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  1. mjcmt

    Early Morning

    Superb mood that you captured. As if I'm standing there.
  2. mjcmt

    Two from Genova

    Your second photo looks so clear and realistic as if your walking the arcade.
  3. Brings back memories from my trip in 1990. Thanks.
  4. mjcmt

    Nikon Z9 Announced

    Unlikely. A flagship camera for all pros. The future is video so high in resolution that you can pull a still out equivalent to a single shot photo. There is already 20fps in bursts.
  5. mjcmt

    Nikon Z9 Announced

    8k vid so they're competitive w/ Canon and Sony. The future is video so good that you can capture stills from it as good as single shot still photography.
  6. 1,2,6 are stand out photos for me.
  7. I love the pencil photo
  8. mjcmt

    Ivory Hunter

    Last one is fantastic.
  9. Great. I'll bet it would look awesome cropped as a panorama.
  10. mjcmt

    A study in pink

    Nice details and color richness :-)
  11. mjcmt

    Kathmandu People.

    Last one works for me because it tells a story.
  12. I'm fortunate I only have a few pieces of gear.
  13. They all are similar w/ #3 looking the most 3D. Brightness seems to be the biggest difference. Are they processed the same?
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