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  1. Though a day late, Happy Birthday!
  2. Consider the Fujinon FMTRC-SX Polaris binoculars. I've had them for 20 years or so and love them. Perhaps a little heavier than some, but the weight helps stabilize the view. They are tough. Waterproof, nitrogen filled, and what I like most is flat field. Focus for your eyes once and forget it. Also the eye relief is long enough to allow me to wear glasses and still see the whole field of view. Transmitted light is (was?) the highest available. They are still made, with or without the compass.
  3. OK, if I touch a menu item that has no dropdown, the open dropdown closes. Thanks, helioer!
  4. I like the new drop down menus, but: on "The New iPad" with ios 6, once a menu has dropped down, there seems to be no way to get it to go away. I can select another menu, but once a drop down is there it seems one them stays until I refresh the page, close out, etc.
  5. Years. It's a fossil under the leaf? Nice shot.
  6. Welcome to Nikongear! This is a great site to learn from some of the best. Looking forward to seeing some of your work.
  7. UrbanXC

    Swiks on Öland

    I like all three, but #3 is my favorite. In #3,the creaminess of the sky and sea along with the earthy tones in the beach and wood really catch my eye.
  8. UrbanXC

    Hello from Phoenix AZ

    Welcome, NG is a great site!
  9. UrbanXC

    Coffee Stop

    Nice PP, can you tell us a little about it?
  10. UrbanXC

    More New York pictures

    Nice series. Like the PP.
  11. UrbanXC

    Homepage revamp

    I go to the home page and scan the recently discussed items for anything interesting. If I go anywhere else it is to find a specific article or review. I can't think of anything right now that I would add.
  12. UrbanXC


    Thanks Dallas!
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