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  1. I have an IMac display. I use the X-Rite color Munki to calibrate the display and my printer. I agree with the other responses the IMac has very consistent color response and I have have no issues with it, But, the IMac display at default levels is extremely bright with a high contrast . I use the display in a dimly lit room. With the calibration white point set to D65 (as recommended) the calibration software recommends, based upon measured ambient light levels, a luminance of 80cd/m2. This results in the display brightness control being set to a level slightly less than 50%. Some times I set the brightness even lower. Alan's B&W step chart, mentioned above, displays well on my IMac with the reduced brightness levels.
  2. I have the GGS screens on my D300 and Fuji X-E1 without any problems. One can find them in a variety of sizes at Amazon.com.
  3. I am a fisherman too. I think it is just great. Captures what fishing and generations is about.
  4. I too have been more pleased with this lens than I expected. The lens is fairly small given it is an F2.8-4.0 zoom. The resulting image quality is very good. The image stabilization has worked well, I have gotten some nice images in our local museum, which limits cameras to no flash and no tripods, while shooting hand held at a relatively low speeds. I have also used the lens and a Pro-E1 as a travel camera and I am pleased how well the combination worked as well as the resulting image quality.
  5. Los Straitjackets are great!! I had the pleasure of seeing them in concert, in Boise, Idaho of all places, a number of years ago. I really enjoyed it.
  6. I have the 60Mb/s card in my D800 and I get 19 frames on continuous high before I have a write lag to the card.
  7. My first D800, 3014xxx had the left focus problem. I tested using Thom Hogan's recommendation. My dealer provided me with a new camera, (Three cheers for great dealers.) 3033xxx, and it tested just fine, with no fucus problems.
  8. I have a Think Tank Retrospective 5 for a Nikon1 V1 kit and I like it. It easily holds camera, lenses, flash and adapter. I also carry the 70-300 lens as a cheap long range rig for the V1 in the bag. The bag is roomy for it's size. I sometimes use it to carry my D800 with a single lens on hikes. The D800 with the 24-120mm fits well in the bag. The D800 with most prime lenses fits well too. The bag seems just a little small for the D800 and the 24-70mm. I do have an L-plate on the D800. The bag is very well made and will probably outlast me.
  9. I also have a 32Gb version. I have 2600+ songs, 600+ photos ( mostly as .nef's), 74 App's and a little over 2Gb of free memory. I also had the original iPad with 64Gb and never came close to using all the memory space. Of course YMMV.
  10. Great video. We spend part of our time in Portland and really enjoy the city. The video did a great job presenting the essence and character of a really great place.
  11. I believe this is the model that started the E Type design trend, the XK-SS. This picture is from the Portland, Oregon Art Museum Automobile Show the past summer. Thanks for letting my post this. Floatfisher
  12. These are great images. This is my first post. This image is form Alaska. D300 18-200 mm f/3.5~5.0 at 18mm. Thanks for looking.