the fridge in nr. 4. If I were eyeing a new place to live, your representation would make me come over and check the place out. When I photographed my own home years ago when I was selling it, it only occurred to me in PP how many (unwanted) details are visible in the final photos. You've done a good job cleaning up the place before you took the shots. I'm happy for you you're getting the Pana 8-18. My brother uses the Pana 12-60 on his Oly camera and I was impressed with both picture and build quality. Disclosure: I was going to use a thumbs-up emoticon but in my heart I agree with Vivion that an emoticon is not a substitute for typing a motivated and motivating comment. So here you go. I've recently dusted off my X-T1 which has spent a long time in a cupboard. Hope to get out soon, take pictures and post some.
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