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  1. jberry

    Nikon Df really getting tongues wagging.

    yeah like he had to get in and get out? like he wasn't supposed to be recording that and going through the menus lol!! One thing that I really want, is the zoom function in playback for the multiselector, I think its f1? My D800 has that, but I think the D600 doesn't. If this Df doesn't have it, it'll be a major turn off for me. I mainly do portraits, and this helps me check quick if I'm in focus.
  2. jberry

    Nikon Df really getting tongues wagging.

    This is the first video I have seen, that we can actually see inside the viewfinder, looks good to me!
  3. jberry

    35/1.4G is the prince of darkness

    Just wondering what camera were you using? I see some hot pixels? and were these SOOC Jpeg? thanks.
  4. jberry

    24-70mm stuck at 50mm

    I did take apart this lens but for a different problem, my zoom ring was getting stuck at 24-35 mm, here is the youtube video I made, pls watch in HD: I can say that the lens is made to very tight specifications! inside is very tight like less than .5mm gap between barrels. Just a slight bent on the outside barrel can cause everything to seize up. Nikon wouldn't cover my lens under warranty saying that it was my fault that I caused trauma to the lens When in fact I did nothing just started to become stiff. But in the youtube video I fixed it with some lithium grease and everything works as it should

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